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I’m Ken Plume, and soon you’ll be listening to “A Bit Of A Chat” with me, Ken Plume.

In this episode, I have another chat with The Venture Bros. own Doc Hammer about shirtlessness, humidity, four voices, sports, and vaudeville.

Hope you enjoy…

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2 Responses to “A Bit Of A Chat with Ken Plume & Doc Hammer 3”

  1. dtcb Says:

    oh what lovely character building moments of childhood!

    Trauma builds character!

  2. dtcb Says:

    sorry to hear jackson p. will most likely not be showing this year at D*Con I’d pay for Jackson’s drinks one night at dinner if he showed up. To be honest I’ve only met doc and jackson briefly (while outside the hotel with Phitzy) but, Jackson was quite personable and fascinating to talk to. And any chance to sit quietly and hear the banter would be fascinating. Plus, you do bring out great ‘agitated’ conversation from Doc. though, I don’t think I could talk to doc all that much. for some reason he scares the crap out of me. like getting on big thunder mountain at disney just after they reopened it (after it killed a rider back in 2003).

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