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We use cookies and scripts that track traffic to our site anonymously.  Also please be aware that third parties, i.e. those that serve the ads on our site, may be placing and reading cookies on your browser, or using web beacons to collect information.

You can, however, give us certain personal data. This can happen while registering for our contests. Your e-mail address or any other data you provide to us via this process is never given out to anyone outside this site without your permission or unless we’re ordered to do so by a court of law.  Please note “without your permission” in the previous sentence.  When registering for some contests on the site, they may specify that having your e-mail address and some personal information given to a third-party sponsor of the contest is a condition of entering.  By entering those contests you are giving us permission to do exactly what we say we are going to do.

The only time we would give out any other personal data is if you win a contest. Sometimes the company co-sponsoring the contest (i.e., providing the free stuff) is sending stuff directly to you if you win. To do this, obviously, they need your snail mail address. By entering a contest, you are giving us permission to give your address to a third party company if you win for the sole purpose of sending you your prize. You are also giving us permission, if you win, for us to post your name and your state (or province) to the site as part of the list of winners.

Disclosure of Material Connections We Share With Products We Review or Endorse

FRED Entertainment covers a variety of different products. While we do not accept money in exchange for featuring or reviewing products, we are often sent samples of products that we, in turn, review or feature. The majority of products you see featured or reviewed on this site were sent to us with the express purpose of being featured or reviewed here. Please be advised that if you see something featured or reviewed on this site, assume we have been sent it under those parameters for that purpose.


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