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After last year’s season finale of WEEDS I was both concerned and excited for the return of the show for another season. With the sheer force of a cricket mallet it would have been near criminal for the show not to return but where it goes could be a crime as well.

When WEEDS first came out the show was interesting and compelling. Seeing widowed NANCY BOTWIN trying to deal with the recent loss of her husband and turning to the sale of marijuana to make ends meet was a fascinating dynamic. Seeing this struggling now single mother with two young boys and trying to appear to have a normal life in the face of the difficulties of being a small time drug dealer played out really well and kept you coming back week after week. This all came to a head, however, in the end of the third season when the suburban community went up in flames and the show changed forever.

When you look at the show as a whole the hardest part to deal with, for me, is the way that NANCY has chosen to live her life and repeatedly makes the wrong decisions. In many ways, as a viewer and a parent, it is frustrating to see her constantly jeopardize the lives of her family and friends. I suppose, however, that NANCY keeps making these bad decisions because she’s always been able to get herself out of trouble and hasn’t really suffered any serious consequences yet, even though last season certainly provided the strongest examples of near sever consequences. Maybe when the show reaches its conclusion we’ll see the consequences play out completely.

In the sixth season opener we get the tying up of the stories that were put into play in the season finale as it picks up right from there. We get to see ALANIS MORISSETTE at least one more time and we also see the BOTWIN’s band together after parting ways. When I viewed the first episode I actually hadn’t seen the season six trailer available at the official SHOWTIME website but it didn’t take seeing the trailer to tell that they were once again trying to set the series up for another change. I don’t know if this is because the show’s creative team feel the Ren Mar/Mexico story line has played out or not but I’m more than happy for another change. Whatever the change is, however, they had better get DOUG and DEAN back in to the mix as well since these characters help provide a lot of comic relief that can be needed in NANCY’s world where the story can get pretty dark at any moment.

If you have SHOWTIME than you’ll be able to enjoy the season premiere of WEEDS at 10:00 PM on Monday, August 16th.

I have to admit that right now TV is so bleak I’m only willing to put the effort into telling you one thing each day that might be worth watching (or definitely avoiding). I may make an exception or two but here’s what I’ve got folks.


SHO - 10:00 PM: In case you didn’t notice above I think WEEDS is still worth the watch.


FOX - 8:00 PM: I looked and I looked. Seriously, it’s a crap night of television. Two hours of GLEE repeats really are the best I can find to offer until WAREHOUSE 13 comes on SYFY later.


CBS - 8:00 PM: OK, only people that actually watch BIG BROTHER will care about tonight because a certain annoying girl from Vegas gets back in the House and we’ll probably see it tonight.

FOOD - 8:00 PM: OK, having never been to one of those LA food trucks I might consider watching tonight’s THE GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE.


FOOD - 8:00 PM: Who’s birght idea was it to give one of those TV animal experts a cooking show? I don’t know how EXTREME CUISINE WITH JEFF CORWIN couldn’t be kind of creepy or gross since he’s usually telling us why the animals are cool instead of delicious.


SYFY - 9:00 PM: There were only two real choices for viewing tonight and since I couldn’t stand the constantly shirtless Mathew MacConaughey in FOOL’S GOLD on TBS I have to go with my current Friday Night favorite: EUREKA.

IFC - 10:00 PM: If you’ve been waiting for something new from THE KIDS IN THE HALL then tonight is your night as their new miniseries THE KIDS IN THE HALL:DEATH COMES TO TOWN premieres.


SYFY - 9:00 PM: LAKE PLACID 3 airs tonight. I wasn’t even aware there was a LAKE PLACID 2. With it being on SYFY though we just know it has to be a quality film.

BBC AMERICA - 9:00 PM: Having already seen the entire second season of BEING HUMAN I have to tell you now that if you haven’t watched the show get your hands on the first season and get caught up some how. The final episode of this season is a humdinger.


DISC - 9:00 PM: That’s it, I’m throwing in the towel. After I watch BIG BROTHER on CBS at 8:00 PM I’ll be watching a MYTHBUSTERS repeat until TRUE BLOOD is on. Man TV sucks right now!


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