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Day 68


Things have gotten a little predictable in the house. There have been no shock evictions. New people have entered and left without really making an impact (apart from Keeley impacting the floor, obviously). John James and Josie are a steady couple so the “will-they-won’t-they” interest has gone. In essence… I’m bored.

Not that there hasn’t been good bits but most of them have been tasks devised by Big Brother to help with the tedium. It’s all a bit too lovey dovey. I blame Dave for a lot of that. I also blame Dave for everything else in the world that I dislike but maybe I’m taking my hatred of him too far. WHY WON’T YOU PEOPLE EVICT HIM?!

Alas, with only a sliver of hope for some fighting or at the very least a bit of drama, I must turn to one man. Or should I say, one boy. Sammy Pepper…


In many ways, I don’t like the guy. But I have to give him credit for injecting some interest back into the show. With his hyper energy, whiney voice and his inability to use tact in any shape or form he has single handedly taken over Big Brother’s cameras as the only person doing anything.

Now I must be clear. I’m not saying he is a fantastic watch, because he is not, but at least he’s doing SOMETHING. Andrew sits about, Mario does nothing but moan, Dave is too busy laughing at his own jokes, Corin is loving it, John James and Josie are under a duvet, JJ is too busy checking himself out and Steve… is Steve still on the show? So yeah, it’s not so much about Sam being a brilliant watch, it’s just that the others have become so dull.

I think a partial amount of the problem is the average age in the house being so high. Half the house is over 30. You know as well as I do that most people do dumb things in their early 20s and it’s the dumb things that are entertaining to watch. Also the lack of good looking people who are single has reduced the amount of drama when everyone gets a few drinks into them. So when Sammy Pepper (I still think it’s a great name) gets 3 cups of coffee into him and starts running around like Cornholio then at least something is happening.

I felt for the kid when he heard JJ, John James and Dave bitching about him in the showers because it was a typical “olders boys are being mean about me” scenario. I can understand that the guys felt he deserved the bad things being said but I think they forget that they are the grown-ups in the situation and Sam isn’t. Bitching like school girls in the shower doesn’t make you look good.

And yes I said the words “school girl” and “shower” without making a pervy joke. I’m just going to have to live with that.

Couple of quick notes:
- Josie is in the final. Lets face it, she is going to win by a landslide.
- Until I see the guest list for this “House of Champions” Big Brother final, I feel a bit pessimistic about it.
- Seriously John James, you’re a lunatic and I’m tired of your paranoid rantings about every housemate. Get over yourself.
- Could someone punch Dave in the face for me? Please? Can we make that a task?

- Aaron Poole
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