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The web. It’s a big place, full of plenty of distractions — some funny, some informative, some ludicrous, some disturbing, some inane, some profound. Each and every weekday, we present links to a few of our favorite finds…

I’m your guest host for today, Widgett Walls from Needcoffee.com. Ken asked me to step in because he’s been called in to perform emergency surgery on a young girl who accidentally overdosed on Hypnocil.


Found via Classic Television Showbiz.

  • Have you been checking out the Flash Freeze Mobs? It’s going around. Check out this one in Beirut. (Thingamabob)

For more of that madness, check out Improv Everywhere. Mad genius bastards that they are.

  • Jonathan Coulton’s Flickr vs. World of Warcraft. (Thingamabob)

Found via Jonathan Coulton. Confused? Watch the original here.

  • Sylvia Brown vs. Reality and Reality Wins (Thingamabob)

Found via VideoSift.

Found via Mark Evanier.

  • And because Ken is such a Titanic buff… (Thingamabob)

Found via poeTV.

That’s it, folks. That’s my rhyme. Take it to the streets.


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