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Now, while I can’t honestly say I’ve actually READ the comic in question - I haven’t really kept up on what my ol’ pal Spidey’s been doing for quite awhile now - but when I stumbled across this news while surfing the net (via Tom the Dog’s You Know What I Like blog, which in turn provided a link to a detailed review by Graeme McMillan of Spider-Man: Reign #3, offering more than enough evidence that it was Peter Parker’s pecker that indeed did in his missus in this misguided mini), I was stunned, absolutely stunned!

Initially, I mistakenly believed that this plot twist (or more to the point, twisted plot…) took place in mainstream Spider-Man continuity, but after deciding to do a little research before going off half-cocked (such as it were), I discovered otherwise. As these curious events occurred during the course of a gussied up imaginary story, this considerably queasy notion somehow left a slightly less bitter taste in my mouth - but only slightly.

Y’know, I haven’t really stayed up to date with the adventures of a certain Man of Steel either - anybody out there know if DC’s ever gotten around to publishing that oft-speculated tale in with the lusty Kryptonian annihilates bride Lois during the throes of a Super-orgasm? If not, well, hey - after Marvel having just thrown down the gauntlet, it shouldn’t be too long now, should it?

(And as I see how the Archie folks are coming out with their own version of Civil War, one can only imagine what THEIR take on all this would look like!!…)

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