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VIDEO BLOG #33: “: “My Contest Winners” –
You sent in your answers, and we’ve got the winners. If you won, you’ll be contacted via e-mail shortly to get your shipping details. If you lost this go round, fret not – there will be another contest in the near future. Thanks to everyone who took time to participate – proving that Labcoats are the best fans out there (and by hook or by crook, I will get that appellation to stick)!


Download Scrubs Video Blog #33:

  • Large (560 x 420 - QuickTime - 44.06 MB)
  • Small (320 x 240 - QuickTime - 19.10 MB)

BLOG-COMMENTARY #2: Episode 5×10 – “Her Story II” -
Writer Mike Schwartz shuffled down to the room with all the audio gear and recorded a commentary for episode 5×10, “Her Story II” – just for you. And you know who “you” is. All you have to do is download the mp3 file below, cue up the episode on your TIVO, VHS, DVD, or computer, then hit play on the commentary. Hope you dig it… And let us know if you want more.


Download Blog-Commentary #2:

”THE TODD” BLOG #6: “My Half Acre” -
Yes, even “The Todd” – the omnisexual surgeon played by Robert Maschio – has been keeping a blog, and here’s his sixth entry. The man ain’t right.


READ The Todd Blog #6:



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