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venturealbum2For many years, the fine folks at Astrobase Go (Jackson Publick & Doc Hammer) have been providing FRED with exclusive holiday singles.

Will there be a new one this year?

Well, that would be telling.

However, there are still some of you out there who haven’t heard all of the tracks from previous years. So let’s rectify that. Below, you’ll find all of our exclusive VENTURE BROS. holiday tunes.

And who knows? Maybe there will be a surprise at the end…

If you dig what you hear (or just enjoy the sheer goofiness of it all) and want to help keep the site going, please take a moment to DONATE. Your donation is immensely appreciated.

Or, you can…


But above all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


In 2004, The Monarch & Dr. Girlfriend gave us their take on the Bowie/Crosby “Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy“…


DOWNLOAD: (right click to save)
“Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy”

2005 brought the tender trio of The Monarch and Henchmen Nos. 21 & 24 belting out Dolly Parton’s “Hard Candy Christmas” during The Monarch’s incarceration…


DOWNLOAD: (right click to save)
“Hard Candy Christmas”

2006 delivered the epic “Venture Aid 2006“…


DOWNLOAD: (right click to save)
“Venture Aid 2006″

2007 found The Monarch & Dr. Girlfriend tackling a timeless holiday duet, “Fairytale Of New York”…


DOWNLOAD: (right click to save)
“Fairytale Of New York”

2008 was a bittersweet affair, as Henchmen 21 & 24 sung a tune that was recorded in June of that year, to get it out of the way so they wouldn’t have to worry about it during their big vacation in Cancun. Sadly, there would never to be a “Henchmen Cancun ‘08″…


DOWNLOAD: (right click to save)
“Wonderful Christmastime”

In 2009, The Monarch recorded a very special gift for Dr. Mrs. The Monarch with the help of Henchman 21 and the Moppets, Kevin & Tim-Tom…


DOWNLOAD: (right click to save)
“The Chipmunk Song”

2010 found the totally hard-rocking Shallow Gravy releasing their “Fan Club Christmas Album 2010″…


DOWNLOAD: (right click to save)
“Fan Club Christmas Album 2010″

For 2011, we got a heartwarming duet from The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, “Baby It’s Cold In Here”…


DOWNLOAD: (right click to save)
“Baby It’s Cold In Here”

And 2015 brings together Dragoon and Red Mantle for a rousing Guild Christmas Cabaret rendition of “The Misers”…


DOWNLOAD: (right click to save)
“The Misers”

Check out the rest of this year’s Holiday Singles HERE


Ah, but before we go, let’s dig into the vaults for a few more vintage goodies from Team Venture…

After the penultimate events depicted in “Trial of the Monarch” left the titular supervillain with a one way ticket to the hoosegow and the relationship with his beloved Dr. Girlfriend in shambles, the season finale finds Team Venture on a course destined to bring only death, destruction, and questions aplenty.

Before you head into the final stretch, we’ve got an exclusive for you, direct from our shadowy, barely legal network of sources and informants – the actual recording of the Monarch’s prison phone calls to Dr. Girlfriend and his henchmen.

Enjoy, you voyeuristic animals…


DOWNLOAD: (right click to save)
“Monarch’s call to Dr. Girlfriend…”


DOWNLOAD: (right click to save)
“Monarch’s call to Henchmen Nos. 21 & 24″


And finally, here’s 21 & 24’s Wedding Single, celebrating the nuptials of The Monarch & Dr. Girlfriend…


DOWNLOAD: (right click to save)
“Henchmen Nos. 21 & 24’s Wedding Single”

-music by Doc Hammer, lyrics by Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick III




3 Responses to “Holiday Havoc: THE VENTURE BROS”

  1. Notary Sojac Says:

    WooHoo! I missed several of these over the years so thanks for posting them all!

  2. New Venture Bros. Christmas Single from AstroBase GoVenture Bros. Blog | Says:

    [...] Over the years, Astrobase Go! (Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer) have produced Holiday Singles for Ken Plume‘s Holiday Havoc on A Site Called Fred. [...]

  3. Capt. Biggles Says:

    WOW! Talk about under the radar. I thought I’d never see another VB Christmas Song. Xmas is well pack away for another year, but I got one last gift to open. Thank you ever so much Jason, Doc & Ken. Also just throwing this out there, I always thought Sgt. Hatred covering a rendition of ‘Snoopy’s Christmas’ by the Royal Guardsmen would sure be swell (Hint, Hint)

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