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Adult Swim’s Dana Snyder and FRED’s Ken Plume set out to have a literate conversation between two pals, but inevitably devolve into a verbal, and funny, free-for-all full of bickering, infighting, and the special kind of male bonding that comes from conflict expressed through the podcast medium.

Actor/comedian/raconteur Dana Snyder, you’re certainly aware, is Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s Master Shake, Squidbillies‘ Granny, Minoriteam’s Dr. Wang, and The Venture Bros.‘ Alchemist. Available for weddings and bar mitzvahs (bat availability pending), you can keep tabs on him via his website, www.eyeofthesnyder.com.

Ken Plume is the editor-in-chief here at FRED. He is a friend of Dana’s, as well as his arch-nemesis.



KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #234: Saying Goodbye - Ken & Dana do the opposite of return with their action-packed panel recorded LIVE at DragonCon 2016, with special guest Aaron Fever.

[CONTENT WARNING]: This podcast may contain some foul language and horribly off-color jokes. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Episode #234 (MP3 format)

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Episode #234 BONUS (MP3 format)


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4 Responses to “Ken P. D. Snydecast #234: Saying Goodbye”

  1. Rod Says:

    Damn. I have missed you guys. This was a fun episode. I hope it this is not really goodbye…

  2. Alan Says:

    Thanks for everything Ken and Dana. It’s sad to see you go, that’s for sure, but I understand it’s been a long time since episodes have been a regular thing. I’ve been listening for a long, long time. So much in my life has changed since you guys were arguing over sandwiches and talking fudgie the whale - but I imagine that’s true for all of us. It was nice to hear Aaron there as well. It was a real nostalgia trip for me hearing you all together again. I’m going to miss it, but this was a nice little send off to a great little podcast that never really got the attention it deserved.

    I sincerely hope that in one format or another, the two of you can come together again and make something. Even if it’s never a regular thing again, even say - an annual bit of a chat, would be something I would always look forward to.

    Thanks again guys, it’s been an honor and a lot of laughs, bullshit, awkward silences, beer, food talk, and probably a bit too much Disney.


  3. Patrick Says:

    Well guys I’d be lying if I said this news didn’t really bum me out. I know it’s sometimes been a pain for you both to do the podcast, but it was always enjoyable for me. I’m really gonna miss hearing you banter about food and everything else under the sun, but I wish you both the best of luck.

    I’m hanging my Carvel Ice Cream Christmas ornament in your honor.

  4. Jord Says:

    My favorite podcast…

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