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I’m Ken Plume, and soon you’ll be listening to “A Bit Of A Chat” with me, Ken Plume.

In this episode, I have another chat with writer/director/comedian J. Elvis Weinstein, about documentaries, stand-up, Michael Des Barres, writing, Mystery Science Theater, and battle bots.

Hope you enjoy…

Download “A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume & J. Elvis Weinstein 2“:

And you can hear our previous Bit Of A Chat HERE.

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One Response to “A Bit Of A Chat with Ken Plume & J. Elvis Weinstein 2”

  1. Jesse Shade Says:

    Great interview, Ken. I understand your position on the MST3K fundraiser, and I’m sorry I tried to dogpile you on Twitter. However, I will argue that plenty of people who donated to this Kickstarter who read what Joel had to say in the project description and knew that the original cast not coming back was a very real possibility, whether Joel talked to them beforehand or not. Either way, I’m not going to choose sides or think that supporting this one endeavor is spitting in the faces of everyone else who worked on the show. I’m just going to support everything that the MST3K crew does and spread the love, because everyone–from Joel to Mike, from Trace to Bill, from Josh to Kevin–who created this show that has made me who I am, and it’s the least I can do for them. I understand where you’re coming from, but don’t act like people who donated to this thing were all completely naive to what the truth was.

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