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By Christopher Stipp

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Kevin Smith and Matt Johnson SDCC 2013 (Via Geek Legacy):

There was much mirth, merriment and creepy cosplay on display at the San Diego Comic-Con this past July but one of the most exciting treats of the convention was being able to have an audience with Kevin Smith. It was notable not so much for the opportunity to talk about what Smith has been up to but because he was sharing the floor with a fresh voice in the landscape of teenage-themed films, Matt Johnson. Johnson’s film, THE DIRTIES, http://www.thedirtiesthemovie.com/, deals with a couple of friends who have to deal with systematic bullying which results in the kind of violence we are all too aware of in this age of Columbine. It balances the humorous and the serious while trying to get at something raw and visceral. You can watch the entire interview above as Kevin explores all manner of topics that focus on why this film spoke to him, what he sees in Johnson as a filmmaker and how he sees his role as a shepherd for these kinds of movies.

I asked Kevin about that and how he sees himself now in a role where he take people under his wing to show them where the pitfalls are and where not to make the same mistakes he might have.

“Absolutely, there’s a real Kevin Spacey-ish, kind of PAY IT FORWARD, to it because I got real fuckin’ lucky and won the lottery with CLERKS… So, it’s nice to get to a point where there are enough people who follow what I do and I can be like, ‘Watch this as well!’ And advocate for someone else. That’s the altruistic version of it. But, honestly, like I’ve said before, all I do is get instant credibility by aligning myself with a movie this bold, this strong, this fresh, this original. So I’d be stupid to say, ‘Nah, you guys figure it out for yourself.’ There’s also something in it for me so it’s mutually beneficial, I guess, but it probably helps me out a little bit more.”

For more on what Kevin thinks of THE DIRTIES and why he thinks it needs to be one of your must-see’s this fall, check out the interview in its entirety.


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