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Join Ken Plume and Glen Oliver as they take you on a journey beyond geekiness and nerdiness - Well, they pretty much just nerd out geekily and have a bit of a chat about Doctor Who and all things sci-fi.

Whotininnies 24: Putting A Cap On
Ken and Glen discuss the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. SPOILER WARNINGS all around. As always, our theme is courtesy of Chameleon Circuit.

Hope you enjoy…

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(Artwork by Molly Lewis)



One Response to “Whotininnies 24: Putting A Cap On”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Hey there fellas, I enjoy the hell out of your show and have been looking forward to the end of the season recap for a while. Is one forth comming or will you just recap on the episode that you record after the first episode of the new season is run? Do you still intend to keep this little show going? I sure hope so. A year between episodes is a long time but I’ve gotten used to it with Sherlock so no worries. lol. I hope this finds you both doing well. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Patrick Hemming

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