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This month I’ve spent most of my time watching YouTube channels. Exciting, I know. As a result, you’ll see a lot of YouTube videos in my list. It’s a simple system I work here at MFT but I feel it suits me. So lets get started.

1) Rear Window Timelapse

Rear Window is one of my favourite movies ever. I love a simple idea that is executed perfectly and that’s exactly what Rear Window is. It has been parodied a million times by every TV series from The Simpsons to That 70s Show.

What I like about this is that it has been put together to play all the parts of the scenery at once. I feel like I’m not explaining that correctly but luckily the video is self explanatory so watch and enjoy!

UPDATE 3rd of May 2012: Awwww, they took it down. That’s lame

2) Shia Labeouf

No, not the charisma free actor of robot movies. Instead it’s a rather strange song by Rob Cantor. It’s about the robot movie actor but it’s also about escaping the clutches of the canibal murderer robot movie actor.

Again I dont think I’m explaining this one well. Have a listen.

Thanks to JJ Hawkins of Mars Needs Podcasts for the heads up on that one.

3) My Drunk Kitchen

Another one that was brought to my attention by the lovely JJ Hawkins. I had somehow avoided this series until this month. The infectious MyHarto and her My Drunk Kitchen show.

Luckily, with all my problems describing shows, this one needs very little decription. She gets drunk and cooks in her kitchen. Easy! And funny as hell. Watch, and then notice how 8 hours have gone by from watching all of them.

4) Botchamania

Here is something that is far from new also. And I’ve been well aware of it from a long time too. But this month it has kind of been my comfort food viewing.

The brain child of Maffew who edits together all the mess ups in wrestling you never thought you needed to see. Botch is what wrestlers call messing up a move or a promo. And just like the bloopers real for a comedy, it’s more fun than the actual shows.

5) Play us out Riz…

British rap group playing an acoustic performance on the streets of Paris in the middle of the night? I’m in.


And that’s it! My favourite things of the last month.

- Aaron Poole is the creator of the whales. He is also more accurately an internet whore and rarely leaves the house. If you like what you read here check out his blog http://aaronfever.blogspot.com


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