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Well another season of DEXTER has now come and gone. Although I’ve read mixed reviews about this season I have to say that I was really entertained by it. I’m also going to not hold anything back in talking about it so if you haven’t seen it yet and plan to then be forewarned that there be spoilers abound in these waters.


This season of DEXTER had the very large shoes of last season to try and fill. JOHN LITHGOW had a stellar performance as the TRINITY killer in an amazing story line that shocked, amazed, and hit us with a punch in the gutt on its way out the door with the unexpected murder in the final moments.

When viewing the season’s overall story arc I think the writers did a pretty good job of delivering us a season that wasn’t too over-the-top while still being a fufilling viewing experience. They started the season off slow, with DEXTER dealing with the fallout after RITA’s death. It isn’t until the middle of the second episode where we start to see some of the old DEXTER return. He also doesn’t fufill the cravings of his “dark passenger” until the end of the third episode, giving us as viewers enough time of mourning over the loss of RITA before moving on to the DEXTER that we all know and love.

The first few episodes of the season are the only ones that I have a complaint about because the pace and stories of the supporting characters in the show seemed drawn out. Yes some elements of the stories were necessary to allow for other characters to be introduced like the great PETER WELLER. These characters for the DEXTER fan, however, are a mixed bag since they help move the story along but even though they are his co-workers they are also his adversaries. I never want to get too involved in their stories because, as the second season taught us, they can become expendable.

The direction the show took with the introduction of LUMEN and the situation surrounding the BARREL GIRLS was a new type of terror that we haven’t really had to face. I understand why it was necessary but the simple shocking reality is that this type of thing may go on in our world which made it slightly difficult to endure. After you get over that shock it is very easy to see why the story had to unfold the way it did. In the third season it was very difficult to stomach JIMMY SMITS character committing the types of attrocities that DEXTER does because he didn’t live by “the Code” so he was just a psychopath. We can handle what DEXTER does because he acts out what the id feels when we learn what these people do. Unless it is to ensure his survival DEXTER doesn’t just kill someone that makes his life difficult. JORDAN CHASE and his BARREL GIRLS group gave this season two important things: something for DEXTER to focus on that involved protecting future innocent lives being taken away just like RITA and allowing someone to go down such a dark path we didn’t mind if they commited the same type of vigilante killings that DEXTER does.

In the season finale there was a season ripe with tension but for me it was also wrought with metaphor. DEXTER’s sister DEBORAH comes across the camp and the very room where DEXTER and LUMEN have dispatched the last person reponsible for her horrific ordeal. In this moment the pair are hidden by a murky sheet of plastic that divides the room. DEB can see that they are there but can’t see them completely. This moment also reflects, for me, the same way that DEB must view DEXTER. Other police officers in the Miami Metro Homicide division have been suspicious of DEXTER yet DEB never questions. She sees her brother every day but she must have a similar murky filter between her and her brother that belays any suspicions she must have. This has to be the case since at least two other detectives have had suspicions about DEXTER (speaking of which, don’t any of these cops wonder why their area attracks so many demented murderes? The Ice Truck Killer, The Bay Harbor Butcher, The Trinity Killer, Barrel Girl Killers… that’s a lot for one city isn’t it?).

The writers did a pretty good job as well of wrapping up this season in a manner that allows them a clean slate for the recently green lit sixth season. LUMEN is leaving in a non-fatal manner, one that given her story was a foregone conclusion for me the moment she and DEXTER were working together. DEXTER is still a father but has the perfect nanny and RITA’s children can conveniently be around during visits and then dispatched conveniently back to their grandparents home. After DEXTER clears QUINN of the crime that DEXTER knows he didn’t commit QUINN admits to owing DEXTER which will hopefully avoid any future suspicions of DEXTER’s “other” activities. DEXTER is once again free to just be DEXTER.

Now that I’ve said my piece on DEXTER let’s move on to the crime that is this week’s available viewing options.


CBS - 8:00 PM: Have you noticed yet that the only show on CBS I recommend on Monday’s is HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER? ’nuff said.

NBC - 8:00 PM: I don’t know why I can’t stop watching THE SING-OFF since it’s the exact same show as last year. There’s one group of older people,
several mediocre groups and then there’s the entertaining college kids (ON THE ROCKS) and the smaller but completely amazing ensemble that were the clear winners from day one (COMMITTED). Ah well, it’s not like anything else is really on.

ABC - 9:00 PM: From the “We don’t give a crap file” I humbly submit to you MARIAH CAREY: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU. Let me guess, she’s got a holiday album out this year?


ABC - 8:00 PM: I love the PEANUTS specials (Who can forget the touching story told in IT’S FLASH BEAGLE, CHARLIE BROWN) but I don’t think I’ve ever seen I WANT A DOG FOR CHRISTMAS, CHARLIE BROWN!

FOX - 8:00 PM: It’s a pop-star tribute GLEE-peat double header tonight with the MADONNA and BRITNEY SPEARS episodes. I’d make a joke about this but I think the show writers already did by making them.’

NBC - 9:00 PM: It’s the live season finale of THE BIGGEST LOSER where I’m rooting for PATRICK to win. This show is such a great motivator and reminder to ea… oh look, Christmas fudge!


NBC - 8:00 PM: OK, if you actually watched THE SING-OFF along with me then be sure to remember there’s another episode on tonight.

USA - 8:00 PM: Oh, look! ELF is on USA tonight. There’s something you don’t see happen very often.

COMEDY CENTRAL - 8:00 PM: If you missed the first ever FUTURAMA HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR then here is another chance to catch it.

DISCOVERY - 9:00 PM: In tonight’s all new MYTHBUSTERS special it’s a special GREEN HORNET edition where SETH ROGEN drops in to help bust some myth’s. Which myth are they attacking, “You’re not off ’till you cough?”


ABC FAMILY - 6:00 PM: On a night full of repeats ABC FAMILY gives us the gift of PIXAR with FINDING NEMO followed by THE INCREDIBLES.

FX - 10:00 PM: It’s the IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA holiday special! Need I say more?

TBS - 10:00 PM: If it weren’t for the fact that the “Man Your Man Could Smell Like” himself, ISAIAH MUSTAFA, is hosting I’d think sitting around watching the FUNNIEST COMMERCIALS OF THE YEAR was silly. Even sillier? If you DVR this you’re going to be skipping over the commercials to get to the commercials.


CBS - 8:00 PM: CBS is offering up a large helping of holiday cheer with YES, VIRGINIA followed by FROSTY THE SNOWMAN and FROSTY RETURNS.

USA - 9:00 PM: Oh, look! ELF is on USA tonight. There’s something you don’t see happen very often.

ABC - 9:00 PM: In this PRIMETIME special WHAT WOULD YOU DO? the network uses hidden cameras to see how people react when tey think no one is watching. Does putting the PRIMETIME name on it class it up enough so that we don’t know it’s a classed up version of SCARE TACTICS?

CBS - 9:30 PM: Tonight special I GET THAT A LOT as they look back at some of the highlights (I use the term loosely) from past shows and some unseen footage. Come watch again as nobody believes that it isn’t PARIS HILTON pumping their gas.


ABC - 8:00 PM: Need a way to distract the kids for three hours? ABC rolls out another airing of I WANT A DOG FOR CHRISTMAS, CHARLIE BROWN! followed by MADAGASCAR.

NBC - 8:00 PM: The Peacock offers up a retread as well as they re-run the Christmas party episode of THE OFFICE.

HALLMARK - 8:00 PM: BATTLE OF THE BULBS sure feels a lot like DECK THE HALLS when DANIEL STERN and MATT FREWER get ugly trying to one up each other’s holiday decorations.

NBC - 11:30 PM: I still haven’t watched last week’s episode of SNL with PAUL RUDD but this week is a no-miss as THE DUDE himself JEFF BRIDGES hosts the weekly train wreck.


ABC - 7:00 PM: ABC puts forth no programming effort whatsoever with the airing of THE SANTA CLAUSE 2 and THE SANTA CLAUSE 3: THE ESCAPE CLAUSE.

CBS - 8:00 PM: It’s the season finale for SURIVOR: NICARAGUA and I’ve not watched a single moment of the show.

FOX - 9:00 PM: FAMILY GUY’s retelling of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK airs tonight to serve as a warm up to all the people that will no doubt be watching…

ADULT SWIM - 11:30 PM: I completely missed the mark in neglecting to mention the amazing VENTURE BROTHERS season finale so I am making it a point to mention the ROBOT CHICKEN: STAR WARS EPISODE III special. Nothing says Happy Holidays like stop-motion Star Wars comedy.


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