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Essential Sounds (2010/07/22)


Here to help? I certainly am, banging on your ear drums this week we have five fine cuts of the freshest audio around ranging from summery shoe gazing to blazing brass sections. All your musical needs are covered for another seven days this is the soundtrack to your week this is Essential Sounds.

1. Boyfriend by Best Coast

This week we kick off with this lovely lo-fi fuzzy gem from US indie duo Best Coast. “Boyfriend” is a slice of understated magic with its soaring harmonies and sunshine swagger. The best thing about this track is its simplicity with an infectious vocal delivery, shuffling rhythm and surf rock guitars this is the best summer you ever had captured in two and half minutes, actor Bill Murray considers himself a fan and so do we


2. Who Dat? by J.Cole

Hot off the heels from last years Warm Up mixtape and the first MC up to bat for Jay Z’s newly founded Roc Nation is J.Cole and alongside Jay Electronica he is hottest commodity in hip-hop right now. “Who Dat” is the first single from his forthcoming debut album Cole World and with so much pressure on his shoulders it shows that J.Cole really is living up to his expectations. A thumping rhythm propelled into orbit with its astonishing brass work proves that there is still a creative flare within the game. Part old school joint mixed with the gusto of a marching band “Who Dat” truly flies the flag for the up and comers in this industry.


3. Where I’m Going by Cut Copy

Looking to build upoun the success of 2008’s “In Ghost Colours” the Australian electropop group have returned with new single “Where I’m Going”. Staying true to their musical roots but aiming a little more mainstream “Where I’m Going” shows shades of New Order’s latter work with a feel good chorus thrown in for good measure. This has a more sugary feel to it than previous material but thats not a bad thing in the slightest as it shows a real sense of fun within their work ethic. The final third of the track displays a more progressive side and has us wondering what the rest of the forthcoming album will sound like.


4. Can We Go Wrong by Hesta Prynn

Side stepping from her all girl New York rap troop Hesta Prynn has spread her wings and put forth this solo endeavour. The interesting thing about “Can We Go Wrong” is that like every good palette it has a little bit of everything. Fuzzy distorted bass lines and funky drumming is the core to its rhythm but over that we find almost chip tune like synth leads and a guitar riff that would make most garage bands green with envy. Hesta also drops the MC’ing for this to deliver a solid pop vocal performance. This is a brand new look for her and she seems to pull it off flawlessly.


5. Oildale (Leave Me Alone) by Korn

Digging themselves out from a pit of depression and the black hole of musical obscurity Johnathon Davis and his nu-metal pioneers really deliver with “Oildale”. It sounds like classic Korn but because that quality has been missing for sometime it also feels brand new again. Heavy percussion and rattling bass lines form a really solid background for Davis to balance delicate vocals with full on aggression an equilbrium that this group have truly mastered. If the rest of the forthcoming album Remember Me can match the quality of this then the once disgarded figures of rock could be back in buisness.


- Mal Foster


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