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cabin.jpgOh no! Just when you thought it was safe to hang out at the Quick Stop…

Cabin Fever (hosted by the twisted souls Brian Fitzpatrick and Aaron Poole) is the result of having too much time on your hands and access to your local community radio station.

Over the course of an hour, they manage to trawl the depths of good taste, plus throw some music in. How much more could you want from a podcast?… Quality? Oh… we didn’t think of that.

Enjoy! And we hope our cross Atlantic friends can understand the Irish accent ;)

Hugs and Kisses,
Aaron P. + Rev. Fitzy



Ah, but how do Aaron & Fitzy bring you holiday cheer this fine, festive season? Why, with not one, but TWO gifts! Not only do you get a brand new Cabin Fever Commentary for the holiday classic A CHRISTMAS STORY (which you can download below), but first and foremost, you can lay your eyes upon the visual feast that is CABIN FEVER’S A CHRISTMAS CAROL:



CABIN FEVER COMMENTARY: A CHRISTMAS STORY - To get you in the festive spirit, the Irish duo delve into a film not nearly as known on their side of the water, A CHRISTMAS STORY. Aaron bucks popular opinion in an attempt to point out one or two flaws in the film while Brian just bursts with delight over what he considers a gem. Hat love is evident throughout.

[CONTENT WARNING]: Explicit contents! We say every naughty word you can think of. You have been warned!

DOWNLOAD: (right click to save)
Cabin Fever Commentary: A CHRISTMAS STORY (MP3 format)

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Got something to say? E-mail Aaron & Brian at the Cabin Fever mailbag.






7 Responses to “A Cabin Fever Christmas!”

  1. Tyler Says:

    This movie is much better than the one with Bill Murray in it. You know, Tootsie? Much much better than Tootsie.

    Merr… uh.. Happy Christmas Cabin Fever.

  2. Anarchy484 Says:

    The movie takes place in Indiana, but was filmed in Cleveland, Ohio.

  3. kyle Says:

    lol that efiing hilarious XD :P u guys should do more vids like this :P

  4. Gill Says:

    this video made my loins tremble. just saying.
    why does brian have a sex-offender/cult-leader beard?
    Merry Christmas

  5. Nogg Says:

    Read this article on the origins of “Say Uncle”…you might be surprised to find out it may have had IRISH origins as well.

  6. Weller Says:

    As always- well done guys. Happy holidays and keep it coming frequently. I will tolerate up to and including, but not a second over, an hour and a half a day of personal non-cabin fever activities. That is my gift to you this year.

  7. Bop It Says:

    Geez, I’m late… but that was the BEST rendition of “A Christmas Carol” evaaaaah! Scrooge was a little creepy, though. You guys might want to go get that actor some help.

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