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What happens when two young men let their love of movies, comic books, and all things “geek” take over their lives? They run away from their families, bringing only the most essential DVDs and comics to their secret, highly fortified underground bunker in sunny Southern California, where they start recording podcasts that will change the world.

Are they heroes?


Are they geniuses?

Far from it.

Are they the future of this planet?

I sure hope not.

Simply put… Matt Cohen and Jesse Rivers are “Bagged and Boarded”.


BAGGED & BOARDED #31: A Brief Respite with Bobby Moynihan   - In which Matt sits down for a very special conversation with Bobby Moynihan, and is regaled with tales of a rookie season on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, DIY Action Figures, and one man’s love for a furry blue Muppet. Live from this podcast… It’s this podcast!

[CONTENT WARNING]: This podcast may contain some foul language and horribly off-color jokes. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Episode #31 (MP3 format)

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13 Responses to “Bagged & Boarded 31: A Brief Respite with Bobby Moynihan”

  1. Colin Says:

    what the fuck is saturday night live?

  2. JiminyCricket Says:

    Nice. I do have one question though. Was yo’ mama a human and your papa a bear or was papa a human an’ your mama a bear?

  3. ash Says:

    maybe he was a little bear and got bitten by a human

  4. Colin Says:

    papa was a rolling stone

  5. » Before They Get Stale: Ben Stiller, Aubrey Plaza and Nick Kroll Says:

    [...] Moynihan is interviewed on the Bagged and Boarded podcast. [Quick Stop Entertainment] [...]

  6. JiminyCricket Says:

    Seriously though, fantastic interview. Incredibly insightful look at a life in comedy.

  7. Jesse (the other one) Says:

    whoo hoo name drop!

    The Henson thing I think is at CBS, and Henson was waiting to go on a talk show. There is a youtube, I will try and find it.

    Gonzo is awesome! I currently work at a camp, and my camp knickname is Gonzo.

    Good work boys!


  8. Jesse (the other one) Says:

    Found it:


    It is NBC, I had forgotten Letterman use to be there (its been a long weekend, leave me alone).

    Anywho it was Henson waiting for Jack Parr.

  9. LI_JEDI Says:


  10. John Says:

    Never thought I would say this but I miss Jesse.

    Bring back the Jester!

  11. Colin Says:

    good show.

  12. Popping brains Says:

    Why is every other podcast these days (never not funny, I love movies, comedy death ray, 40 year old boy, and now bagged and boarded) all about SNL? Is NBC dumping money to build awareness or something?

  13. Jesse (the other one) Says:

    As far as I know this podcast isn’t sponsored by NBC, Matt knows Bobby from back in the day. If you listen to the podcast it isn’t all about SNL, there is some pretty good geek centric chat in there as well. Plus its free, so stop whining.

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