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Normally I review toys and collectibles, but occasionally something sort of like that, but not quite like that, comes along that demands attention. Or something. I’m not sure what these little guys are demanding, but it’s something. Also, I usually do reviews, but think of this one as more of a feature. Sort of a ‘these are mighty amusing and your kids might like them’ sort of thing.

They’re call Spread Heads. The concept is simple enough - can you think of anything funnier than when your buddy laughed so hard that milk spewed out of his nose? Or what about cousin Jimmy who used to bring something extra to every event by puking mustard? Family reunions haven’t been the same sent they sent Jimmy away.


That’s where the Spread Heads come in. Currently there are two - Ketchep Charlie (the yellow guy) and Mustard Marvin (the green guy). Pop these guys on the ketchup and mustard bottle at the next picnic, and watch as their particular condiment comes oozing out an orifice!


Both have high quality plastic screw tops behind the masks, that allow them to be attached to the top of your condiment bottle. As you can see, I attached them to a couple regular, right out of the store bottles, but they also work great with those picnic style dispensers. Once Ketchup Charlie is in place, you just squeeze the bottle and your red sugary tomato paste comes oozing out his nostrils. Then there’s Marvin, who seemingly spews mustard right out of his mouth, his green face adding to the overall effect.


The faces themselves are made from a soft rubber, and are dishwasher safe. While the majority of the face is cast in plastic the color you see, the eyes are painted. I noticed a couple smudges on Marvin’s eye, which I’d mention if this was a real review, but it’s not, so I won’t.



These goofy bottle toppers have shown up on the Tonight Show (B.C. - Before Conan), Rachel Ray, the Today Show, and several others. Of course, the potential of other characters, other condiments, and other fluids is pretty much endless. They already have a cat and dog (Pete and Oscar) due out this month that will spit out toothpaste, with plenty more in the works.



These are a pretty cheap form of entertainment too, running only about $4.50 each. Your inner child, as well as the one across the picnic table from you, is going to get plenty of amusement from these guys. Just don’t tell your wife you think it’s funny, unlless you like the eye roll treatment.


You can check them out at the Spread Heads website or follow them on Twitter (and follow me while your at it!).


One Response to “Toy Box: Spread Heads!”

  1. Michael Crawford Says:

    I thought I’d add that the toothbrush dog and cat - coming later this month - can close as well. Their small paw snaps over the mouth, so they can be the full time toothpaste cap!

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