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We here at Quick Stop Entertainment are true lovers of music, in all its forms. We’re also quite keen on the spirit of competition, and of spurring creativity through said competition.

To that end, we launched a unique form of creative combat here at the Stop.

In this age of manufactured and painfully earnest talent contests, we’ve decided to instead shine a light on the quirky, quixotic underworld of musicians that don’t get nearly the attention they deserve.

Ah, but I did mention that there was a competition involved…

Like a songwriting version of Iron Chef, the competitors will be presented with a very specific songwriting challenge. They’ll be given one week to complete their songs - however they see fit, within the parameters set forth - after which time the entries will be uploaded to Quick Stop to be voted on by you, the audience.

Oh, and what do we call this competition?



Let us not forget the very special Masters of MASTERS OF SONG FU. Think of them as the iron chefs of Song Fu - one of which will be revealed as the ultimate challenger in THE FINAL CHALLENGE. Past Masters have included Jonathan Coulton, Paul & Storm, Neil Innes, The RiffTones, and Garfunkel & Oates. Any one of them could be the Master in the final Challenge - or perhaps it could be a brand new Master. Only the Challenger who garners the most cumulative votes in all 3 Challenges will move on to the Final and face that Master, mano a mano.

As with the last edition of Song Fu, all of the Challengers will be able to compete in every Challenge, and the Challenger with the most cumulative votes after the 3 Challenges will be the one that takes on the Master in the Final Round. So what was the first Challenge?



Write a song from the perspective of an inanimate object. This inanimate object must have no moving parts. Also no computers, no objects that look like living things, either human or animal (i.e. a statue, an action figure, etc.), and no celestial objects (i.e. the sun or the moon). Your song can be in any style you choose.

That’s it. The only other directive is that your song must run no shorter than 1 minute 45 seconds.




When she’s not bluffing her way through college courses or looking passably attractive from a distance, Molly Lewis enjoys playing ukulele, microwaving marshmallow Peeps, talking to cats, and Twittering. Early last year, she wrote two original songs, “MyHope” and “Road Trip”. “MyHope” is about the inevitable day when our children will learn how to navigate the interweb and how they will LOL at our old internet presences, namely MySpace; of “Road Trip”, Molly says it’s about “that astronaut lady who went crazy and wore the diapers, you remember that?” She has not written any songs since. Hopefully this competition will remedy that. When Molly was in middle school, she took up the guitar. That sank into the swamp. So she took up the mandolin. That sank into the swamp. So she took up the banjo. That burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp. But the ukulele has stayed. And that’s what you’re going to get, Quick Stop Entertainment: the strongest ukulele in all of Tacoma, Washington. Molly defeated Masters Paul & Storm in Masters of Song Fu #3.

Official Website: www.sweetafton23.com/primer/
Twitter: twitter.com/Molly23
ROUND 1 SONG: Unfortunately, Molly was cornered by retaliatory dingoes sent by Paul & Storm, and was unable to compete in this Challenge.


songfu-edrichaleen.jpgEdric has been writing music (off and on) since the early nineties. He wrote and directed a musical, The Pushcart War, based on Jean Merrill’s wonderful novel. He has written and/or arranged a number of songs for various friends - some commissioned, some as surprises. He loves acting in community theatre, and is inspired by the music of Stephen Sondheim, Jason Robert Brown, Adam Guettel, Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty. He is also happy to finally return his Happiness Board to the Internet. Check out the link on his web pages.

Official Website: happinessboard.com/Edric_Haleen.html
ROUND 1 SONG:All For This Moment


songfu-buckethatbobby.jpgI’m “BucketHat” Bobby Matheson. I used to make cartoons for the internet, and sometimes still do, but mostly focus on my music right now. Lately, I’ve been getting more into recording other singer/songwriters in my little, make-shift studio than I have been recording myself. I want Masters Of Song Fu to change that. I don’t really know what genre my music would fall under. Influences range from Klezmer to folk, to punk and back, which ends up sounding more like Zydeco than anything else (who’d have guessed?). I’ve been thinking of dropping the “BucketHat” from my stagename, but fear change.

Official Website: www.buckethatbobby.randomsociety.com
Twitter: twitter.com/BucketHatBobby


Mike Lombardo is a piano-playing pop-rock singer-songwriter who likes to use hyphens when describing his occupation. A recent graduate of Berklee College of Music, he spends most of his time banging on pianos, teaching children how to bang on pianos, or playing shows with his band, the Mike Lombardo Trio. Feel free to go to his website and send him lots of money. Or cookies.

Official Website: www.mikelombardomusic.com
Twitter: twitter.com/mikelombardo
ROUND 1 SONG:Rock Song


Legendz foretell of a mighty duo, born in the frozen North. Two neighborz and friendz will unite to form “Gödz Pöödlz” and battle the Mazterz or Song Fu for glory and bragging rightz! Gödz Pöödlz are Rüss Rögers and Röd Dürre. Rüss Rögers was once a member of “Kit and Kaboodle” (still available on iTunes) and currently performs in “Rusty’s Rocking Jamboree!” Röd Dürre wrote and performed with the Goth Rock Godz “Sear”, and last year Röd won the Coor’s Light “Take the 4:53 to Happy Hour” songwriting contest! Remember, the heaviest of metals are soft!

Official Website: www.rockingjamboree.com
ROUND 1 SONG:Bad Penny


songfu-stevechatterton.pngHi, my name is Steve Chatterton, the quintessential one-man-band singer/songwriter net-based recording project. Mom always said I marched to the sound of a different drummer, but she never mentioned which one. Dad had a fondness for bagpipes. Fortunately, neither of them have any direct influence on my music. Specializing in quirky little guitar-oriented pop songs about bugs, the Scooby gang, pirates, palindromes, superheroes, old movies, infectious diseases, imaginary friends and sideshow freaks, I guess you could say I pretty much write love songs. I’m a cheesy bastard at heart. I’m a stay-at-home dad who’s looking to find more time in the studio when my youngest starts school in September. I have an ever-expanding back catalog (at least 3 albums worth & counting) I’m dying to share with the world one download at a time.

Official Website: www.stevechatterton.com
Twitter: twitter.com/SteveChatterton
ROUND 1 SONG:I Will Always Look Up To You


Johannes “Jutze” Schult (from Germany) likes to live in a dream world where there has been no Grunge and where he is a talented singer. Sometimes his little folky pop songs find their way into the real world. Here they suffer from his hoarse voice and the do-it-yourself home recording production, struggling to appeal off and on beaten musical paths.

Official Website: www.jutze.com
Twitter: twitter.com/schult
ROUND 1 SONG:Natalie Portman’s Doormat


Although he has no formal training, Jarrett is an accomplished pianist who has been composing music for nearly twenty years. A relative newcomer to the world of online amateur competitive songwriting, he burst onto the scene earlier this year when he filled out an entry form just before the deadline. While earning his living as a graphic artist and website developer, Jarrett secretly dreams of leaving behind the glamor and prestige of internet publishing so he can focus on composing music for songwriting contests full-time. With no fanbase, loyal followers, obedient minions or friends, Jarrett will rely on his music-crafting skills alone to win over converts and earn votes.

Official Website: www.spaceparanoids.net
Twitter: twitter.com/SpaceParanoids
ROUND 1 SONG:Trapped Inside Your Sofa


Forged in the furnace of irony, molded with the hammer of satire, flattened on the anvil of righteousness, and cooled in the water of awesomeness, AudioMohel was thrust upon the world. Named from the lost audio transcripts of ‘09, AudioMohel serves as a public-service backlash against the anti-circumcision trend sweeping the so-called “enlightened parents” crowd, AudioMohel urges their more devoted and impressionable fans to undergo the snip two or even three times. AudioMohel enjoys experimenting with new breakthrough genres like speed blues and death classical even though most of AudioMohel’s tunes reside firmly in the ethereal realm of vapor-ware. Some of AudioMohel’s members admitted to being a bit intimidated by the professed experience and actual musical talent apparently possessed by the Song Fu Masters, but finally it was decided that if the need arose, sabotage would not be out of the question. To be used as a last resort, naturally, but not out of the question.

Official Website: www.AudioMohel.com
Twitter: twitter.com/AudioMohel
ROUND 1 SONG:Hubcap Without A Home


In the far off land of Chandler, Arizona, where the rivers flow with sand and cacti, our leader and master, the Lord of Our Lady Gwynyth, guitar and microphone in hand, called for the greatest musicians in the land to assemble a rock and roll group like none other. Unfortunately, they were cut off on the road, and the Jalapeño Habañeros made it there first. With The Rogue Bohemian on saxophone and The Boxcar Bassist on bass and keyboards, the Lord was pleased. Now, they roam the streets of Chandler, playing epic songs and rocking faces, much like Bon Jovi. Unfortunately they are paid in change, and often get thrown into the street, also like Bon Jovi. Their lives have intertwined, and the era of the Jalapeño Habañeros has begun. Be prepared.

Official Website: None
ROUND 1 SONG:Aquaman’s Trident’s Lament


The Scribbles are one of the most popular ukulele-based trios in their entire 6th grade class. Oh sure, there is the rumor that Peter Choi hates them. Meh. He’s a hater. Ha ha. The Scribbles formed last November when they all agreed on the name. After that they bought some instruments and started writing songs and stuff. So far, they’ve played a handful of shows around their hometown of Springfield, MO. Everyone’s favorite song seems to be “The Robot Song”. Maybe it’s because robots really are taking over the world, or maybe because Connor wears the robot suit during that song and that’s pretty funny. Thanks to MySpace, they are now friends with really cool people like The Beatles and Weezer and Tom. They’ve said some really nice things like “iloveyouguys:D” and “thanx for the add:).” Oh, and by the way, Peter Choi, The Scribbles still luv u.

Official Website: www.myspace.com/thescribbles1
ROUND 1 SONG:Snuggie Like Me


songfu-gorbzilla.pngGorbzilla is a musician/band teacher in Mid-Michigan. He has been in a few bands over the years, most notably as the bass player/vocalist for the band “Satin Jones” and the guitarist/vocalist for the band “Jimmy Likes Pie”. The proud father of two future rock maniacs, Gorbzilla has been writing music for the past twenty years, and is currently working on his first musical Beer – Finally a Musical for Men based on the Haiku by Patrick “Horkmeister” Sweet entitled, “I Think I Threw Up”. He has been happily married for eight years, and is looking forward to this competition.

Official Website: gorbzilla.blogspot.com
ROUND 1 SONG:I Am Your Pants


Darrell Maclaine has been devouring comedy songs and interesting music ever since he was old enough to know better, and is taking part in this competition essentially as penance for the amount of free music he has obtained via the previous rounds. He plays piano and keyboard bass as one fifth of oddball UK pop group The Directors (another fifth of the group, Mathew Cornah, possesses both more instrumental expertise and a much better home studio than him and will inevitably be press-ganged into contributing to his entries), and has decided to exercise his rusty songwriting muscles in the most embarrassingly public way possible.

Official Website: directors.mashedbins.com
ROUND 1 SONG:Strawberry Fool


Berg and Jerry are a small suburban acoustic group comprised of Andrew Berg (Lead Vocals, Melodica and, maybe, eventually the Ukulele) and Jerry Geleff (Guitar and Backup Vocals). Mid-summer ‘08, Berg and Jerry began writing songs together and since then… well, basically nothing. As rookies to this competition, these guys hope to at least make one good song, and entertain at least one person (*fingers crossed*). Berg and Jerry have a fun ska/indie/punk acoustic sound and often try to write clever witty lyrics. So listen, laugh, and something else that starts with an “L”, because Berg and Jerry are ready to slightly attempt to be THE MASTERS OF SONG FU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Official Website: www.myspace.com/bergandjerry
ROUND 1 SONG:The Green Potato Chip Song


Derrek J. Thompson is an irresponsible and unimportant song-writer and all-around creative type that lives in the middle of nowhere. His hobbies include sleeping and performing Bach at old-folks homes. He plays keyboards in a band called Anthropophobia but they don’t seem to be going anywhere. He hopes to become more disciplined with his creative endeavors as a result of Song Fu.

Official Website: www.derrekswords.com/
ROUND 1 SONG:O’Riely’s Underpants


Jeremy’s turn-ons include big eyes, belly laughter, and long walks on the beach. Turn-offs include bad breath, knobby knees, and fungal growth. Huh? This isn’t my post for eHarmony.com? Oh. It’s for what? “Song Fu”? What’s that? I voluntarily submitted to participate? I’ve participated before? Oh. That. I didn’t get any votes last time? Oh, only a few? How many is “a few”? Eight? Why am I participating again? The challenge of it all and the friendly competition? Just to be considered, however briefly, a peer of Jonathan Coulton? Sweet.

Official Website: www.jeremypierson.com
ROUND 1 SONG:Your Welcome Mat


Denise lived in a grey house in the city of Austin. Her favorite pastimes were playing piano, polishing her guitar, and tormenting the geeky programmer boy who lived there. His name was Michael, but she never called him that… Isn’t that a wonderful bio???

Official Website: www.myspace.com/denisehudson
ROUND 1 SONG:Leave The Stone Alone, Yep


Lex Vader was born to a single mother who worked as silicon tycoon’s personal assistant. When she died of poor hygiene, Lex was sent to an orphanage where he showed interest in organizing races and laser fencing. After being recruited into a religious order, he spent the next few years between several of their private schools. In his final year, Lex lost his hand in an argument with a professor over Kryptochlorians. Despite this, Lex was able to achieve a successful business career and even a knighthood. Tragedy struck, however, when a former classmate’s arctic home caught fire during a business lunch, scarring half of Lex’s face. At this point, Lex’s behavior became erratic. When he managed to buy SithCo, the cult that schooled him, he was shunned by the corporate world. No longer taken seriously, Lex started an evil empire and now moonlights with his evil emotronic alternapop band.

Official Website: lexvaderssecretjournal.wordpress.com
ROUND 1 SONG:Just A Rock


Tom Milsom is a musician, writer, artist and videomaker who has had nearly 2,000,000 views of his YouTube videos and has released an album, Awkward Ballads for the Easily Pleased, to murmurs of critical success. Faced with this onslaught of vague acceptance, he plans to release his second album, Painfully Mainstream, later this year, and is thrilled to be a part of this frankly charming and delightful competition.

Official Website: www.tommilsom.com
ROUND 1 SONG:The Raincoat’s Lament


Caleb became a software engineer instead of a musician because the type of music he likes best went out of style at the end of the 18th century. Self-taught in music theory, he is more comfortable writing a four-part instrumental fugue than he is writing a verse-chorus-bridge song. After discovering the likes of Weird Al, Dr. Horrible, and especially Jonathan Coulton, he realized that “modern music” can be fun too. Now he is on a quest to update, expand, and diversify his musical knowledge and experience. In addition to singing, he plays a whole family of recorders (not usually all at once) and baroque flute, pretends to play keyboard, and most recently, ukulele. He also uses virtual MIDI instruments because a real orchestra costs too much.

Official Website: NONE
ROUND 1 SONG:Ancient Wonder


Miles from Nashville was born in early 2009 when multi-instrumentalist Charlie Wolf and harmonica player Michael Ruhland ran into each-other one day at the Albertson’s supermarket in Hermosa Beach, CA. Miles from Nashville play an eclectic mix of country, folk, rock, blues, pop, indie rock, rap (just kidding), and polka that they like to call “guacamole rock”. They are currently working on their debut album, Songs about November, and have their very own website (though who doesn’t these days?). If you happen to have large sums of money and/or expensive guitars that you don’t need, they’ll be glad to put them to use for you. Miles from Nashville plays shows around Los Angeles, CA every so often, so be sure to check the website for gigs.

Official Website: www.milesfromnashville.com
ROUND 1 SONG:A Bridge To Nowhere


Hello. I am singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, filmmaker, writer and activist Andrew Jon Thomson. I am honored to have played, collaborated, performed, and recorded with many outstanding musicians from many fantastic bands including the following current and past collaborators: The Memphis Horns, Dweezil Zappa, Anton Fig, Chuck Rainey, Tom Roady, Charlie Chalmers, Roades Chalmers Roades, Arthur Barrow, Walfredo Reyes Jr., Tommy Mars, Clayton Ivey, Charlie Morgan, Pablo Herrera (Cuba), Richard Nelson (Ireland), Mike Garson, Pat Mastellotto, Marc Muller, Rob Paporozzi, Sammy Merendino, Graham Maby, Paul Robinson (UK), Paul C. Robinson (US), Pete Lockett (UK),Victor Indrizzo, Fima Ephron, Dave “Fuze” Fiuczynski, Bassy B Brockman, David Gilmore, Victor Damiani, Todd Roper, Greg Brown, and DJ Qbert.

Official Website: www.helloandrew.com
ROUND 1 SONG:Someplace 2 Land: Bush’s Flight Suit’s Lament


To Whom It May Concern: Caleb didn’t want to write his own bio (musicians, eh?) so I will do the honours. After peddling his wares leading the criminally unnoticed Yay For Squares (www.myspace.com/yayforsquares) and playing an inadvisable amount of shows alongside good friends The Tastydactyls, Caleb decided to go solo in the early parts of 2008. Since then he’s enjoyed the success of dozens of fans and casual mentions on low-brow podcasts. With a flair for heartfelt song-writing and a wildly erotic combover, he’s hoping to win your love in this competition and will be wildly neurotic about it until he does so. - His bud, Aaron.

Official Website: www.myspace.com/caleblee
Twitter: twitter.com/thecaleblee
ROUND 1 SONG:How Man Years Bad Luck If You Break A Mirror’s Heart


Hailing from a small town in Southern Minnesota, Richard Clayton Spring has risen above the norm, blossoming into a beautiful butterfly of acoustic guitars, pianos, synths, electronic beats, and vocals ranging from the softest of whispers to the yelp of the Great Wolf. The only style of music Richard can’t write incredibly is generic pop music, or else he would be in a limousine drinking champagne with Lady GaGa. But he has acquired an auto-tuner, so he’s working his way there.

Official Website: www.myspace.com/richardclaytonspring
ROUND 1 SONG:Crazy Straw


Parsons is a 20-year-old student from California. She can leap small buildings in a few bounds. She fears large fish, but for some reason not sharks or whales. Parsons always makes the same New Year’s resolution: to survive to see the next year. So far, this has worked well for her. Parsons comes from an impressive songwriting pedigree: her older brother wrote the song “Blue Moon” in 1934, managing to overcome his crippling dyslexia and the fact that the song was written 51 years before his birth. Parsons’s songwriting influences include Beethoven, The Beatles, and Weird Al. Her sense of humor comes from The Simpsons, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and her frequent injections of concentrated doses of Vitamin K. Parsons hopes to go far in this competition. If she doesn’t emerge victorious, she will be forced to turn to Operation Omega. Nobody wants that to happen.

Official Website: www.youtube.com/user/sargeantketchup
ROUND 1 SONG:Throw Me Away


With only two members, the name may be misleading, but that seems to be a theme here. Austin Morley and Jeremy Pudak have been playing music together for several years now, and have never really settled on a genre or a name. In their younger days they would draw on rock influences like Rancid or The Ramones. In recent years, they have settled into slightly quieter influences like She & Him and Bob Dylan. Jeremy has always had a talent for the guitar, but Austin was not so lucky and decided to stick with a bass guitar. Austin & The Pudaks will be rocking your face off, but may not actually be in a rock genre. Be careful, as exposure to this amount of awesome has unpredictable effects.

Official Website: www.myspace.com/nodirectionhome89
ROUND 1 SONG:A Record Of Your Life


Melissa and Ian are two amateur musicians with a longtime love of composing and performing classical music. Whether this is useful or relevant for a songwriting competition remains to be seen. They are eagerly awaiting the “Write a song in the style of an obscure Baroque composer” round, ’cause somebody totally told them there would be such a round and why would someone lie like that?

Official Website: www.ianandmelissa.com
ROUND 1 SONG:I Remember


Over the twelve years since young-ish midwesterner Travis Norris first picked up a guitar, he has played and written music in a wide variety of genres ranging from rock that a-billies, metal of a medium or heavier weight, “outlaw” country (aka “the good kind”) and “frosty” jazz (not a real subgenre). Left to his own devices, something like “U2 meets Jonny Lang meets various two-to-three-hit-wonder bands of the ’90s indie/alternative scene” is what you’ll usually get. Travis’s instrumental talents range from lead guitar, 2nd lead guitar, rhythm guitar, auxiliary guitar, and bass (sorta). He can also drag and drop drum loops like you wouldn’t believe. He comes to this competition armed with three electric guitars, a neglected bass, an Ebow, and absolutely no fan base or public recognition. So be nice, eh? I hear he’s real sensitive when people that aren’t him make fun of him.

Official Website: NONE
ROUND 1 SONG:Enertronic Bow


When we’re not turning scrap metal into transportation and weaponry suited to post-apocalyptic life, studying the obsolete sociopolitical establishment of the twenty-first century under the guise of civil service, or scouting subterranean wilds for a suitable base of operations, The Gremlins are dedicated to sabotaging the destructive technological forces that have become your way of life through whatever mischief is at our disposal. Banjos are fun, too.

Official Website: NONE
ROUND 1 SONG:Neutron Star


When two musicians marry one another, it’s a wonderful thing. When a multi-instrumental songwriter marries an amazing vocalist, it’s even better. Bud (oldest of three, one insane sibling of each gender) was born and raised in sunny San Diego, CA – a drummer first, guitarist second, and just about everything you could imagine third through last. Christin Joy (youngest of four, with 3 older brothers) was born and raised in beautiful Annapolis, MD – with the voice of an angel and the compassion to match; she is quite a wonderful singer and writer. The Perfect Place is a Husband/Wife duo that enjoys writing and performing music in their spare time. While their main area of expertise is theologically minded, they have been known to get a little silly from time to time. Masters of Song Fu should prove to be an interesting challenge, one we await with eager anticipation. Woot!

Official Website: www.myspace.com/oneperfectplace
ROUND 1 SONG:If I’ve Learned Anything


His Name Is Legs is a newly-created rock band comprised of guitarist/vocalist/Song Fu veteran Hazen Nester and bassist Cameron Accola, who collaborated with Nester on two of his previous entries. Born out of a mutual love of Rush and talented musicians in general, His Name Is Legs pledges to provide listeners with an eclectic array of sounds designed to stimulate and elevate. What makes this band unique is that neither Accola nor Nester have ever met each other in person.

Official Website: www.myspace.com/hisnameislegs
ROUND 1 SONG:One Of The Team


To download a ZIP FILE containing all of the ROUND 1 songs, CLICK HERE.




And now, it’s time for that all important voting. For this round, you can choose your TOP 5 FAVORITE Challenger songs. Be sure to choose carefully. VOTING CLOSES AT 11:59pm EST on SUNDAY, MAY 31st. If you are having trouble voting, CLEAR YOUR BROWSER’S CACHE and try again.



[poll id="18"]

View Results


If you triumph, not only will you win remarkable (and potentially off-putting) bragging rights and a clutch of fantastic mystery prizes, you will also become the proud owner of the magnificent, one-of-a-kind MASTER OF SONG FU TROPHY.

Good luck, and bring on the Fu.




233 Responses to “Masters Of Song Fu #4: Round 1 Challenge Voting Begins!”

  1. Steve Chatterton Says:

    First post - w00t!

  2. BucketHatBobby Says:

    Just to clear things up; My song, “working man’s noose” is not about a noose.
    I mean, if you listen to it, you’ll realize that. It’s not that deep.

    just looking at the title, you might be all “oh, that sounds depressing/sounds like he’s trying to be deep”. No, it’s not about suicide or the instruments used to do so.

  3. Mike Lombardo Says:

    Edric has really outdone himself this time. Nice going, bud!

  4. Austin & The Pudaks Says:

    The bass in our song sounds worse than I remember when we recorded it… Vote for us anyway ^_^

  5. Travis Norris Says:

    So for my song I wrote a song that only guitar players, and only some of them, are going to really understand! … Yeah. Anyway, lyrics.


    Way back in the 1960s, some 40 years ago
    A mad six string professor touched his Les Paul with a violin bow

    Gregory Heet was intrigued, and he formed a master plan
    “This sound was once a fevered dream, now anyone can have it”

    (The first of my family was born)

    Energy bow, Ebow in the common vernacular
    I’ll make a stompbox want to weep
    Feedback and sound spectacular (2x)

    And most all of you have heard me, though few of you me know my name
    REM named a song after me, that helped a little with my fame

    (I’ll take you over…)

    I’m no slave to style or genre, I’m a cello out of sight
    When I spot a lonely fermata, my LED burns bright…..

    Electronic bow, I’m not some dumb digital simulator
    The signal path stays analog, baby
    I’m a sonic liberator (2x)

    (I was “E” before “e-” was the thing to be)

  6. Berg Says:

    Vote for the underdog….a poor lonely green potato chip!

  7. Mike Lombardo Says:

    oh, we’re doing lyrics again?

    Lyrics are in the description here:

    and the live version is here:

    Good luck all.

  8. Edric Says:

    Lyrics for “All For This Moment” can be found at http://happinessboard.com/Edric_Haleen.html

    Good luck, everybody!


  9. Lex Vader Says:

    My probably incredibly uninteresting Behind The Fu video is up.

  10. joeyfixit Says:

    I sort of thought that the object in question (the subject) would be included, like the description of the “ten unique words”. Anyway, our song isn’t actually from the perspective of a literal Neutron Star, it’s about a Neutron Bomb (with dreams of glory).

    Petey (The Gremlins)

  11. Tech Says:

    how do you vote?

  12. AudioMohel - Jon Says:

    Here are the original lyrics as penned by Eric S. - I think some of the lyrics were changed slightly, but 99% are the same.

    “Hubcap without a Home”

    Cars and trucks and bikers whizzing by
    and I just lay here under this big sky
    Stuck three miles from the Georgia line
    on the side of Highway 29
    A hubcaaaaap without a home

    A hubcap without a home
    Used to be the streets I too did roam
    I know one day he will return
    For that naked wheel I surely yearn
    A hubcap without a home

    Last time I saw my owner’s left front wheel
    He took the turn too fast and then I heard a squeal
    I tried to hold on tight but still alas
    I rolled on deep into the grass
    A hubcaaaap without a home


    Not too many of our kind still around
    for alloy wheels and chrome they melt us down
    but there’s a van out there with a bare old rim
    and I’ve been a’sitting here waiting for him
    A hubcaaaap without a home


    For ten long years now I’ve been lying here
    Near a cigarette butt and a rusted can of beer
    Please won’t you pick me up dear sir
    I’d even be an ashtray if you’d prefer
    A hubcaaaap without a home

  13. Jutze Says:

    If you haven’t figured out that my song is about Natalie Portman’s doormat, you’re probably an ignorant Scarlett Johansson fan. For lyrics and a primitive video clip go to http://www.jutze.com

  14. Parsons Says:

    Lots of awesome stuff this round. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. Great job, everybody. :)

  15. The Perfect Place (Bud) Says:

    so sad… the full title of our song wasn’t published. here it is in all its glory, with lyrics:

    If I’ve Learned Anything From Fall Out Boy, It’s That Long And Irrelevant Song Titles Make You Appear Hip And Clever

    My life began in a factory, surrounded by machines
    To flatten, processing this mass of fallen forest trees
    It wasn’t easy but I’m so alive, full of orange dye
    And plastic bubble wrap, so cozy, warming my inside

    I’ve got adhesive on my upper lip, wonder what I’d do
    With it, I guess I’ll wait and see, for now it’s my lipstick
    My parents told me that the day would come, when i’m scribbled on
    And sent out, off to some exotic destina-ti-on

    Oh what a wonder, it’s magnificent
    Perhaps I’ll be sent to the president
    Or maybe some celebrity, the English Queen
    To Octo-mom or Bruce Springsteen
    I can only guess
    But being an envelope, it’s the best

    One fateful morning someone purchased me, took me home and he
    Began to fill my mouth with packaged Star Wars figurines
    The day has come but it’s so curious, someone tell me what
    Is this the creatures have now stuck to my epidermis?

    Well never mind that, now I get to go, to wherever it is
    These people sovereignly have chosen me to locomote
    Conveyor belts from inside to outside, I can’t even describe
    What it’s like, twisting fast just like Mr. Toad’s wild ride

    Oh what a wonder, it’s magnificent
    Perhaps I’ll be sent somewhere elegant
    Like Paris, France or New Jersey, To the O.C.
    For some spoiled brats with A.D.D.
    I can only dream
    So happy, this envelope, I could scream

    And I scream! The horror, the surprise, what’s going on?
    Just as angry as James Kirk when he yelled ‘KHAAAAAN!’
    I’ve been torn! To bits by hordes of awful school children!
    Now i’m used, abused and strewn about within… the rubbish bin.

    Well no one told me of this part, you see
    I can’t believe it, they’ve discarded me
    And thrown me out, it’s awful mean, go fetch Hank Green
    Has no one heard’ve recycling?
    I need eco-geek
    To rescue this envelope, lost and weak
    This busted up envelope, what a freak
    So much for my envelope winning streak
    Be kind to your envelopes every week

  16. Travis Norris Says:

    Errr.. were we not supposed to do lyrics? Heh.. *breaks protocol left and right.. like a malfunctioning robot*

  17. ILove Says:


  18. Jenna Says:

    LOVED Caleb Lee’s song. VOTE FOR IT!

  19. AudioMohel- Eric Says:

    What’s with all the “laments”? Must we assume inanimate objects are so struck with gloom? They’ll never die and never have to pay taxes!

  20. Berg Says:

    well ppl are putting up lyrics….soooooooo

    The Green Potato Chip Song

    Everyone’s getting ahead of me
    And I’m getting left behind
    Down by myself hidden in this corner
    Where I hoped that they will find
    I thought being an individual was cool
    But I live life in regret
    And all the kids at school will only get to know me
    If they’re forced to in a bet
    Life…It really is a drag
    When you’re the green chip at the bottom of the bag
    Well I may be too salty
    I may not be as tasty
    You might see it as faulty
    That I’m shaped like Kevin Spacey’s….head

    I may be a little poisonous
    But you should not be afraid
    Potatoes aren’t that dangerous
    But they’re related to deadly nightshade

    Life…It really is a drag
    When you’re the green chip at the bottom of the bag

    No one knows what its like to be me
    I’m in a constant bad mood
    I guess I’m destined to be
    The world’s loneliest snack food

    Life… really is a drag
    when you’re the green chip at the bottom of the bag

    Well I may be too salty
    I may not be as tasty
    You might see it as faulty
    That I’m shaped like Kevin Spacey’s….head

  21. Hazen from His Name Is Legs Says:

    To all who are in the process of voting: I know going through 38 songs is a bit of a daunting challenge, but please do so for all of our sakes? We just don’t want anybody left out. Anywho, our lyrics.

    “One of the Team”

    A 60-cycle hum hangs over the air; A tiny, buzzing B.
    Hit the tuner and it’s gone.
    A quick adjustment to the strings by the player. The fans begin to scream.
    He takes a pick and starts the song.

    The music wafts like incense of the ears, the trance takes listeners near and far.
    The roadies bob their heads.
    But as for me, I’m stuck standing here, without my friend Guitar
    Wish I could do more instead

    Guitar always says that I’m one of the team
    I wish the player could see things the same way
    When all you do is give support, it always seems
    Appreciation would be nice to have someday

    Guitar always says that I’m the best friend around
    But it seems to me Guitar has all the fun
    What can a stand do when you cannot make a sound?
    He has all the talent, I wish that I had some

    Guitar says that he loves life in the Limelight; The universal dream.
    A dream I once did share.
    When we were new, I used to hang in the backlights; the amp beside me wailed and screamed.
    How I wish I’d return there.

    Guitar always says that I’m a unique soul
    He doesn’t know what my life is and why I fight it
    The thing is I know it’s only rock and roll
    But I like it

  22. Caleb Lee Says:

    Hey guys! 2nd place! Woo! That’s awesome. =)

    If you would like lyrics and some behind the scenes input go to http://www.myspace.com/caleblee and read my blog!

    Good luck everyone!

  23. riddle Says:

    top 2 songs: Caleb Lee’s “broken mirror” and the Gremlin’s “neutron bomb.” two really compelling stories there. Caleb Lee manages to be emo without sounding trite and the Gremlins manage to be political without taking sides. props.
    two songs i wish i could’ve voted for(#6 and #7): Edric’s “diamond ring” and Audiomohel’s “hubcap.” Edric: your line “and they were *hugging*” put your out of my top 5. that’s sloppy writing. “his arms encircled her” or something like that would have been a nice mirror to the ring encircling her finger. and Audiohohel: best song out of you guys yet. keep at it.

  24. sevinPackage Says:

    It’s really late, but I finally managed to finish my review for the Final Round of MoSF3. You can watch it here:


    Also included in the video are reviews for the Red Nose Special and the Top 10 songs from MoSF3.

  25. Caleb Lee Says:

    OH… the title is “How many…” not man.. hah.

    I added a video of me playing the song, right after work for some reason, to my myspace. http://www.myspace.com/caleblee

    Thanks again everyone!

    btw thanks riddle!

  26. anna Says:

    Can’t understand why the mirror one is rated so high. It’s so predictable and just… blah.

  27. Edric Says:

    @riddle: That’s very interesting. Would you do me a favor and explain more what you mean by “sloppy writing”? I’m not sure I agree with you right now — I’ll explain why I made the choice I did, — but if you’d explain, too, I’d love to learn something new about lyric writing.

    (And — for the rest of the Internet-going public — if this turns out by be a painfully honest conversation like occurred between Buckethat and Jaleho in Round 2 of MoSF #3, that’s okay. I’m not opposed to learning new things and I’m happy to hear other people’s opinions — so there’s no need to jump all over someone for offering advice…)

    Here’s why I chose *hugging*…

    1) Most of the verbs in the song end in -ing, particularly towards the end. Conscious choice. Adds cohesion to the lyric.

    2) The melody line at that point allowed for just four syllables (mirroring the previous line). Not enough for “his arms encircled her” — but I’ll grant you that “they’re embracing” would have fit, and would have had an -ing ending.

    3) I interpreted this as a raw, emotional moment. (I tried to have my voice reflect this when I sang “Yes! Yes!”) As such, I think that “his arms encircled her” is too passive and removed. Even “they’re embracing,” I feel, is too conscious and intentional and tender and placid. In my mind’s eye, I saw her losing control of her emotions and, swept up in her excitement and ecstasy, throwing herself across the gap between them (shouting “Yes! Yes!”).

    As such, I thought that *hugging* worked better, as you never hear the phrase, “she embraced the stuffing out of him.”

    Anyway — please respond. This is simply my take on things — I’d love to hear what someone with a different point of view thinks…


  28. BucketHatBobby Says:

    My top picks are:
    Tom Milsom - “The Raincoat’s Lament”,
    Jarrett Heather - “Trapped Inside Your Sofa”,
    Steve Chatterton - “I Will Always Look Up To You”
    Godz Poodlz - “Bad Penny”

    And I WOULD have had Mike Lombardo’s song in this list, but I feel that using a previously written and recorded song is kindof… Not “Cheating”, but against the spirit of Song-Fu.
    No offence, Mike. Yaknow I love ya.

  29. Carrot Says:

    Noticed the backwards bit in Darell MacLaine’s ‘Strawberry Fool’ Love hidden messages gonna try and see what it says.

    Lovin most of the entries so far guys and gals.

    Yeah the Mirror one is a bit blah……….

  30. Lex Vader Says:

    “Every penny that turns up is a bad penny.”
    “An old McDonald’s fry that’ll never decompose.”
    “Stop being Superman’s bitch.”
    “Corduroy solo!”

    I usually don’t go for the serious songs, but Ian and Melissa’s song is amazing.

    My song’s video link (because you’re lazy):

  31. Caleb Lee Says:

    Hey Anna, I know right?!

    Hey Carrot, True!

    I really like the full title to “if I’ve learned anything” haha.

    I’m a big Bad Penny fan.

    O.k. i’m lazy & I really do like something about every entry!

  32. Caleb Lee Says:

    @ems see i agree… i was driving to work listening to the tracks and the Green Potato Chip song made me laugh so much… i was like… “this is genius, what IS it with those chips?!”

  33. Jeremy Pierson Says:

    As always, it was a pleasure rising to the challenge. While it is not difficult to write ABOUT an inanimate object, it certainly is a different matter to write from the perspective of one - especially if it basically just can’t DO anything.

    At any rate, I had fun and I like what I came up with, simple though it may be.

    There are some really talented musicians here and some good songs. Specifically, Andrew Thomson and Mike Lombardo did terrific jobs.

    As always, though these challenges can be difficult, and I encourage anyone wanting to try to do so, the Powers that Be might want to consider screening the entries in the future. Make ALL submissions available somewhere, but let’s limit the voting to the songs with the most merit. I mean, even American Idol, or whatever, doesn’t bring all 150,000 contestants onto the show and ask the audience to listen to and vote on each one.

    With a list this long, it is unlikely that many people will bother going all the way down the list (especially after 10 or 12 stinkers) and listen to each song, so the competitors at the bottom of the page are at a real disadvantage.

    Sure, competitors are expected to bring their own voters - after all, this whole contest really is just a device to get more traffic to the website.

    Best of luck to all! I love Song Fu and I hope to see it grow and improve each time!

  34. Caleb Lee Says:

    o.k. i can’t help it.. i’ve got to say the lyric choices and melody to “Trapped inside your sofa” are amazing! Freaking great song!

  35. Timrichards23 Says:

    I vote Tom Milsom anyday! Very talented, soft voice, perfect for that song! He can make a song about anything and make it decent!!

    Tom Milsom - The Raincoat’s Lament
    Jeremy Pierson - Your Welcome Mat
    Richard Clayton Spring - Crazy Straw
    Buckethat Bobby Matheson - Noose
    Derrek J. Thompson - O’Riely’s Underpants

  36. Larry Mondello Says:

    I agree it was tough to come up with a top 5.

    My favorites are Snuggie Like Me, I Am Your Pants, Trapped Inside Your Sofa.

  37. Denise Hudson Says:

    I put my lyrics on my blog, because I am a newbie at recording and I know my levels are real, real low.

    I also really liked Ian and Melissa’s song, and am glad it’s showing so nicely :)
    And both coin songs too :)


  38. Wells Says:

    The Green Potato Chip Song was clever and it really made me laugh. I never would have thought to write about a chip… let alone a green one. lol


  39. Jeremy Pierson Says:

    There are definitely some creative lyrical ideas in this batch, and this is a songwriting competition, but production quality inevitably becomes a factor. Not such a factor in a well-written song, but poor production quality on an only so-so song is like fluorescent lighting on blemished skin. Scary. But we need go no further than Bob Dylan if looking for proof that you can be a phenomenal songwriter with crappy production and non-melodic singing.

    I also want to give some praise to Snuggie Like Me - very cute. Would probably like to shoot a video for that song.

    Noose is good also. Probably “great” if you’re into the Velvet Underground or the Sex Pistols and bands like that. This song has a real shot for being included in the soundtrack if they ever make an Office Space 2. Nice.

  40. Jarrett Heather Says:

    Thanks for all the compliments for my entry. Caleb, I love the sincerity and the harmonies in “Mirror’s Heart”.

    I’m still giving a good thorough listen to each of the tracks before deciding on my top 5 (well, y’know… top 4, really).

    Also, anyone who doesn’t vote for “Trapped Inside Your Sofa” makes a very sad and lonely quarter even sadder. You don’t want to live with that on your conscience, people.

  41. Russ Rogers Says:

    I took several hours today to listen carefully to all the songs and write out detailed comments about each of them. Oh, they were clever, insightful and pithy comments about clever and insightful songs. And just before I was going to send it, my 18 month old daughter flipped the switch on my computer’s power strip. Poof. All gone. Argh!

    In short, all these songs are in some way clever, original and deserve more votes than we’re getting!

    Jarrett Heather’s song, “Trapped Inside Your Sofa” is a personal favorite and not just because it’s also about spare change.

    “Strawberry Fool” is great. It’s a shame Neil Innes isn’t a Master this round, because this song owes almost as much to the Ruttles as the Beatles! A wonderful pastiche!

    Mike Lombardo is a song-writing monster, seemingly with a song for any Song Fu challenge already waiting in his back catalog.

    I’m surprised by both the number of Calebs and “Laments.” I never realized there were so many!

    For those who like them, here are the lyrics to

    Bad Penny by GöDZ PööDLZ
    written by Rüss Rögers and Röd Dürre 2009

    Shiny, shiny, newly minted currency
    Stuffed inside a porcelain pig
    Treasured and horded with no sense of urgency
    Oh no, look what you did
    We were the lifeblood of this nation
    But we’ve been kept out of circulation
    You saved us and cursed us
    ‘Cause now we’re nearly worthless

    Every Penny, Any Penny is a Bad Penny, Bad Penny
    Find a Penny pick it up
    Grab a Penny from that Take-A-Penny Cup
    Any Penny that turns up is a Bad Penny, Bad Penny

    Disgraceful way to treat the coin of Lincoln
    In wishing wells, just tossed away
    The cents you make from the thoughts your thinking
    Worth half as much as yesterday
    It’s time to face the truth unvarnished
    The copper we’re made from’s grown dull and tarnished
    You can’t make a purchase
    ‘Cause now we’re nearly worthless

    Every Penny, Any Penny is a Bad Penny, Bad Penny
    Find a Penny pick it up
    Grab a Penny from that Take-A-Penny Cup
    Any Penny that turns up is a Bad Penny, Bad Penny

    Worthless little slug
    Can’t buy the metal that I’m made from
    And Lincoln’s tiny mug
    Is always cringing with the shame from
    Being a Bad Penny

    Every Penny, Any Penny is a Bad Penny, Bad Penny
    Find a Penny pick it up
    Grab a Penny from that Take-A-Penny Cup
    Any Penny that turns up is a Bad Penny, Bad Penny
    Any Penny that turns up is a Bad Penny, Bad Penny
    Every Penny that turns up is a Bad Penny, Bad Penny

    Finally, I would love to connect with any of the other Song Fu folk on facebook, YouTube, twitter or Myspace.


    My own site is: http://www.rockingjamboree.com/

    Rock on!

  42. Berg Says:

    thanks for the good comments and votes!

    I really like alot of what is up here…

    my top five in no order are

    Berg and Jerry- Green Potato Chip
    Caleb Lee- Mirrors Heart
    Steve Chatterton- I Will Always Look Up To You
    Jarett Heather- Trapped Inside Your Sofa
    The Scribbles- Snuggie Like Me

  43. Jennifer Says:

    Caleb Lee Rocks.. His song is the Best!!!!

  44. xtianna Says:

    hey! some really good competition here!

    i am berg’s sister from berg and jerry

    i like the mirror song… its so cute

    and props to a group of 6th graders makin a song about a snuggie haha

    also: lol @ lex luther + darth vader = lex vader

    obviously i want everyone to vote for green potato chips because its my brother, but good luck to everyone!

    lets keep it nice in the comment section, no need to bash people

  45. Travis Norris Says:

    @Jeremy: Yeah, I definitely agree with your comments about production values. (By the way, are those real vibes? Very hip… haven’t heard good vibe playing in a non-classic jazz setting since college. Nice work!)

    I started out trying to vote based on who wrote a clever and/or moving song about an inanimate object, but that left me with… most everybody (seriously people, you did not make this easy). So the production started to creep into the evaluation. But that didn’t seem to be in the spirit of the competition. So the final criteria (and probably what I’ll stick with) became: Do I want this on my iPod?

    Caleb Lee
    Ian & Melissa
    Mike Lombardo
    Austin & The Pudaks
    Jeremy Piersen

  46. Caleb H Says:

    I obviously have the wrong last name. :-)

    I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed in general by the number of votes people are getting (not just my song!). When I counted, there were over 550 voters, but just over 1000 votes, so it seems that most people are probably only voting for one or two songs, not all five. (Slackers)

    My favorites are Jarret’s and Ian & Melissa’s (though the vocals could be a bit louder on that one). Edric’s was also wonderful, of course.

    Ancient Wonder

    Many long millennia have not been very kind,
    But my weathered structure is still perfectly aligned.
    I watch in silence as the ages come and go,
    And humans live and die below.

    Some say I was made by slaves, who labored day by day.
    Some say maybe space invaders came and paved the way.
    And while I might reveal a little of my history,
    That riddle’s better left a mystery.

    For here amid the shifting sands,
    The Pyramid of Giza stands,
    Unchanging, and watching over you.

    (Insert recorder solo here)

    Come explore my passageways, what treasures lie inside?
    A king who tried to never die, but now is mummified.
    All his prized possessions — his impressive stash of gold,
    Were found and stolen long ago.

    Your humans lives are far too short, at least compared to mine,
    So why chase after things that don’t endure the test of time?
    You aren’t defined by what you have, but rather what you do,
    What treasures lie inside of you?

    And here amid the shifting sands,
    The Pyramid of Giza stands,
    Unchanging, and watching over you.

    (Outro, Fade out)

  47. Estanna Says:

    lol @ the chip song. Def got my vote.

  48. Andrew Thomson Says:

    Thanks so much to everyone who has voted for me or even taken the time to listen to the songs all the way down to mine and beyond… that takes some time!

    Especially thanks to Jeremy for his kind words about my songwriting, and his thoughtful points about the songs on the top of the page getting more votes than the ones on the bottom.

    For my part I am proud of my songwriting but also in terms of productions I am very lucky to work with some really fine backing musicians as well, so I need to acknowledge that… they help me sound good. On this song I have Mike Garson (David Bowie, NiN, Polyphonic Spree and Smashing Pumpkins) on the grand Piano, Graham Maby (from Joe Jackson Band and They Might Be Giants) on the Bass, as well as Sammy Merendino (Cyndi Lauper, Billy Joel, Beach Boys) on the Drumkit.

    So there’s my confession…. and if anyone is interested in reading the lyrics, here they are:

    Someplace 2 Land: George W. Bush’s Flight suit’s lament
    by Andrew Jon Thomson

    He’s Feeling feverish and we all know why
    Familliar voices he can’t identify
    Are screaming silently at him inside of his head (”now, let me finish!” he said)

    His crumpled aura looks like a burning coal
    Glowing black and red and growing wrinkled and old
    He’s as cold as a snake and it’s high time his skin was shed

    When shove comes to push they don’t say a word
    We’ve had two in the Bush and they’re not worth a bird in the hand
    We’ll keep flying until we find someplace to land

    Seems like he’s suspended in some viscous fluid
    His concentration has been diluted
    In a fifty year solution of cash, coke and alcohol.

    He’s got us running in slow motion just like a bad dream
    Where we can’t breathe deep enough to let out a scream
    And when we wake with a crash will there be a pillow to cushion our fall?

    When shove comes to push they don’t say a word
    We’ve had two in the Bush and they’re not worth a bird in the hand
    We’ll keep flying until we find someplace to land

    Crippled by a lifetime of power and privilege
    he’s trying to save the world by destroying the global village
    just a brain damaged pawn of a tyrannical gangster regime

    Creating enemies where there were so few before
    Trying to trick a peaceful planet into permanent war
    But the game’s not over yet and things aren’t quite as they seem.

    When shove comes to push they don’t say a word
    We’ve had two in the Bush and they’re not worth a bird in the hand
    We’ll keep flying until we find someplace to land

    he’s crying every day he says he does tears
    he’s going rapidly gray from so many doubts and fears
    He say s his heart’s gonna break for all the innocent people now dead

    He just can’t sleep at night so he’s walking the halls
    He sees a half a million ghosts coming out of the walls
    He’s as cold as a snake and it’s high time his skin was shed.

    high time his skin was shed (high time his skin was)
    high time his skin was shed (high time his skin was)
    high time his skin was shed (high time his skin was)
    high time his skin was shed (high time his skin was)

    He’s as cold as a snake and it’s high time his skin was shed

  49. Andrew Thomson Says:

    Also, while trapped in the sofa, both rock songs, the (SPOILER ALERT!) spork song (throw me away) and so many others are so great, my personal favorite;

    Snuggie like me

    I was a bit put off by the subject, it seemed so trendy as to preclude originality but I think it’s the most original thing done here yet.

    is in my opinion the most significant composition so far. This song has movements! It’s prog guys! The more I listen to it the more I find within it… and repeated listenabilty is a mark of great songwriting. Great work!

  50. Ian & Melissa (Melissa) Says:

    Thanks to everyone for their comments on our diary song! This is the first song we’ve ever recorded so we’re happy that people are listening to it and seem to like it. There are some really awesome songs this round, it’s been fun listening to everyone!

    We’ve put up the lyrics and an animation for our song on our webpage (ianandmelissa.com).

    Good luck to everyone! Still lots of time left for some big swings.

  51. PB Says:

    @ems see i agree… i was driving to work listening to the tracks and the Green Potato Chip song made me laugh so much… i was like… “this is genius, what IS it with those chips?!”

  52. Jeremy Pierson Says:

    @AndrewThomson: Just checked out your website, and I have to say, in one aspect, I’m impressed: with the caliber of musicians and their collective body of work. You’ve clearly had an exciting career in music and met some great people. And you yourself are a talented musician; quite impressive on the guitar, and strong in your vocal style.

    On the other hand, I’m disappointed in you. You did not write a new song for this competition, which completely goes against the spirit of things. Initially, while I enjoyed the musicianship of your submitted piece, I felt that your lyrics were a bit vague on the concept (since the lyrics don’t ever mention the jump suit), but now I see that you just took an existing song and retitled it. You’re clearly just promoting your upcoming album(s).

    I don’t mean to be a jerk, but other competitors, such as myself, actually took the time to THINK about the subject and put some (not inconsiderable) effort into writing and recording a new song. To do what you’ve done cheapens the craft and shows a lack of appreciation for the hard work of others. I hope you get the publicity that you’re looking for, and you’re welcome for my post here to draw further attention to your project.

    This competition isn’t about winning, it’s about the challenge. And while it’s obvious you’re only interested in self-promotion, and you’re not trying to circumvent things in an effort to win the competition, it still disappoints me to see a professional musician such as yourself so blatantly abuse the spirit of this competition.

    You have done an excellent job in illustrating how musicianship and production value do little for an inability to come up with a creative solution to a challenging problem. I hope you choose to compete in future competitions, but I also hope you choose to do so in an honest effort that respects the work of the other songwriters that you challenge.

  53. Ben B Says:

    Wow. “Strawberry Fool” is ridiculously good stuff. Nice to hear some British voices in the contest!

  54. Caleb Lee Says:

    Haha.. the umm.. “PB” stole my comment and made it a link to some website.. hah.. don’t click it I reckon.


    Green Potato Chip Song - I helped beat me ;)
    Lost inside your sofa - I love this song
    Snuggie like me - Just a good tune really.
    If I’ve learned anything…” - I’d like to hear a studio version, because I bet it’d be awesome. & I helped beat me. Hah.
    Throw me away - What can I say.. i love harmonies.

    There were ties for who would get voted for for 3 of those slots!

    Good luck everyone, there’s tons of days of voting left!

  55. Laura Says:

    There is some very stiff competition here. Amazing talents.
    I really like the song about the money stuck in the sofa. Aww makes me feel so sorry for it. So far my faves and in this order are:

    Caleb Lee- Mirrors Heart
    Steve Chatterton- I Will Always Look Up To You
    Jarett Heather- Trapped Inside Your Sofa
    Berg and Jerry-“The Green Potato Chip Song“
    Darrell MacLaine - “Strawberry Fool” (has definite Beatles undertones but well done.)

    The title was wrong. It’s How Many Years etc. haha.
    That song has romance and makes me really look at my mirror differently now haha
    Way to go Caleb Lee!! Hope you win. To everyone else. You are all amazing!

  56. Steve Chatterton Says:

    Thanks Laura, and Berg, and … oh my, this is a long page.

    If you liked my tune, or even if you just listened to it and gave it a chance, then thanks to you too.

  57. Laura Says:

    UH.. Where do we vote? I can’t find it? Some friends tried today and alerted me to this problem.

    WaKE UP SOMEONE. No place to vote.

  58. joeyfixit Says:

    I’ve heard the same problem from at least three people. Can we fix the site so that people can vote?

  59. christin joy Says:

    same problem as laura, have friends who want to vote but can’t because its just showing results. help! ;-P

  60. Darrell Maclaine Says:

    Jarrett Heather’s “Trapped Inside The Sofa” is for me one of the very best things produced by anyone for any round of this contest. Brilliant music, fantastic lyrics, so well-produced and a fantastic vocal performance. It’s gone straight on my MP3 player and will probably live there indefinitely. It’s also plainly obviously that he likes all the same music I do - an appreciation of Ben Folds, TMBG, Weird Al and our own Mr Coulton are all shining out of it.

    Some other brilliant ones too (the two songs about rocks both, erm, rock, and Edric Haleen’s is a humblingly classy piece of songwriting), great competition. Proud to be a part, really.

  61. Rosalie Says:

    I wanted to vote for the Scribbles, but, couldn’t figure out how to do it. When I opened the site there were songs already hi-lited. Does that mean I voted for them by opening the page? Not sure you can claim a winner as the voting does not appear to work. Great idea. Still needs some work. GO SCRIBBLES.

  62. SadToots Says:

    I’d really like the tabs for “Snuggie like me” and “Neutron star” if those artists could please provide them!

    Also, “Crazy Straw” is a great Elvis parody which isn’t getting nearly enough votes.

  63. Russ Rogers Says:

    The voting part of this can get screwed up. It’s designed to let each IP address vote only once. More or less, each computer (each IP Address) gets one chance to vote for up to five different songs. This means that if Mom voted already, Dad will have to vote from his computer at work. Sometimes the site gets confused and doesn’t put up the voting section, even for computers that are still qualified to vote. Sometimes if you just reload the page, it will let you vote. Sometimes if you wait a day, then it works. Sometimes it’s just SNAFU.

  64. Rod Durre Says:

    First off, I want to thank everyone for the votes and for the positive responses to the song I co-wrote with Russ (”Bad Penny” by Gödz Pöödlz). I had a lot of fun writing and recording the tune and I feel fortunate that we are featured amongst so many talented artists!

    This being my first “Song Fu” challenge, though, I did want to clarify something about the rules of the contest. I had thought that this competition was about writing and recording a song in a limited amount of time (one week) in response to a specific challenge.

    I was surprised to learn that previously recorded songs were submitted this round. It seems to me that this violates the Spirit of the Fu. . . and seems to disadvantage those who only have a week to write/record a song. Also, how can a song be written to a challenge which didn’t exist when the song was written?

    No hard feelings, but I find it hard to vote for a song which wasn’t specifically written for the Fu challenge. Maybe if I were psychic, I would feel differently. . . I could then spend 2 years scoring and recording a 70-piece orchestra for a Song Fu challenge that I KNEW was eventually coming ; )

  65. The Perfect Place (Bud) Says:

    @ caleb lee: thanks! your song is pretty sweet, i must say.

    we will probably re-record the song in a studio, as our pastor is a producer and has an in-home one we can use. ;-D hopefully we will be putting a bit more effort into production quality for the next ones and featuring a bit broader instrumentation and more focus on my wife’s voice (and away from my blatherings).

    thanks to all who have been voting for us!

  66. Caleb H Says:

    True, but would something scored for 70-piece orchestra actually have a chance against all these catchy pop songs? Besides Molly’s win in MoSF3 seems to indicate that fancy instrumentation isn’t required. ;-)

  67. Rod Durre Says:

    “Bad Penny” as scored for a 70-piece orchestra WILL one day be played in an elevator near you : )

  68. Edric Says:

    Wow! Thanks, Darrell! What a compliment!

    If you (or anyone else, for that matter!) would like sheet music for my song (or any of my other Song Fu songs), you just have to ask and I’ll e-mail it to you as a .pdf file. The info is on my web pages…



  69. Andrew Thomson Says:

    Dear Jeremy and everyone else:

    I apologize for any offense I have caused with my entry to this round of Song Fu.

    I agree that the ideal of the contest is to write a song the week of the competition and to use a song written previously is not ideal.

    And if the group or moderators wish I will gladly withdraw from competition.
    At least I don’t seem to be in any danger of winning, so hopefully it has not adversely affected anyone’s placement in the voting in any significant way.G

    In my case I really wanted to participate in this competition because I feel I can write on demand and I was excited for the challenge. However, I was hit by a speeding car and hospitalized and now have a Traumatic Brain Injury which makes it difficult to record or look at my computer screen.

    I am still hopeful as my condition improves I will be able to write new material for the remaining challenges unless people want me to withdraw for my last minute use of an existing song I had already written from the perspective of an inanimate object.

    There are many references and hints in the lyrics to it’s perspective, at an earlier draft I had the words “Flight suit” in the lyrics but I could not find a way to get the words to fit in elegantly and I feel it’s better writing without saying it overtly, but I did indeed add a subtitle to the song to make it easier to understand how it relates to the contest challenge.

    I must defend myself on the subject of “just trying to promote” my “upcoming album”

    This is in fact a 5 album, 3 year long recording project which is no where near done and this song will not be ready for release for quite some time.

    I really don’t expect song fu to be a significant help in any eventual record sales (that is whenever I can actually get a record finished enough to release)

    I have been prolific and have many songs on different subjects, I was lucky enough to have a song that fit this one and again I apologize to anyone who feels this was unfair.

    I am under the impression that I was not the only person who did this, and as well as more than one song apparently being prewritten, there seem to be a few songs that are not from the perspective of an inanimate object but rather written about the object from the perspective of a person.

    I entered with the hope of enjoying the challenge and letting the small group of great songwriters involved hear some of my work.. now I’m afraid that my last minute decision to use an existing song that fit the challenge has only been counterproductive in earning me the disrespect of my colleagues. Apologies to all and I will withdraw if asked.

  70. riddle Says:

    @Caleb H.: i want you to know i voyed for you. i was stunned by the conceit of choosing the Pyramid as your object, if only size mattered more ;) but really, good song, nice flute, loved the line “what treasures lie inside of you?”

    @Godz Poodlz: since this post is about lyrics, i thought i’d mention that one thing irked me about “Bad Penny” (which didn’t keep me from voting for it): i think “TAKE a penny from the take-a-penny cup” sounds better that “GRAB…” it strengthens the fun internal rhyming you have going on in the chorus, and sounds more (appropriately) sarcastic.

    @edric: re: “hugging.” it’s just too blah and cutesy. it undercuts the emotional drama you’re building to that point. i knew “encircled her” wouldn’t fit. it was a purposely wrong suggestion because i didn’t want to be totally arrogant and re-write the line. but since you’ve invited me… how about… “and he was holding her” with the ‘her’ as an added off-beat, or “their hands were touching” which moves into the whole ring-on-a-finger stuff, or simply “and they’re touching…” i don’t really think that line needs to end in “-ing” either (how about “he touches her face”).i’m not certain any of these are a perfect fit but they are all better than “hugging” in the book of me.
    whatever your thought on these fixes, i called your choice “sloppy” because, to me, you had a difficult line to write and you settled on an obviously inferior choice.
    which surprised me because i have such respect for your songwriting. which is the only reason i mentioned it in the first place. cheers!

  71. Jeremy Pierson Says:

    @AndrewThomson: I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident and I wish you a speedy recovery.

    I am sorry to single you out if there are others who have also submitted songs that were not written specifically for the challenge. I happened to catch yours only because I enjoyed the musicianship and wanted to learn more about you and those who you play with. And I am not worried about your entry throwing off the results. After all, I think pretty much everyone involved understands that the votes are fairly meaningless

    The real spirit of the competition is in the challenge and creativity. I truly enjoy seeing how others see the challenge and the ideas they come up with. I take pleasure in seeing the occasional remark when someone likes something about one of my songs. And I enjoy throwing praise at other songwriters.

    Your accident was unfortunate, but the wiser choice would have been to respectfully bow out and try again next time.

    There is no harm done, and I don’t think there is any ill-will. It was a mistake - probably due to pain killers! As I said in my earlier post, I do hope to see you compete again in the future and show us all that your Song Fu is strong!

  72. Travis Norris Says:

    My decision to write a song about a guitar gadget that few people have ever heard of seems to have backfired!

    Nobody even cares enough to call me a sellout. Surely that’s worse than using a pre-written song, right? C’mon people, I want some sour grapes!

    */attempt to lighten the mood*

  73. Berg Says:

    I really don’t think the votes are pointless…as others previously stated…I mean I myself am somewhat surprised at the response that I am getting, but I don’t find it to be fair for you to speak for everyone.

  74. Lex Vader Says:

    Travis, I thought your song was one of the best of the round. I’m disappointed that you don’t have more votes. Clearly popularity, cuteness, funny lyrics, and factors yet to be scientifically analyzed play a bigger part here than anything else. So, no, if you wanted to sell out, your song would have children, ukeleles, Ben Folds piano, and Weird Al impressions in it. Also make a reference to and/or sound like a popular emo band. Good luck next round!

  75. Travis Norris Says:

    Haha Lex, thanks for that :) Best of luck to you as well. I’m glad to see your song in the top half of the pack.

    Of course I -did- mention REM/one of their songs.. but I feel it fit in the context. They’re not emo, right? Because they came out (way) before people were calling everything emo. Yeah… definitely… *shifty eyes*

  76. Caleb H Says:

    @riddle: Thanks for letting me know you voted for me! I think there’s a lot more that could have been done with the lyrics for something like the Pyramid, and I’m thinking that’s probably my weakest point. Also, it turned out much to my dismay that the Pyramid really didn’t want to be funny. My first idea for an object was a pen (boasting that it was mightier than a sword), but I wasn’t really feeling inspired by that.

    BTW, the specific line you mention (”What treasures lie inside of you?”) was a last minute change to the lyrics. I had actually recorded and submitted the song with a different last line, which I became increasingly unhappy with. Then after listening non-stop all week long, I woke up Friday morning and the new words just popped into my head. They fit a lot better, so after work I re-recorded just that line, and resubmitted a few hours before the deadline.

  77. Andrew Thomson Says:

    Jeremy, Thanks for your understanding and forgiveness, I never meant to hurt anyone.

    As I understand it even Jonathan Coulton used a pre-written song in round 1 and the use of pre-written songs has continued to be widespread even into this round. Again, sorry if anyone feels hurt by me also doing that this time.

    One thing though, I think to be considered a “professional musician” one must be paid actual money for one’s musical goods services. My 25 year career has been entirely pro bono I assure you, and you’ll notice if you’ve checked more of my work on my website that most of the songs were written to support protest movements for peace, justice, ecology, human rights etc.

    My current recording project is my first serious attempt to create something that can be sold, but up until now I’d have to say that songwriting has been my passion, my calling perhaps, but not a profession in the sense that no one ever paid me for it.

    : )

  78. Lex Vader Says:

    Travis: REM reference and/or soundalike is also a common occurrence (at the heron house) in Song Fu, but not necessarily a popular one. But that’s a foot in the door at least.

  79. sevinPackage Says:

    @Lex: Ouch, I can’t help but feel that part of the REM comment was aimed at me! Heh heh… It’s strange, they seem to be a common reference point from both good and bad perspectives. There aren’t many bands out there you can do that with.

    @The “Other Nine”: Maybe you guys had difficulty with the subject or the deadline, or you crossed boundaries regarding the rules of the challenge. If you made a song that didn’t fit the requirements, or if it just took too long to complete, please feel free to share them with us anyway! Post a link to your song here, so we know what you sound like! This competition is an opportunity for you to be showcased. You went to all that effort… why not?

    Oh, and on the topic of submissions made prior to the challenge announcement: I don’t care, as long as the song is the submitter’s creation, and it’s not already on an album and/or produced by a label. As far as I’m concerned, it’s like a focus group or Beta testing for audio creations.

  80. riddle Says:

    @Gremlins: on re-listening to your wonderful song, i found the experience tainted by the inexplicable skat at the end. it makes no sense in the song’s context and is done rather badly. it’s loud brashness ruins the spookiness the gal’s voice had woven. would have been better to have her do a soft la-la to the song’s melody instead.
    promise that’s my last criticism… this round.

  81. Edric Says:

    @riddle: Thanks for the detailed explanation! (And thanks, too, for the compliment at the end!) Another wonderful thing about Song Fu is the great diversity of approaches — Ken starts us off this a simple direction, and 20, 25, 39, 174 people explode off in wholly different creative directions! (Well — unless you’re writing about a rock; or about “The Usual Suspects” and “The Sixth Sense”… [Just kidding, people!])


    Anyway — while I appreciate and respect your opinion, I think that on this count, I’m going to have to disagree with you. In my mind, it mostly comes down to the lack of passion inherent in lines like “he was [merely] holding her,” “their hands were [simply] touching,” “and they’re [only?!] touching,” or “he [calmly] touches her face.” (The added words are not meant to be disparaging to you or your suggestions — merely to reveal _my_ mind’s take on those lines and what they convey emotionally to me…) Maybe there is a better word than “hugging” out there, but in my mind — if there is, I believe I would find it in a different direction than the ones you’ve suggested in your two comments. (Please understand that I mean no offense by that. I’m just trying to convey how I’m interpreting this moment in the song…)

    It’s funny — you wrote that “[I] had a difficult line to write and [I] settled on an obviously inferior choice.” The irony is that I never thought of that line as difficult to write at all. As a matter of fact, if you go to my website and click on the “All For This Moment” oval, you can see not only the final lyrics to the song, but also the initial notes I wrote when I was brainstorming for this song. “And they’re hugging” is actually one of only four lines that remained _unaltered_ from inception to completion. (The other three are “It used to be bright,” “And she’s crying,” and “And they kiss…”) Looking back, one can see that the last part of the lyric was the part that took the clearest shape, right from the outset. That’s why I was surprised when you described it as a difficult line to write — the thought had never occurred to me before…

    So anyway — there we go. Again — thank you for sharing from your “Book of Me.” I appreciate that you thought enough of my work to go ahead and take the time to comment. Aso — I’d like to ask you whether or not you write music yourself. Would you be interested in being one of the (two hundred forty-seven!) challengers in MoSF #5? :-)

    All the best!


  82. Rod Durre Says:

    I want no one to withdraw from the contest. . . I just want folks to bring the Fu. . .

    @Andrew, I’m sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident. I hope you recover quickly and are able to participate in future rounds.

    @Jeremy P. -Speaking for myself, the voting doesn’t matter- but it’s fun just the same. Of course, if I were winning I might feel differently ; )

    @riddle- I agree that “take” would have been better than “grab”. . . But I’m glad that didn’t largely take away from your enjoyment of the tune and the sheer beauty of the rest of the lyrics : ) BTW, you forgot the umlauts- it’s GöDZ PööDLZ!

    Again, no hard feelings. I don’t want anyone to withdraw because of their usage of previously written songs. But, speaking for myself, I would feel the same about using a pre-existing song for my songwriting class. . . it kind of defeats the purpose of the class!

  83. Rod Durre Says:

    @Lex Vader

    “if you wanted to sell out, your song would have children, ukeleles, Ben Folds piano, and Weird Al impressions in it”

    I think you’re onto something here. In fact, I anticipate that’s the next challenge. . . I’m going to start working on a song ASAP!

    I just need to find that Akai-format “Ultimate Ukelele” sample CD so that I don’t need to hire session musicians!

  84. joeyfixit Says:

    @riddle: I respect your criticism and even agree to an extent. The song is supposed to build up to the bah-bah ending; in the final recording I guess it comes on too strong, too suddenly.
    The end of the song is meant to be a sing-along; I played it in a live setting the other night and got most of the joint bah-bahing along with me. Maybe it doesn’t translate that well to the recorded version, or maybe I mixed the vocals too high at the end. This was an instance where the various pieces of the song had to be patched together at various locations and various times throughout the week, so the vocals ended up being somewhat of a rush job on the last day.
    I also don’t like songs (especially raucous bar tunes) to take themselves too seriously and after how polished Melissa’s singing was (and I think she did a great job), the song cried out for me to let down its hair a little and be fun for the finale.
    I think The Gremlins are in this contest mostly as an excuse to write some new songs anyway. I’m pretty happy with the song, although I wouldn’t sell a recorded version as-is, and hope that the concept and music of the song rate more than production value.

  85. Jeremy Pierson Says:

    Yes, the most sincere aspect of Song Fu really is to share and showcase the work and talent of songwriters who have very few other opportunities to be showcased. It says that right at the top of the page. So, I suppose, if a previously written song happens to hit the mark, it doesn’t hurt to submit it. But, as a creative songwriter, where’s the fun in that?

    And maybe the votes mean something to some of the people. Maybe they mean something to *most* of the people. They don’t ever seem to be terribly relevant to me, and not just speaking for the votes that my songs receive. I see too many really crafty songs not getting *relatively* enough votes.

    When I first learned about Song Fu, I thought the competition would be organized a bit differently. I thought it would be organized like a karate tournament. People submit that they would like to compete. The organizers then pair people off based on their submissions (ie, these first round submissions), and then in the second round, you are only competing against the one songwriter you are paired with. There should be knowledgeable judges who score the songs, voting can be open along the way, but the “popular” vote should only take over in weight in the final few rounds. I thought that, with time, Song Fu would grow into an international songwriting competition that could reveal some truly amazingly talented songwriters from all over the world.

    But maybe it’s just a fun and happy little place where quirky songwriters get together and just have some musical fun.

    Either way, I enjoy it. It is virtually my only musical creative outlet at this point in time.

    Or maybe we can just have a computer appoint random votes, like on Who’s Line is it Anyway. “The Scribbles get 1,000,000 votes!”

  86. Russ Rogers Says:

    I agree with Rod. Nobody needs to withdraw. I never entered Song Fu expecting to win. But I knew that even if I just compete, I’d end up with the prize of having written some new songs. Folks who reuse material from their back catalog don’t get that prize.

    We aren’t competing for money. This is just about bragging rights, fun, camaraderie and maybe a tiny bit of fame and exposure.

    The fact is that there are no Masters competing in this Round. We don’t have the benefit of the legions of fans that follow JoCo, Paul & Storm, Neil Innes, RiffTrax or Molly Lewis. If we want this competition to be a big deal, we need to make it one! The Masters of Song Fu competition should teach us that writing and recording the song is only half of the Fu Puzzle. Those who truly bring the Fu are the ones who can promote themselves, their songs, this site and this contest.

    There are no Masters to lead us, guide us and bring in the traffic. We must haul that Fu ourselves! There are also no Rules! OK, there are just very few rules. But Ken Plume doesn’t have the time or inclination to audition songs or songwriters and then weed out the worst. And there is no need for that. I’ve listened to all 30 songs. None of them is perfect, but each of them has something to offer. Each is an original statement. Each one brings the Song Fu in some appreciable way. I hope that Ken keeps the contest open

    Some of us are professional musicians. Most of us aren’t. Some of us have access to quality instruments and recording equipment. Many of us don’t. But that really doesn’t matter. What we share is a love for songs and for bringing the Fu! Song Fu has taught me that I can’t let my fear of making mistakes and creating something bad keep me from creating anything at all. Song Fu has taught be that if I truly want to have the Fu, I need to have the courage to promote myself and my work as well as be creative. ANd Song Fu has taught me that it’s humbling to get pwned in the vote by a bunch of sixth graders, but it’s not humiliating.

  87. Jeremy Pierson Says:

    @Russ: Word to the getting pawned by the sixth graders. Those guys are awesome! Their Song Fu is strong!

    Yeah, I don’t expect Ken or anyone at Quickstop Entertainment to do what I was describing - they don’t have the resources, and maybe they don’t have the inclination. I was just sort of describing something that I think would be great. Maybe someone with money and resources will do something like that. An American Idol for songwriters. Give some unknown songwriters a chance to reach a *real* audience of millions. Can you imagine that? If people think it’s hard for a singer to get discovered, think about how hard it is for a lowly songsmith!

    But maybe ASCAP or BMI have something like that. I wouldn’t know because I’m not a member of either. I know there’s the International Songwriting Competition, but that’s so industry exclusive. I like that Song Fu seeks to also be entertainment for public consumption.

    Anyway, I suppose my biggest hangup with the current Song Fu voting system is that it weeds out some really great songwriters in the first whack, and then we have to wait until the next open challenge to see their work again. It’s not like it’s years in between Song Fu series, but still. I suppose I’d like to see a system that encourages more people to write and submit more songs more often.

  88. Darrell Maclaine Says:

    Lyrics, for those who might have trouble with the accent:

    STRAWBERRY FOOL (it’s about a bowl of strawberry fool)

    Living in a bowl
    On the second shelf
    Of the refridgerator
    Won’t you open the door
    And shed some light
    On my situation

    Aaa-aaah… etc

    I’m the strawberry fool
    And I’m looking at you
    Why don’t you eat me
    You can give me the chop
    I’m still the cream in your crop
    Go on, complete me

    My calorie count
    Is best left unsaid
    I won’t be making you thinner
    But don’t put me back
    I’ll make an excellent snack
    For after your dinner

    Aaa-aaah… etc


    So take a gamble on my fruit machine
    Who knows you might even win…

  89. Travis Norris Says:

    @Jeremy, re: getting rid of songwriters in the first round:

    you might have noticed this already, but in MoSF #3, everybody was in until the final round (and everybody was encouraged to submit a song for the final round if they were able, they just weren’t included on the voting ballot..).

    So hey, maybe you got your wish! :D

  90. Larry Mondello Says:

    If it weren’t for the fact that you are all a bunch of musicians (who never have money after all) I would suggest we pool together some money and pay a programmer to write a voting script that doesn’t freeze up every 6 hours. Every time I suggest to a friend to check out Song Fu and vote they tell me that they tried but the voting doesn’t work.

  91. Jeremy Pierson Says:

    @Travis: No, I missed out on MoSF #3. That’s good to know. Guess I should read more and talk less.

    @Larry: As for the programming, I could certainly set something like that up. I own this company: http://www.silverleafcms.com But that’s not really the issue. These guys (Quickstop, Kenny, etc.) are limited to what their host and/or programmers can provide. Now, if they wanted to move their hosting to us… ;)

  92. joeyfixit Says:

    Neutron Star lyrics

    Neutron Star
    It’s dark and it’s lonely and I think that I’m the only
    One that’s still inside this warehouse left alive
    I still go on always dreaming of the dawn
    When I might see sun and sky up overhead
    And every toy and every game and every aeroplane
    And everybody on the planet earth will know my name.
    Poppa, don’t dismantle me
    Just set me free
    I can be useful
    Momma, didn’t mean to break your heart
    Just wanted to be a star
    And make you proud
    Well everybody in the world just wants to be useful
    And everybody in the world just wants to belong
    If I can’t be the face, then I’ll gladly be the heel
    Just so you know that I’m real
    I would do anything
    Well I been sitting here on the bench since before the war was over
    And now I’m thinkin’ that my time has come
    I hear that there’s trouble down in mortgage town
    Just turn me loose and there’s nowhere that they can run
    And I won’t touch the buildings
    And I won’t touch the streets
    And some of them won’t feel my breath for weeks
    And the earth gets real bright and the crowds will fall to silence
    And then you and I can start it over again

  93. BucketHatBobby Says:

    Mr Andrew Thomson,
    None of us feel you should be disqualified, only that we will deduct mental points from you. Everyone starts off with 50. Bad jokes, re-used material, and un-tuned instruments are reasons for point deduction.
    For this re-use, you and Mr Lombardo have lost 2 points (however, it seems you gained 3 points for the political statement, and Mr Lombardo gained several points over the past few challenges.)
    When we all agree your points run out, we sick the dingoes.
    I’m sorry, but these are the rules of Song-Fu.

  94. Caleb Lee Says:

    Man, some of these comments are brutal!!!

    This is intense and fun. I feel my time at 1st place will be over shortly and I just wanted to write a comment before the 5 vote gap is closed… hah.


    I really really really really really appreciate the validation you’ve given me! Ha. I can show my face in public because hell I’ve got votes right?

    In case you haven’t noticed I think quite highly of my competition and to be “keepin up” is really a compliment.

    Good luck everybody!

    p.s. There are plenty of songs NOT getting the votes they DESERVE, that’s just the politics of a competition, don’t take it personally, your songs are great! =/

  95. Caleb H Says:

    Bobby: Just wanted to say that I think your song especially isn’t getting the votes it deserves. While it may not have quite made my top 5, it did make my top 10, and I’ve placed it into rotation in my playlist at work. It reminds me how glad I am that I don’t have to wear the “working man’s noose” where I work. Good job!

    Just please don’t sick the dingoes on me! :-)

  96. Lex Vader Says:

    I should mention that right away and for most of the list, I thought Godz Poodlz’ song was the best. I didn’t vote for it because I decided at the last second that it got a little too repetitive in the last quarter of the song. Still, it’s the only song I remember and is stuck in my head. Which is actually kind of annoying. I’m about to go get the power drill. Seriously, who said you could put your song in my head?

  97. Rod Durre Says:

    @Lex “Seriously, who said you could put your song in my head?”


    GöDZ PööDLZ doesn’t need permission to put their Dïvïne ditties into your head!

    How could such a cute, innocent PööDL be evil or annoying? Seriously, have you ever seen a little doggie be annoying? Okay, maybe. . . but not one with a halo and flying ‘V’ guitar!

    BTW, by not voting for GöDZ PööDLZ you may endure their wrath. Next time around we will not be so kind- you may have ukuleles, singing children, Ben Folds piano, and Weird Al impressions stuck in your head FOREVER!

    Have a nice day!

  98. Rod Durre Says:


    I want to also mention that I watched your “making of” video and found an immediate affinity towards your obsessive production style. I don’t really want to tell folks how long I worked on the metal guitar effect on Russ’ acoustic-electric in the middle 8 of “Bad Penny”, nor how many mixes with slightly different compression, EQ, and reverb I sent to Russ during the coarse of the mix-down.

    Let’s just say that I appreciated that someone else took his effects seriously. . .

  99. A.D. Says:

    Gorbzilla: Corduroy SOLO is GENIUS, you have elevated pants to a new level, though they will still be just wadded up on the floor.

  100. Russ Rogers Says:

    @riddle Your critique of the “Bad Penny” lyric is right on the money. I intentionally avoided saying “Take a Penny from the Take-A-Penny Cup” because I didn’t want to appear repetitious or redundant. This is INSANELY ironic and ridiculous, because we repeat the phrase “Bad Penny” seventeen times in the song! We’ll take your suggestion and change the lyric for the CD mix.

    @Lex you are right that “Bad Penny” is too repetitive at the end. But sometimes too much is just enough. Rock is built on a foundation of wretched excesses. Saying that our song is stuck in your head is one of nicest things anybody has said about “Bad Penny.” And thanks again to all who have voted for or said kind things about “Bad Penny.”

    When Rod and I were writing the song, I literally said to him, “And this is where we need a really stupid chorus. Something with a repeated phrase that will get stuck in your head.” We wrote, rewrote and discarded several different choruses (most of them were too smart), until we found one stupid, repetitive and catchy enough.

    Personally, the phrases from this round of Song Fu that have been stuck in my head are, “I am a rock. (ROCK!) Rock! (ROCK!) I am just a rock!”, “Ever since I slipped between the cushions, and got trapped inside your sofa. Everyday I lose a little hope, I’ve been down here for so long,” and “Well I’m a Crazy Straw! Well I’m a Crazy Straw! Well I’m a Crazy Straw!”

    None of us are getting the votes we “deserve,” and conversely, we are getting exactly what we deserve. Song Fu will only be as big as we (and our fans) make it. But I think we can agree that the number of votes or even where a song is ranked compared to the other songs is not a direct reflection on it’s quality.

    Those who follow me on twitter or are iFriends on facebook and MySpace know that I have been unabashedly “pimping” Masters of Song Fu and “Bad Penny” to wretched excess and limited success.

    I have crassly used The Scribbles pwning (I love that non-word) of GöDZ PööDLZ in the vote to humorously, but still desperately, BEG for votes. All sense of pride has been left behind. I have been neurotically rechecking the vote. Because I can tell myself the vote doesn’t really mean anything, but I’m lying. And I can’t tell you how happy it makes me feel when three new votes come in for “Bad Penny” and I know that I only begged directly for two. And yes, I’m considering calling distant relatives on the phone. “Hi, Second-Cousin-in-Law Mandy! Yeah, I know, we haven’t talked in a while! Too long. Did I mention I’m in an Internet Songwriting Contest? It’s called Masters of Song Fu…”

  101. Darrell Maclaine Says:

    Not wanting to kick a stink up, but I’ve been watching the votes quite obsessively, such is my vanity, and there have been some very suspicious sudden climbs going on, particularly as the votes only seem to have been for that song in particular - no-one else’s in the top ten have risen by even a fraction of the percentage, so it’s not just a surge of genuine voters choosing their five. It’s sad if anyone is using IP-refreshing/hiding software to boost their places because it goes so far against the point of the competition it’s untrue. It’s sort of putting me off participating again.

  102. Larry Mondello Says:

    @Darrell I have noticed a similar thing but there could also be innocent explanations. At a certain point being in the lead begins to compound on itself. Some people might come to vote and rather than slugging through all 30 songs, they take a look at the top vote getters and assume those must be the best and only listen to those songs. With that said, you would expect to see similar increases among the top few. Another explanation is that someone might be bringing their fans. Those fans would have a tendency to only vote for a single song.

    I agree that large swings in votes look suspicious and I hope everyone is playing fair but I am not ready to call for an investigation quite yet.

  103. Sarah Says:

    Um… wow. Caleb Lee is DEFINITELY cheating! 80+ votes in an hour and a half? Yeah right.

    Totally a cheat.

  104. Larry Mondello Says:

    One more thing on ballot stuffing. There is always a chance that an overeager fan does it without the artist’s knowledge or consent. In fact, that is probably a much more likely scenario.

  105. Russ Rogers Says:


    First off, I’ve said this before, but “Strawberry Fool” is one of my favorites this round. It’s not getting the votes it deserves. But I could only vote for it once!

    Secondly, I think Caleb Lee is as surprised by his jump in the vote as much as you. But I don’t think it’s nefarious. I’m guessing that it’s networking. All it would take is for ONE highly trafficked web site or pod cast to feature Caleb’s song and give a link and BAM, it would have an impact even greater than this.

    If Caleb has an e-mail list from playing coffee houses to larger gigs and sent out a mass mailing to several hundred people, he could get this kind of reaction easy.

    If Caleb has, as a member of online forums or users-groups or clubs, put up notices, “Hey, I’m competing in Masters of Song Fu. Come check it out,” that’s totally fair. And could easily garner this kind of response.

    Molly Lewis won this competition last time not only with clever, catchy and original songs, but also by having a devoted fan base, along with her endearingly humble self-promotion. (Oxymoronically Brilliant!)

    YouTube videos can get thousands of views in just a few hours. Why does the TOP VOTE getting song here ONLY have 300 votes? We need to change that.

    Song Fu is teaching me the value of networking and building a reputation with fans and online communities. I don’t think “The Green Potato Chip Song” is four times better song than “Bad Penny.” But Berg & Jerry could easily have four times as many friends and fans. I’m a reclusive crumudgeon! There is lots of stuff that can make up the vote.

    Look at it this way, Darrell. Two weeks ago you didn’t have “Strawberry Fool” for a song or me for a fan! Who knows what other great prizes you would miss out on if you let something as relatively inconsequential as vote numbers put you off participating again.

  106. Steve Chatterton Says:

    What Russ said. It’s like “Who’s Line”: the points don’t mean anything.

    I’m a fan of Strawberry Fool, too - I love that you used a decidedly loaded phrase (”eat me”) rather literally & quite innocently.

    Know that you did well, and that you’re likely improving your craft in the process (I’m rather certain I am) and being discovered by a few people that genuinely care about your music.

    I’ll take that any day over a thousand votes from friends, relations & acquaintances who can’t be arsed to actually listen to the music.

    Not saying that *is* the case - just stating a preference.

  107. Aaron Says:

    Quoting Russ - “Secondly, I think Caleb Lee is as surprised by his jump in the vote as much as you. But I don’t think it’s nefarious. I’m guessing that it’s networking. All it would take is for ONE highly trafficked web site or pod cast to feature Caleb’s song and give a link and BAM, it would have an impact even greater than this.”

    Caleb has featured on Cabin Fever in the past and he was mentioned on the show this week as someone who is competing.
    Considering that podcast is on THIS website, it’s not too surprising that the votes went up after the show went up.

    I think it’s a little sad that people have jumped to the cheating conclusion so fast when, as Russ mentioned, there are so many ways to improve genuine votes.

  108. Aaron Says:

    Oh yeah, and the song is also good.

  109. Johnny M Says:

    Caleb Lee probably brought his fans from when he was in the Muddcatts and Yay for Squares, yes Caleb Lee I know who you are. Everyone loves and underdog story, you get a couple people bashing your song in the comments and all the sudden everyone is voting for the underdog.

  110. Caleb H Says:

    Whoops… My script must have backfired:

    if name.startswith(”Caleb”): votes = votes + 100

    I’m just kidding!!!! :-) :-) :-)

  111. Lex Vader Says:

    I don’t really think people should have to vote for five if they don’t want to, i.e. they care and they want to see someone specific win as opposed to leaving it all up to chance. Kind of defeats the purpose of voting when you gamble on your #1 to be picked by a lot of people with wildly different choices for the other four. If you have no preference, you should vote for five. But if you want M.C. Obama to win, you can’t just vote for the current top five, or the standings would never change. The important thing obviously is to LISTEN to the other entries, but if people don’t want free music, nobody can force them. And it’s only really important if you happen to find a new favorite band. Hell, I’m a fan of Garfunkel & Oates now just because I wanted to see what they were like after the competition didn’t give me enough insight into that!

  112. Caleb H Says:

    (Just so it’s clear, I don’t think there’s any cheating going on here. Just social networking and all. The fact that I have as many votes as I do with very little networking on my part is actually something I’m proud of.)

  113. Berg Says:

    i did my research on this style of website polls and sadly to say….i think i found the answer

    I was watching the votes closely after a few groups shot up a ridiculous amount in the span of a short amount of time. I do not believe that Caleb Lee had anything to do with his sudden rise (80 votes in 20 minutes) and i dont think he should be called a cheater.

    After a bit of searching, I found out that certain versions of firefox wont track your votes, so if you open firefox, vote, close it. Open again, then you can vote again. Also when a large serge of votes come from one area the voting ballot often freezes due to bot protection. (This would explain all the messages ive been sent about inability to vote)

    I suggest that we reformat the decision making of this contest now! If not…well I guess we can all just start voting for ourselves a million times.

    I want to face the master more than anything, but I really would not like the votes I get to be from myself.

    I have been advertising the crap out of this in my local music scene, through facebook, friend’s twitters, an awesome site called Messofmusic.com, and through myspace, and I don’t want any effort of anyone to go to waste.

  114. JJ Says:

    Caleb Lee wrote a good song and he is friends with the people that live on this site. (Yes I know what I said there) He is one of us and we support him. That’s not cheating, that is family.

  115. Berg Says:

    and just for the record..I am NOT bashing Caleb Lee (his song is actually my favorite) or saying that he couldn’t possibly get that many votes total..I’m just saying after researching the poll style…and yes testing it on my firefox (deduct one vote from me) Im saying its very unlikely for someone to go up 80 points in twenty minutes, and then have the poll freeze.

    So I’m just saying when it comes to this voting system SHENANIGANS!

  116. Steve Chatterton Says:

    Just check out his MySpace page. He’s working it. Makes me feel bloody lazy.

  117. JJ Says:

    SHENANIGANS my tuckus.

  118. Andrew Thomson Says:

    Thanks to the community for not ostracizing me, and I am enjoying my new low caste status as a song reuser in the group. It’s kind of like being a pet or mascot. I like it.

    I appreciate the warm fuzzy feeling of family in this group and I think that regardless of any imperfections in the voting (obviously any vote that I don’t win must by definition be flawed ;>) the main point for me is to enjoy the challenge which obviously was something I didn’t get as much having resorted to using an existing song, and just as important to share songs with other songwriters, even if most of you didn’t like my song as much the other ones!

    And as for the dingoes, they are tough but fair.

    Spare the dingo, spoil the songwriter, that’s what Grandpa always used to say.

  119. Berg Says:

    @JJ I flat out said, I am not bashing your “family”. I am simply saying this voting system is shenanigans because either yourself or more likely an obsessed fan who wants nothing but the best for there favorite can stuff the ballot box.

    I even explained how to do it. The current system is flawed and needs to be reformatted. Otherwise, these votes are completely useless and no one deserves a shot against the master.

  120. Brett Says:

    Oh yeah, Caleb Lee is cheating. No doubt in my mind. Song isn’t that good. Not impressed.

    Sad that the person who deserves to win won’t because of a good-for-nothing cheater.

  121. Michelle Says:

    Whether or not Caleb himself did the cheating is irrelevant. The important this is that someone is definitely pounding the vote button more than they’re allowed.

    @JJ: He’s friends with the people that live on this website? Well shit, why does anyone else bother to try and win if you guys are just going to be cheaters and make him win anyway? That’s not what a competition is about. It’s about the best man winning.
    And seriously, how proud do you think Caleb is going to be of himself for winning if he knows he only won because you were cheating?

    This is such bullshit.

  122. Jack the Box Says:

    Yikes. This competition has just been ruined for me.

  123. riddle Says:

    Brett=Michelle=Jack in the Box=TROLLS

    that said, this site is definitely broken. EVERY time i vote or listen to a song here i have to close down my browser before i can surf to another page. the page/site definitely needs to be re-programmed.

    if it isn’t though, i’ll still come for the songs, but it would be nice (and better for gaining n00bs) if the page weren’t so wonky.

  124. Russ Rogers Says:

    Nobody is cheating! Who hasn’t heard about the problems some folks have with the voting! The system is imperfect. I might believe a computer glitch, a hicup mistakenly added votes, But anyone who has listened to Caleb’s song can tell, it’s a very good song. If you check out his MySpace, you’ll see he’s campaigning for this contest actively, seriously and honestly. Caleb is not the kind of guy who cheats or has someone cheat for him.

    There is no prize money involved. We are competing for the FUN of it. These wild and baseless cries of “cheater” and “foul play” take the fun out. I’ll need way more proof than someone’s hunch that there are SHENANIGANS to start pointing fingers and spoiling the FUN. Lighten up folks. Nobody is rigging the vote. That’s an insult to our moderator, Ken.

  125. MiceElf Says:

    Caleb Lee comes from a HUGE family (of which I am a member) of music lovers and musicians, authors, artists, etc.
    Believe me, after all those aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, many, many, many, many cousins, etc. (as well as all his many friends and his fan-base) finished roping in all THEIR friends and family as well…..the surprise here is that the numbers aren’t higher! Note to self: find out which ones are holding back and get out the chains….
    LOL….anyway, I can tell all the rest of you songwriters that we are the kind of people that love talent and HAVE listened to ALL the competitors and voted for our other favorites besides our decidedly prejudiced favorite beloved Caleb Lee. MOST of you guys are awesomely talented!

  126. Berg Says:

    I am very glad that the votes have been reviewed an fixed.

    I am glad that they managed to weed out the multiple votes.

    At the same time I am very sorry to say that I am disappointed that some people were double voting my songs.

    I am using this to fully apologize to everyone, and let you guys know I was not involved, but still take blame.

    Once again I am very sorry, and I hope you guys can forgive me.

    I am happy however, because I feel the votes now are fair…and I prefer to lose fairly, then win by people cheating.

  127. Steve Chatterton Says:

    Anyone else that certain results seem to have drastically changed with no explanation?

  128. Jutze Says:

    My thoughts/opinion/2 cents etc.:

    * Edric Haleen - “All For this Moment”: Very theatralic. It loses me a couple of times. The conclusion is beautiful, but the vocals are a bit strong for the romantic situation, methinks.
    * “Buckethat” Bobby Matheson - “Noose”: This song deserves to be liked more than I actually like it. It’s okay, but doesn’t “touch” me for some reason.
    * Mike Lombardo - “Rock Song”: Groove attacks. Ever since I read Mike mentioning Toto, I can’t keep from finding that influence in his music. There’s a bit of soul in this one (NB everything that has more than a H7 four tone chord is soul in my ears - or jazz), so I end up enjoying it, without quite liking it (as in putting it on my mp3 player); plus, this one was pre-written, so not vote this round; sorry, Mike.
    * Gödz Pöödlz - “Bad Penny”: Starts out like a pop song, but throws in a some electric guitars to justify Heavy Metal-Umlauts. The drive is there, but a bit more dynamics, maybe even just a break might have made this easier to digest (and appreciate). Anyway, nice one, with
    * Steve Chatterton - “I Will Always Look Up To You”: Very good song, great beat, love the uuuh backing vocals, good lyrics, too. Vote!
    * Jarrett Heather - “Trapped Inside Your Sofa”: It took me one listen to figure out which part is the chorus. From then on it was fun. Great song with character. Vote!
    * AudioMohel - “Hubcap Without A Home”: One of those that make sense outside the contest, too. Good performance and no unnecessary extras. Vote!
    * Jalepeno Habaneros - “Aquaman’s Trident’s Lament”: My neighbours are jamming, again. Oh, it’s an entry? Nevermind.
    * The Scribbles - “Snuggie Like Me”: Operatic at times, but I find it hard to follow (being not a native speaker). Can’t get much from it, sorry.
    * Gorbzilla - “I Am Your Pants”: SongFu goes late 70s - another guitar/vocals only song. The vocals are somewhat, but good, and to a certain degree authentic.
    * Darrell MacLaine - “Strawberry Fool”: Lots of Beatles influences, solid.
    * Berg & Jerry - “The Green Potato Chip Song”: Bonus point for using a melodica! (Plus, they’re from Philly, home of the Hooters.) The lyrics have a good premise and hit several pop culture references along the way. The recording is more chaotic than the song deserves. Also, I’d wish for the vocals to be more catchy.
    * Derrek J. Thompson - “O’Riely’s Underpants”: I think this needs an accompanying animated series to make any sense to me. Sorry.
    * Jeremy Pierson - “Your Welcome Mat”: Too much early 80s, not enough melody. For my taste, that is. Solid tune. And great lyrics subject! ;-)
    * Denise Hudson - “Leave The Stone Alone, Yep”: Strong vocals that are ready for a larger scale production. The song flows along, but is too much soul and not enough pop to stick in my brain. Oh, and please use audacity (for wav’s) or mp3directcut (for mp3) to normalize or at least amplify your track(s) to an audible volume, next time.
    * Lex Vader - “Just A Rock”: Another rock song - I liked Lex’ shadow entries a bit more. The chorus is good, but the verses find me waiting for the chorus most of the time.
    * Tom Milsom - “The Raincoat’s Lament”: I’m a bit underwhelmed by this one. Sunday afternoon, rainy England-feeling, fits the lyrics, but honestly, I don’t have a close emotional bond to my raincoat.
    * Caleb Hines - “Ancient Wonder”: Exotic flutes and an atmosphere that fits the lyrics. Still, I miss the arch that holds the composition together and something resembling a hookline.
    * Miles From Nashville - “A Bridge To Nowhere”: Bob Dylan joined the Eagles? Too safe, methinks. I know, it might be misleading to say this, because the most colourful and weird songs aren’t always the best. But this one just isn’t exciting.
    * Andrew Thomson - “Someplace 2 Land: Bush’s Flight Suit’s Lament”: Sammy Merendino drumming on a Song Fu entry?! Nice. The track could have been shorter, though. Reminds me a bit of the “modern” stuff Trans-Siberian Orchesta are doing at times. The vocals and piano might have been lower in the mix. In terms of the challenge a bit out of place.
    * Caleb Lee - “How Man Years Bad Luck If You Break A Mirror’s Heart”: The one song that could appear on mainstream radio/tv just like this (in an unplugged show, anyway). The harmony vocals are nice, the tune catchy, the lyrics witty, yet emotional relateable (if that is even a word).
    * Richard Clayton Spring - “Crazy Straw”: I’m not quite sure what’s going on here. It’s over before I could make any sense of it. An electric guitar and a restless voice. ??
    * Sara Parsons - “Throw Me Away”: Comes, says hi, goes. Was it a song? Solid vocals, a bit too energetic, too uncontrolled, but eh, I don’t know, maybe a victim of songfuoverflu.
    * Austin & The Pudaks - “A Record Of Your Life”: A band setup would have made sense here, I guess. Not really my cup of tea. Too much mood, not enough melody, especially in the vocals. Solid track, anyway.
    * Ian & Melissa - “I Remember”: I totally see a “Garden State”-like movie playing along to this one (or the other way round). A touch of Camera Obscura here. This song has an airy feeling that makes a bit like tapestry, less like a clear image. The lyrics are simple, yet touching. The very high notes are a bit out of place, but fortunately few. The guitar/vocals approach works perfectly here. Vote, I guess.
    * Travis Norris - “Enertronic Bow”: I think it’s cool that Radiohead joined this round. As always, the lack of ambition turn me off, but the gloomy groovy soundscape is great and the lyrics
    * The Gremlins - “Neutron Star”: The song that’s fun if you’re drunk in a bar in the middle of the night and he band on stage is having a ball. Not enough catchy melodies for my taste.
    * The Perfect Place - “If I’ve Learned Anything”: The song sounds to aggressive for what it actually is. Making it all a bit more laid back would have benefitted the dynamics. Still, a rather good song with nice vocals. The choice of the inanimate object is not that interesting, but maybe that’s just me.
    * His Name Is Legsunder - “One Of The Team”: Better the second time around, but not catchy enough to get my vote. Also, it’s a bit tricky to figure out who’s singing the song.

  129. Caleb H Says:

    Ken explained tonight after his live Listening Party that there had been a problem with the voting system which has now been corrected.

  130. Kendra Says:

    This is sad…the rules of the contest says no complaining about songs,votes,and challengers.The contest it’s self has broken the rules by taking back votes that were earned.It’s ok though the talented will always come out on top and having good connections and getting your voice out there is how you gain votes and become popular.If you want votes try campaigning for yourself instead of gripping on the forum.

    also there is a vote pervention..if you hit the vote button again it says you have already voted so cheating is something the admins should know how to avoid..they are not as dumb as you people are making them out to sound.

  131. Caleb Lee Says:

    Ok… can I have a word in this discussion?

    I do NOT blame anyone who says that I cheated… the votes SHOT up out of NOWHERE.

    I do not expect you to believe me when I say that I, in NO WAY, cheated. I don’t know anyone who is “stuffing the ballot” on my behalf either.

    I do however expect you to all believe me when I say that I am working to get votes.

    I have days of evidence. Follow my twitter, go to my Myspace, look at my Facebook, or run into me in person and you WILL hear me say “Hey, i’m in this song writing contest and I need votes to win, go to quickstopentertainment.com and vote for my song if you think it is the best.”

    I appreciate everyone who stood up for me against those statements.

    With that said, my “new votes” (200 of them), have been removed along with every one elses votes… so I reckon we’ve been reset to before the inflation appeared.

    I don’t like being in 4th, but I don’t like being called a cheater either, so so be it.

    Good luck everyone on getting votes!

  132. Berg Says:

    @kendra it turns out that certain versions of firefox where not able to be tracked. The only votes taken away were ones with the same IP adress…Meaning the same person had voted multiple times.

    Once again I apologize for the fact that people voted mutiple times for us.

  133. Sarah Says:

    Why can’t i vote? i haven’t voted yet but there is no option to vote, just the results…?

  134. Caleb Lee Says:

    Well said Berg.

  135. Berg Says:

    @Caleb Lee I know you had no intention to cheat, much like myself, and I am glad to see that you are also in good spirit.

    @Sarah….there’s always a few bugs….best thing to do is clear your cache. If that doesn’t work…well just try to come back later….i know thats a bad answers, but its the best one we got.

  136. Kendra Says:

    Thank you for the explanation…i do find it sad that there was so much complaining and people pushing votes.It really is unfair to the musicians who worked so hard on the song and campaigning.This should be a fun competition but i still give my best to all of the musicians..don’t let this get you down.You all put in so much effort and for that you should be proud.

  137. Travis Norris Says:

    @Jutz: Thanks for the comments! Sounding like Radiohead might be a cliche (negative or positive, depending on who is saying it) but I generally take it as a comment.

    Can you elaborate on the lack of ambition you mentioned? I’ve got several possible meanings in context, just wondering which (if any) you meant…
    Also, it looks like your sentence got cut off in regards to the lyrics. I was just wondering if the end was “the lyrics are dumb” or “the lyrics put Bob Dylan to shame” or “the lyrics are okay, I guess”.

    I might do a similar review thing if I get some time..

  138. The Perfect Place (Bud) Says:

    @jutze: thank you so much for the comments! aside from the name, we had yet to have an actual critique of our song. i agree with you regarding the aggressiveness of the song, and it is so for lack of a better option. i could have either slowed down the tempo or finger-picked the song, but i didn’t want a 5-6 minute song and as i am not primarily a guitarist, my finger-picking is atrocious. ;-D

    our choice of a somewhat mundane object was intentional. i came to the conclusion [and was basically right] that the two most likely interpretations of the challenge would be to choose one of two. 1. something totally random/absurd [my first choice was jack bauer's wristwatch] 2. something obviously uninteresting [like a rock, for example]. i didn’t want to fit that mold. the real reason we picked it though, is because it’s the first thing that my wife thought of when i told her the challenge and she was quite smitten with it. ;-D

    thanks for the critique, more are certainly welcome! and thanks to everyone who has voted for us, as we seem to have ended up leading the pack. strange and humbling.

  139. Travis Norris Says:

    I’d just like to say that I, personally, don’t care how many votes I or anyone else has. This “competition” is really about having fun, getting my name “out there” to people who otherwise wouldn’t have heard it, and making people say “I say, that sounds a bit like Radiohead!” (just kidding).

    I happen to work in IT, and let me tell you, there is no such thing as a foolproof… uh.. -anything-, when it comes to websites. I encourage everybody to just chill out, relax, write/listen to some great songs. Trust me, you’ll feel better. :)

    I wanted to mention to Berg and Caleb (and anyone else who got a lot of votes subtracted): Is it possible that you have a lot of fans (family most likely) voting from the same computer? If they’re voting from the same computer and don’t know what you mean when you say “one vote from each IP address!” it’s possible that they’re using one of the versions of Firefox susceptible to the glitch. Mary Sue votes, closes the browser, and Bobbi Jo jumps on to vote. Since the page refreshes and doesn’t indicate someone from that IP had already voted, she just votes again. It shows up like a “stuffed ballot”.

    What I’m saying to you (and everybody running around in circles yelling CHEATER CHEATER) is that a lot of this “ballot stuffing” could have been (and I daresay, probably WAS) unintentional.

    Which is not to say you shouldn’t start that witch hunt, Berg. Go for it, definitely. *grin*

  140. Michelle Says:

    It’s not “moaning and groaning”. They took the votes that came from the same IP address…. meaning they took away the stuffed votes that only a couple people supplied. The glitch in the voting that allowed people to vote more than once made it unfair, so they removed those extra votes.
    And GOOD. Now at least we know there isn’t any cheating, with or without the artist’s consent.

    It’s sad that it had to come to that because some people couldn’t play by the rules, but at least it’s all honest now.

  141. Travis Norris Says:

    Johnny, votes weren’t taken away at random. Votes that came from the same IP address (computer) more than once for the same song were taken away. Not a perfect solution. But there isn’t one.

  142. Caleb Lee Says:

    I wish I hadn’t been working during the listening party. I feel like I missed a big part of round one, especially since all this was going on.

    Oh well. Hopefully I’ll get to be at the next one!

    @Johnny M - Hey man long time! Thanks for voting bud!

  143. Kendra Says:

    but you do have to admit there was a lot of people outside of the contest posting “groaning” i suggest cutting off comments to outside people and just let the artist post there lyrics and talk amongst themselves…after all this contest is for them. There can be a outside blog or forum to root on the artists but the comments from people complaining about their pick not being in first needs to go.It brings down the contest and all of this mess has kind of brought my view of the site down to but i wont keep it that way..you guys are trying to do well and that needs to be taken into account. :D

  144. Caleb Lee Says:

    @Caleb Hines

    “if name.startswith(”Caleb”): votes = votes + 100″

    This is hilarious btw!!! I missed it earlier! Ha. Always include the 2nd variable.. start loop {if name. == ‘*’+”Hines” = votes ++; repeat;

    That’s some terrible code. Ha.

  145. Robin Says:

    It’s obvious that “Crazy Straw” is the most memorable song in this batch. It gets my vote!

    Also, it’s kind of surprising how similar many of the songs sound. I think that kind of worked to their detriment, making them blend together.

    Which is why “Crazy Straw” is awesome. Well done, Mr. Spring. It actually reminds me a lot of Jonathon Richman, which is always a good thing.

    Lots of great work though!

  146. JJ Says:

    So there was obviously a snafu. For that, I was wrong. Oops. However, you people were a little mean to me. Think about that. This contest has never quite brought this level of animosity. Let’s try to be friends, no?

  147. Caleb H Says:

    Jutze: This is great! Thanks for the details on each song. I’ve thought about commenting several times about how awesome it would be if there was a way to get feedback about did and didn’t work for each song. I think it would even be neat if there were some way to rate each song in catagories like Concept, Lyrics, Music, Production, etc…

    In retrospect, I think you’re probably right that I didn’t have an overarching concept other than “Pyramid”. I guess maybe putting a perspective on time, but I didn’t really develop that theme in depth until the end. I hadn’t really noticed the lack of a hook until you pointed it out, though. I’ll freely admit that lyrics aren’t always my forte, and I felt kinda rushed to finish recording by the end of the weekend.

    I’m glad you liked the sopranino recorder solo and the atmosphere in general, and that you thought they fit the lyrics. Thanks again!

  148. MiceElf Says:

    Ok….I have a question…..there are at least 5 adults in my household who each want to vote….there is one computer.
    How can it be wrong for each person to get a vote? Are ‘people’ voting here or is the computer (IP address) voting?
    Couldn’t they have come up with a system of login/email address registration so everyone could get a vote in without repeats?

  149. The Perfect Place (Bud) Says:

    @miceelf: login voting is just as easy to exploit and twice as annoying for people trying to get friends/fans/etc. to vote for them. i know a lot of people that came on, listened and voted that wouldn’t have done so if they had to create an account and log in to do it.

  150. The Perfect Place (Bud) Says:

    and given the fact that i’ve received a ‘your comment must be spam zomfg’ notice every single time i’ve posted here, i’d just say that we can chalk all of the nonsense error up to shabby coding on the website end of things. ;-P

    not meant as an insult to quick stop at all, just trying to offer a reasonable explanation. cheers.

  151. Philip Says:

    First of all…I would like to say that this person doesn’t know what she is talking about…

    (# Sarah Says:
    May 29th, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    Um… wow. Caleb Lee is DEFINITELY cheating! 80+ votes in an hour and a half? Yeah right.

    Totally a cheat.)

    Let me tell you something…CalebLee has a very large following…He has a decent fan base. He has been known for years. He is not cheating. I know for fact that there are tons of people that I had posted this website too personally…just to listen to the songs and see what they thought…and they told me they loved CalebLees song and voted for him. I am telling every friend I know to listen and be fair. Thanks

  152. Lex Vader Says:

    @jutze - My whole intention was to annoy Jutze until the chorus kicks in! Success!

    @perfectplace AWWWWGHH. I would have tortured a terrorist to hear a song about Jack Bauer’s wristwatch!

    @MiceElf registration would mean greatly reduced traffic and votes. They want to keep it “open.”

    And can I just say my right ear is clogged, so I apologize if my next entry isn’t quite balanced.

    And can I also just say, if Rock Band 2 sponsors this contest, why aren’t they promoting it?

  153. Berg Says:

    first off…no one admitted to cheating. I flat out said I wan NOT involved. I am saddened that any of my friends would do this however and did apologize.

    Secondly, votes were only taken away from the same IP adress, not randomly.

    @JJ yes lets be friends

    @Carolina I was the one who pointed out this mistake, and I am the one who also lost quite a few votes. And to be honest I am glad that things are fair now. We now have all that votes that we rightfully earned. And I am glad to know that now I am rightfully in the position I am and not ahead because of whoever voted multiple times for me.

    I never blamed Caleb, and am a really big fan of his work. I know that no contestant was behind the forcing of the votes. I never called him a cheater…and never will.

    I think it time that we move on, write songs, get along, and love the creativity that blooms here. That’s it!

    P.S. Negative comments do need to stop…from all ends.

  154. cobra Says:

    I don’t think Berg was admitting to cheating! Yes, he lost votes too, but he obviously found out about the glich in the system and felt it should be reported. If he was cheating, he wouldn’t have reported the glich! Think about it!!!!

    Now, let’s get back to having fun and writing and listening to some great songs!!!!!

    BTW Thanks Berg for making things fair!!

  155. Michelle Says:

    Registration or requiring an e-mail address to vote might reduce votes in general, but if the same computer is allowed to vote as much as it wants freely, anyone can just have as many votes as they want, and that’s not fair either.

    So, MiceElf: It’s not wrong that all of them want to vote, but allowing the same IP address multiple times makes it susceptible to cheating… and as we saw it already was.
    (Not saying Caleb shouldn’t get votes from family… but honestly, how is it possible to get over 80 votes in a span of twenty minutes without cheating? The voting system locked up and everything due to flood control… that says something.)
    I voted on my laptop, and my brother voted on my parent’s computer, but my parents weren’t able to vote, so I understand what you’re saying.
    There needs to be a better way to do it, either way. I agree.

  156. Lex Vader Says:

    I find the best solution is not to have a family.

  157. Aaron Says:

    It looks to me like EVERYONE has votes missing since the change.
    Berg and Jerry’s votes have been halfed too.

    You can’t blame over eager fans for wanting to help out their favourite entry.

    Could everyone stop bitching now?

    Most of the competitors here have been polite and friendly about the whole ordeal. They seem to have the most level headed responses about it all too.

    It only seems to be a small minority of (from what I can tell) people who aren’t in the competition that are getting so bent out of shape about it, again from what I can see.
    Why are they getting so worked up when the people competing themselves aren’t?

  158. riddle Says:

    quick rundown:
    there was a bug in the voting,
    some visitors exploited it,
    enough to get our attention,
    so the bug was fixed,
    and duplicate votes were removed,
    SO THAT:
    every vote each musician has now is an EARNED vote
    and each musician has all the votes they EARNED.
    period. move on.
    no need for further drama.

  159. Laura Says:

    Oh my god.. so the votes were taken away from everyone?
    This is sad and silly.
    I’m not even going to bother. I told everyone from my network about this site. Many of my friends turned out in about 30 minutes to vote. I know famous authors who have a ton of connections. You all got noticed because of this.
    I’m sad now. I wish I hadn’t told any of them to come here and vote.
    It’s totally unprofessional to accuse someone of cheating when it’s open voting. Reminds me of a former presidential election. All of you are very talented. But you have to work it. Caleb Lee had a huge fanbase and network structure in place before this competition. And he’ll have one after it’s over. I’m just sick, reading all of this. What a total disappointment.

  160. Aaron Says:

    Well said Riddle

  161. Travis Norris Says:

    A Song Fu #4 Haiku:

    Voting: tempers flare;
    Technology is to blame.
    Ever’body chill.


  162. Pat Misterovich Says:

    Let’s get back to the music. I wanted to give some feedback to all the artists before the voting closed. Overall a very impressive 1st round. I can’t wait for the next challenge.

    @Andrew Jon Thomson: Someplace 2 Land: Great backing band. Nice tune. Lyrics are a bit hard to make out (which for a normal song isn’t that big of a deal but for a contest like this it can be a detriment.) Also a bit long (again only relevant for this contest.) I don’t care that much if it was written in advance. You have been a valuable contributor in the comments and I am looking forward to your round 2 entry.

    @AudioMohel: Hubcap Without a Home: Love the Johnny Cash vibe it fits very well with the lyrics. A nice homage to the car centric songs of the 60’s.

    @Austin Morley: A Record Of Your Life: Reminded me of a 90’s alt rock song. It doesn’t have a big melodic hook. Because of that it hasn’t garnered a lot of attention here. But I do like the concept behind it.

    @Berg and Jerry: Green Potato Chip: Love the melodica. Love the conceit, the idea that the nasty green potato chip stands in for feeling like an outsider. In fact I might actually call it a metaphor song than actually being from the point of view of the chip. But that’s is perfectly ok with me. Plus Berg gets my respect for his honestly and commitment to making sure the contest is fair. Thanks Berg!

    @BHBobby: Noose: Who can’t relate to this one? I would be tempted to push the bass and percussion back in the mix. The melody gets a bit lost since your singing style is not really melodic. But still, I do enjoy this song when it comes around on the ipod.

    @Caleb Hines: Ancient Wonder: Very nice production quality. I like the change into what feels more like a prechorus or maybe a bridge but it doesn’t pay off because there really doesn’t seem to be a real chorus. Lyrically you could have pushed more of a story. I wouldn’t throw this away. I think there is something there but it needs a bit of tweaking.

    @Caleb Lee: Mirror: I could definitely hear this song on the radio. I am quite sure some girls will fall in love with you because of this song. Nice job.

    @Darrell Maclaine: Strawberry Fool: It took the Google for me to figure out that Strawberry Fool was a food dish. Great John Lennon homage. Now that I know what Strawberry Fool is the play on the word Fool is meaningful. Again very John Lennonish.

    @Denise Hudson: Leave the Stone Alone (no yep): I always have to run over to the stereo and turn up the volume so that I can hear the lyrics when this comes around. It’s a shame because it is a nice song. Good voice. Looking forward to your round 2.

    @Derrek J. Thompson: O’ Riely’s Underpants: Is O’ Riely is an intentional misspelling? Very silly song. One of the few songs with a political view point. I would have liked to see Derrek’s brainstorming list for this round. I wonder what ideas he didn’t pursue.

    @Edric Haleen: All For This Moment: Stephen Sondheim would be proud of this. By the way, great vocals and great piano work.

    @Godz Poodlz: Bad Penny: I have come to love Russ but I still hope he loses to a certain group of pre-teens! Great chorus on this song and I completely back your use of Grab a Penny from a Pick a Penny Cup.

    @Gorbzilla: I am Your Pants: One of my favorites this round. I love the combination of the uber macho blues vocals with an object that obviously has some “feelings” for its owner. “Keep Your Junk From Flopping Round” Awesome! ‘Ohhhh listen to those Corduroys” Awesome!

    @Gremlins: Neutron Star: Another favorite. Who would have thought you could develop empathy for a Neutron Bomb. This is one of the songs that I find myself singing in my head when I’m paying attention. The sad part is that I sing the vocal/trumpet solo.

    @His Name is Legs: One of the Team: The 60 cycle hum at the beginning always gets me to twiddle the jack on my ipod until I realize that is the song. For that you will not receive a proper review from me until you apologize!

    @Ian and Melissa: I Remember: I don’t think anyone has commented on the beautiful animation that goes with this song. Nice job. It goes wonderfully with the song. If you haven’t seen it yet, go to http://www.ianandmelissa.com/

    @Jalapeno Habeneros: Aquaman: Some great lyrics on this but the vocals get a little bit lost in the mix. I like the chorus especially.

    @Jarrett Heather: Trapped Inside Your Sofa: Reminds me of a Joe Raposa song. And I mean that as the highest compliment. This is one that got one of my votes.

    @Jeremy Pierson: Your Welcome Mat: Great vibe solo. Not sure if I like the other instruments as much. I wish I could hear the song with a different arrangement or with a full band. I know that isn’t really fair to say but I think the song is pretty good and a full band would make it back.

    @Jutze Schult: Natalie Portman’s Doormat: Reminds me a bit of John Wesley Harding. Am I correct in recognizing references to Beautiful Girls in this?

    @Lex Vader: Just a Rock: I like the synth solo. I like the surprise of the lines “I Don’t Want to Be A Measurement for Your Fat Ass” and “I’d Turn the Tide.”

    @Mike Lombardo Trio: Rock Song: Opening piano reminds me a bit of a song called Sound Scientist from a band named Bill. I’ve always liked that song so Mike Lombardo got my attention immediately with this. Great work by the band.

    @Miles From Nashville: A Bridge To Nowhere: Too bad this round wasn’t last October. This song probably would have stood out more. I do like the Neil Young styled harmonica.

    @The Perfect Place: If I’ve Learned… Nice Indigo Girls style guitar and harmonies. It helps to read the lyrics along with this one because they are a bit hard to hear in the mix.

    @Richard Clayton Spring: Crazy Straw: I look forward to the “My Name is Cup” part every time this one comes up on the playlist. This song would have totally worked in the early 70’s punk scene (Iggy, MC5, Modern Lovers, etc)

    @Sara Parsons: Throw Me Away: Are you really saying that this spork has been used more than once? Some good lines that surprise you. If the spork is taken as a metaphor the song has some deeper meaning that match up well with the tune/arrangement.

    @The Scribbles: Snuggie Like Me: I couldn’t be prouder of my son and his friends. They are wonderful kids who amaze us every day.

    @Steve Chatterton: I Will Always Look Up to You: Reminds me of Blitzen Trapper and that is a very good thing in my mind. I would have never guessed that “I’ve Came from Afghanistan Just to Tie Your Room Together” would stick in my mind. But it does.

    @Tom Milsom: The Raincoat’s Lament: Love the part where the simple Ukulele song breaks into a full pop song. It always surprises me for some reason, in a good way. I like the synth part. I might even suggest to make the synth a bit “dirtier” to offset the sweetness of the song.

    @Travis Norris: Enertronic Bow: I just learned what an e-bow is a few weeks ago so I didn’t have to google this one. I had fun trying to catch all of the references in the song. I suspect you had fun writing this.

  163. Darrel Says:

    It’s been said that Caleb Lee has a huge following. However, that is NOT the cause of the massive number of votes in such a short time. The votes that were taken away were DUPLICATES from the SAME IP ADDRESS.

    The bug is now fixed. It’s fair now.

    Stop bitching.

  164. Lex Vader Says:

    @PatMisterovich (oh why did you go and change the meaning of this symbol, TWITTER?) Thank you. I’m glad someone appreciated those three things.

    But did ANYBODY get my joke about the moon? “…no celestial objects (i.e. the sun or the moon.)”

  165. Ashley Scemnez Says:

    It’s been said that Caleb Lee has a huge following. However, that is NOT the cause of the massive number of votes in such a short time. The votes that were taken away were DUPLICATES from the SAME IP ADDRESS.
    So unless all 80 of Caleb’s fans got together in 20 minutes and all voted on the same computer…

    The bug is now fixed. It’s fair now.

    Stop bitching.

  166. Michelle Says:

    Can’t everyone just let this go now?

    This is supposed to be fun, right?

  167. Travis Norris Says:

    @Pat Misterovich (Is it Patricia or Patrick?): Thank you for your comments! I did indeed have a lot of fun writing/arranging/recording my song for this round. Let’s hope that keeps up. By the way, if you didn’t notice already, I believe we share a home state! Go Midwestern type people!

  168. Pat Misterovich Says:

    Travis, it’s Patrick, but only when I sign my name or do something wrong. We are in Springfield, MO. Where are you?

  169. MiceElf Says:

    Caleb has more than 80 members in just his immediate family….but even without taking that into consideration, Caleb Lee is as honest and moral a person as you can find in this day and age. ‘Cheater’ is a character smear that he just does not deserve.
    He will be missing out on a LOT of votes just because not everyone in his family has ‘one computer per each individual’…. if they did, boy would you see the numbers jump up!
    Meanwhile back at the ranch, some of you guys are radically talented and should be on the radio already!

  170. Lex Vader Says:

    Look, there was an inexplicable time-space anomaly that caused Caleb Lee to get more votes on his song than views on his video. It has never happened before or since. Let’s just be glad we don’t live in the alternate universe where he has a beard and is Emperor of the Galaxy.

  171. Caleb H Says:

    @Lex: LOL! I hadn’t realized that line was a joke against the rules, but that makes it even better! I liked the line because for once we get to hear the rock stop complaining about what it DOESN’T want, and share it’s own dreams or ambitions. The Moon seems like a perfectly logical thing for a rock to aspire to (and of course, the punchline: “I’d turn the tide” is awesome).

    Also, please extract “Rock! (ROCK!!) Rock! (ROCK!!)” from my brain immediately. :-)

  172. Caleb H Says:

    (My LOL is in response to Lex’s earlier post explaining the bridge as a joke, not in response to his time-space anomoly post directly above)

  173. Caleb H Says:

    @Pat: I don’t think Sarah was actually saying the spork was used more than once. I misunderstood that my first couple times too, then I realized it was probably sarcasm — Go ahead and throw me away, it’s not like this is my first time being used… Oh wait. Yes it is.

    BTW, I get vibes of Coulton’s “I Crush Everything” from this song’s lyrics. The forgotten spork looking for love, but better off lying below, in the bottom of a garbage can.

  174. Travis Norris Says:

    *fake announcer voice* It’s a HEATED race for 21st place, folks! What’ll it be, the guitar STAND, the guitar GADGET or the doesn’t-want-to-be-a welcome mat.. place ya bets, place ya bets…

  175. Caleb Lee Says:

    @MiceElf - Thank you for the defense sis… it’s cool. It’s been fixed.

    @Ashley Scemnez - There’s no way 80 members of my family would agree to be in the same place, much less use the same computer in just under 20 min.. ;)

    @Lex - I use word of mouth, texts, and e-mails to get my votes… the video was for giggles… HOWEVER I’d like to point out your video is amazing and I’m now a fan of you because of it.

    @Travis Norris - I like your Haiku =)

    @Berg - I agree, lets all move on!

    @Michelle - I hope I haven’t offended you with any of my actions. I also hope I can write a song that you will like.

    @Russ - We don’t get any money?! Well eff that, I’m out! (j/k)

    @EVERYONEELSE - Thanks for voting! (Whoever that vote went to) & Thanks for listening to our collective music!

    Anybody else already obsessing over what round 2 could possibly be????

  176. Caleb Lee Says:

    @Pat - Girls?! Crap if I’d known that I’d just have tossed this around some.. um… girl.. place. =| Hah.

  177. Travis Norris Says:

    @PatMisterovich: I’m in Kansas City. I’m originally from the Chillicothe area, if you know where that is.

    @CalebLee: Yes. I’m obsessesed. That’s why I won’t shut up on this page :p (Also, I got like two hours of sleep due to a work shift mixup and I’m riding a massive caffeine high to not flop down face first on my keyboard, wheeeee) Thanks for liking my Haiku. *lol*

    @Lex: A beard? You sure it isn’t a goatee or a *Shudder!* soul patch?

  178. Berg Says:

    @CalebLee…I’m REALLY hoping for a a country song, because its prolly my least favorite genre, and would LOVE to tackle it.

  179. The Perfect Place (Bud) Says:

    i am too, caleb (lee)! lol.

  180. Jutze Says:

    @TravisNorris: My comments were written during the listening session, so I was always distracted by chat and the songs. Then yours was one of the last ones played; it was already 3.30 am local time - anyway, what I mean with “lack of ambition” is definitely not the ambition of you as a musician. I rather mean the (absence of) encouragement of any sort in the song. Often songs are implicitly or explicitly saying “Dance!” “Smile!” “Die!” “Heal the world!” or like Lex’s “ROCK!” Radiohead-ish music often is like “well, dunno, whatever.”
    The repetitive guitar picking line part is kind of the signature in your song. It’s not what I’d call a hookline. Still, it serves the song, which to me is sort of a history lesson on the ebow, which is along with the Mellotron one of the things I want to make music with some day. So yeah, the lyrics… are good, very good. They’re not what I called “encouraging”, but still “did you know?” - and “did you know?” is something I rather enjoy. Plus, your vocals really suit the style of music.

    @Pat: And if his song won’t make girls fall in love with Caleb Lee, it might still make mirrors fall in love with him. As for “Beautiful Girls” references in my song: if you recognize them, I’m positive they’re there.

    @LexVader and all: Rock (ROCK) Rock (ROCK)!

    PS: I think I could make an additional voting (for fun) for the next where you can rate lyrics/producton/vocals/challenge-compliance/creativity/looks/song length/dancability; after all, data collection and analysis is how I make a living.

  181. Laura Says:

    Well, none of us are able to vote again. So I don’t know if my vote was counted or not. When I first voted Caleb Lee had 108 votes. It won’t let me or any of my friends vote now.
    So I guess it’s ‘fixed’ alright.
    I’m totally embarrassed and I won’t be telling any of my friends to come here and listen and vote again.

  182. Denise Hudson Says:

    I know that my humble, tiny rock has mysterious powers
    (and is low in the voting results
    BUT … it is still, nonetheless - a rock. So there are actually THREE rocks (and thusly, three rock songs) in this competition. And, I hasten to say, all quality tunes. Now I am a silly stone, but clearly do refer to myself as rock in the first stanza (and in other places).
    Cheers, and have a pleasant, rocking day

  183. Michelle Says:

    No hard feelings, Caleb. Just a tough crowd. ;)

  184. Denise Hudson Says:

    Also … I have FINALLY read through … ALL of the comments.
    I wipeth my brow.
    Thank you to the twitterers who have joined my small gathering :)
    Particularly since I didn’t publicize my account.
    Thanks to Jutze and P Misterovich. I’m in total agreement with your comments; except that I am somewhat stuck with my excessive soul, as I am a southerner living in a hot climate.
    To Mr. Mister…ovich (I can’t resist, I suck) - I’m not sure what your song was, if you were contesting this round. All songs had redeeming qualities though, so you did a good job if you were in it.
    To Jutze, your song was great great great!
    I am going to learn how to master and normalize before submitting the next entry, now that I have learned that this is a cumulative thing …


    PS. The only thing that beats the common and boring rock in ‘rock-paper-scissors’ is paper; that bearer of rock-dismissin’ comments, and which can be set on fire by rock magic ;)

  185. Kay Says:

    What is this? you’ve got to be kidding, He’s got a big fan following, That is not cheating! you wont even let us re put in our votes, that is such BS.

    These contests are Biest, picking favorites.
    He was obviously not cheating you just wanted whoever you wanted to win so you accused him of it.

    Very immature.

  186. Berg Says:

    @ Kay/other Caleb Lee fans that wont read!

    Please stop this nonsense already. There was an issue with people voting multiple times. The votes were put back to one vote per computer.

    And the voting is CONSTANTLY freezing. Its not like it knows when a Caleb Lee fan is coming on a goes “OOH NOES! NOW MY FAVORITE WONT WIN. BlOCk ThE VoTeS!!!!”

    Me and Caleb both said that this needs to stop NOW!

    We are the ones in the competition that this effected the most, and we have both accepted this, now please STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS ISSUE!

    In other news….I can’t get Trapped Inside Your Sofa out of my head…Err sooooooooo catchy!

  187. Steve Chatterton Says:

    @Pat Misterovich: Sorry about the ear bug thing. I once played a demo to a friend who grabbed me by the neck (comically) frustrated that she couldn’t get the chorus of that tune out of her head.

    It’s always nice to hear I remind someone of another artist in a good way, especially when I’ve never heard of them (if they’re huge, please forgive me - I pretty much live directly under a rock).

    Thanks for your kind words. Must go hunt down some Blitzen Trapper now. Thanks.

    Also, I’m digging the detailed all-inclusive feedback posts. It brings this almost to the realm of a songwriters’ circle. I think we should all, as participants, do that from now on (um, starting with the next one, ’cause, uh, I’ve got a really busy weekend ahead of me, ya know).

    Oh, and Laura, you’re taking this all way too seriously. Several of my friends haven’t been able to vote from day one, but I’ve never complained. And your comments about how huge Caleb L’s following is makes it sound like a) he’s pretty much a household name, b) he should be competing at the Master level, not as a Challenger, and c) the rest of us are a bunch of lazy no talent god-for-nothings that put no effort into networking and don’t have anyone who would vote for them anyway.

    Personally, I’ve been honing my craft for an embarrassingly long time (I’m sure many of my cohorts were in diapers when I penned my first tune - except for the Scribbles, who weren’t even born yet) and I’ve slowly been building my own fan-base since I started playing clubs in the late 80’s and worked my way through jazz school in the 90’s. Sure, I’ve kept a pretty low profile over the last few years as I’ve dedicated myself to being a stay-at-home dad, but I still have a strong mailing list (get on it, why don’t ya: http://www.stevechatterton.com/mailing-list), I blog whenever I can with much more frequent posts to come when my son starts school in September (http://www.stevechatterton.com/), and I’m no stranger to social media either (follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/SteveChatterton - or ask to be my friend on Facebook, or join my Facebook fan page: http://www.new.facebook.com/pages/Steve-Chatterton/30875471639). I’ve even got a MySpace page, http://www.myspace.com/stevechatterton, which I haven’t been using, but will now that I see the kind of traffic it can generate, as well as a YouTube account which I’m going to get serious about any day now: http://www.youtube.com/user/SteveChattertonMusic (the new MacBook has a web-cam built in!).

    And I’m pretty sure a lot of the other competitors have also made a huge effort too.

    Get it? We all have gifts, we all have family (maybe not as prolific as some), we all have friends, and we’re all trying hard, but I don’t think any of us are obsessed about the points as much as you are, which is really, really strange. They really don’t matter. I don’t know how else to get that point across.

    We’re here to share music. That’s all.

  188. xtianna Says:

    @kay: your vote wasn’t removed… so of course you cant “revote” and caleb lee wasnt the only one who lost votes
    inside every computer is a magical number that lets the internet know which computer is doing what (oh hey, uncle sam!) this number was encoded in our votes… any votes that were cast by that same magical number (ip address) were removed so only 1 per ip address were left

    @caleb lee: i am obsessing about it

    @everyone: lets give it a rest… no one meant for this to happen and now its fixed… PLEASE move on already

    @lex: let’s be friends :D

  189. Travis Norris Says:

    *rolls Will vs. Cave into escalating negative energy… 20+3=23 DC=22 SUCCESS!*

    Ahem. If you understood that, you are a nerd.

    WARNING: This. Is. Long.

    And now some thoughts. I’ll try not to echo the others who did a full rundown too much.

    @Andrew Thompson — I’ve never been too much of a fan of political songs that are so specific in their content; reason being that the song stops or greatly decreases being relevant in 5 or 10 years. As mentioned, the track is a bit long for my tastes. The lyrics (once we look past the problem above) are clever but there are lots of them–all the jamming is great but there is a lot of it. One or the other (or both) need to be pared down a bit. Play the super extended version live, I guarantee they’ll eat it up. *grin*

    @Audiomohel — It’s corny outlaw country… and I flipping love it (maybe because I live almost directly beneath I-29?) I’d recruit a steel player to throw in some lead stuff and try to sell this to people who like Cake’s “Stickshifts and Safety Belt”

    @Austin & The Pudaks — Ah, that great alt/emo quality of being simultaneously depressing and nostalgic and hopeful. I think this song deserves more votes. Some kind of percussion, maybe even a hand drum or a quiet tambourine, would really fill the track out. One of the strongest lyrical entries, I feel. “…those horrible dance moves are coming out”

    @Buckethat Bobby — My first thought was “Daniel Johnston?!” (Disclaimer: I haven’t actually heard much Daniel Johnston, so maybe I’m way off, but still) But in the sense of the vocal delivery, minimal instrumentation, and whimsical yet everyman subject matter… yeah. Enjoy it more every time I hear it.

    @Caleb H — Like I said at the listening party, I was impressed with the instrumentation and the thought-outed-ness of that various parts. I somewhat disagree that the song doesn’t have a hook–it’s more that the “hook” is a little to short to set the line as it were and is only repeated a few times. See Godz Poodlz for the example of how to set the line. :D I’d like to reiterate; sweet solos (coming from a guy who is traditionally not the biggest wind fan).

    @Darrel Maclaine: Well, the Beatle-ousity of the track has been well remarked on by this time, so I’ll just say that the hardest part of a Beatles homage is the overall production and pitch-perfect vocals and you succeeded famously on those points. I wanted a weird, backwards tape guitar solo in there… but I would, wouldn’t I?

    @Denise Hudson: Hey has anyone told you your track is too quiet? Sorry, couldn’t resist. That is one sassy stone you’re singing about there. I say wave your Southern Soul flag proudly, we could use a little more around here. I would say there are too many lyrics (contributing to the song being a bit on the long side) but the lyrics are quite clever, so I’d rather not. I’d also say the bridge goes on to long, but I like it, so I’m not going to say that either. In short… make the track louder next time ;) Solo guitar worked pretty well for this track (especially with the layered vocals), but any chance of more instruments on future entries?

    @Derrek Thompson — I think you easily have the most misunderstood track this go around…. because we can’t understand what you’re saying. Which is a shame because the few lyrics that I can make out seem pretty hilarious (”we’ll do it live!”). Did you post lyrics? I can’t find them, but this page is getting pretty hard to navigate. I assume that the somewhat.. eccentric nature of the vocals is intentional. Probably not something I’d try again. The music was cheery and catchy in a Mountain Goats sort of way, so that’s good.

    @Edric — First of all I wanted to say I appreciate your very POSITIVE influence on the goings on around here, we certainly need it lately. Most everything I’ve heard from you sounds like it would fit well in (insert name of broadway show here), which is awesome. Following that, I think I would enjoy most of it more in the context of a show (I’m not one of those people who listens to musical soundtracks outside of the musical, regardless of how much I like it). BTW, I’m totally with you on the “hugging vs. some other lyric” thing. :D

    @Godz Poodlz: Is that TMBG? Musically, lyrically, and production-wise I seriously would think it was them if I didn’t know it was GODZ POODLZ (sorry, too lazy for umlauts). I hope thats as big a comment to you as it would be to me. And the chorus is stuck to the top of my skull, I think. Thanks a lot. :D

    @Gremlins — Great vocals, I wish the production quality matched them (please don’t take that the wrong way). Honestly, it’s a freaking sci-fi epic with banjos. I was pretty much sold 30 seconds in. I do think the skat bit would be better left to a live setting, or if you had some kind of lead instrument playing the notes with vocals coming and going around it that would be better. But I think you already talked about that. Whee… yes. Good song.

    @His Name is Legs: I love the lo-fi-ness of the track. The vocals could be a little better (yeah, I know, I should talk) pitchwise, but on the plus size this is definitely among the most easily understood vocals this round. Also the melody sits in a strange (strange like intriguing, not like bad) place between major and minor keys to my ear. I like the guitar solos.. reverbilicious.. I like the various references to classic rock songs as well. You manage to get quite a bit of jamming in without cracking 4 minutes. Nice!

    @Ian and Melissa: The vocals are a touch too low (especially when they’re so pretty). The guitar is maybe slightly too warm/bassy, I think it would have sounded slightly better if it had been doubletracked and then the two parts panned to opposite sides of the stereo spectrum, or maybe with an acoustic bass quietly playing roots (if you are actually doing either of those things and I’m just not hearing it.. well… I’m an idiot) But that is kind of a pain in the butt when you’re working on a limited time table. Like Jutze said, it has a very soundtrack-like feel, which is good. Ending is mysteriously sudden. All in all, very solid.

    @Jarret Heather: I like all the little touches and general attention to detail (video game noises when mentioning DK for instance). Definitely one the cleanest tracks as far as playing. And happily the production quality matches! It reminds me of Ben Folds (sorry, you’re probably tired of hearing that) but it’s different enough it doesn’t sound like a rip-off (or an homage, either, hehe). Love the bridge on basis of the last line alone. Probably my favorite chorus of the round.

    @Jeremy Pierson: Grooove. That was my first thought. The vibes solos are great. Harmonies on the chorus… thumbs up. Great bass playing too, really nails down the low end and grooves. And good lyrics too! Ends somewhat suddenly (which I assume was an attempt to keep it short for the benefit of the listeners). All in all, I’m surprised you don’t have more votes and can only assume it’s because of the somewhat 80s-ish nature of the instrumentation. But hell, I like it. Heh.

    @Jutze: Truly, I feel bad for this non-creature who gets kicked around by one of the most criminally adorable actresses of our generation. Simple, short, and sweet, and references the death of a dog to get that deciding tug of the heartstrings in. Good stuff.

    @Lex Vader: Rock!… Rock!…. yeah, we were singing BGVs in the listening party, did anyone tell you that? Yeah, we were. Probably the funniest lyrics of the round (I especially like the bits that reference the rules of the competition). As you might have guessed from my own (much less professional) production I really enjoyed all the layered complimentary guitar parts, and those keyboards (I assume that’s what they are?). The “don’t want to be a measurement for your fat ass” part almost made my girlfriend spit soda out her nose, so well done there. Looking forward to your next entry.

    @Mike Lombardo: Your song is very good. Next! No, just kidding. Although I don’t have a lot more to add, I just wanted to comment on the “pre-written song” thing. Your song fit the criteria of the round perfectly so I have a hard time begrudging the entry. I don’t know what kind of program Berklee has (I hear it’s pretty good!) but I assume you have stacks of songs that may have been “challenges” of a very Song Fu-like nature from your instructors. I really have a hard time blaming you wanting to make sure somebody else hears them.

    @Miles From Nashville: The harmonica (unless it’s a melodica, which will make me look like a stupid earless person) saves this song from losing me between verses. The lyrics are pretty good but the song is just a little slow for my taste (this could have also been the number of songs I had already been through before I got to your entry). Like Pat said, probably would have done better back in early October or so.

    @Molly: Where are you? (I Pity The Fool just came on somehow.)

    @Richard Clayton Spring — I feel ashamed to say I didn’t like your song at first. I know feel like the least fun person in the universe. The lo-fi, early punk-like nature of the song makes me smile, as do the lyrics once I paid enough attention to them. I rock out to the end everytime I hear it now.

    @Sara Parsons — That is quite a voice you have. The harmonies are really nice too. The very sweet vibe of the music contrats in a good way with the ironic/sarcastic content of the lyrics. And in a random comment, however you miked the acoustic is the right way to do it. (This is something that is difficult to appreciate before you have to mic an acoustic yourself, so trust me, people, it’s like an advanced science) Good job!

    @The Scribbles — Fellow Missourians unite! I had to look up what a Snuggie is. I am not trendy. I like the gradual pitch shift on “what do you thiiiiink”. The fact that you wrote a song that meets the requirements of the final round of last edition and has a -story arc- is pretty impressive. I like the blanket chorus. Okay, I think you get it. I really like this song. :)

    @Steve Chatterton — the vaguely CSN&Y vocals are really awesome on this one. The handclaps are a nice touch (never can make them work in my own songs.. :() And the chorus is right up there with Lex and da Poodlz for stuck-in-my-head-edness. Finally, any song that manages a Big Lebowski reference and mentions Afghanistan so cheerfully is good in my book.

    @Tom Milson — Like some others, the topic of the Raincoat just doesn’t really resonate with me. But I do enjoy how it turns into a full band production after the first verse/chorus, and the chorus is pretty catchy for no longer/no more words than it contains. Very solid song and I can see why you’re YouTube Famous. I have a suspicion this song is probably going to grow on me with a few more listens.

    @Berg & Jerry — Love the melodica and the somewhat unconventional melody/chord progression in the verses. I want drums/fullband when the doubletime part comes in. A little cleaner recording would be great too but in testament to the quality of the song itself the production isn’t really a big detterent. In a way the sort of break-uppy sound of the guitar gives it some lo-fi character and cred.

    @CalebLee — The first song I heard (via the Myspace) and I thought “I am really in trouble if everybody else’s song is this good”. This song is pretty much radio ready (re-recorded for production concerns); would probably do equally well with full band and unplugged versions. Great lyrics, great melody/harmony. And obviously you have a devoted legion of fans to get the word out. :)

    @Gorbzilla — i like the The Band vibe of the track. Lyrics are occasionally difficult to understand which is unfortunate because the ones I can understand are hilarious. (”…keep your junk from flopping around…”) I say you kidnap a drummer for next run. Or kidnap a drum kit. Or both. I think you should have traded fours between the corduroy and a twangy Telecaster, also.

    @Jalapeno Haberneros — Reminded me of Jack Johnson. And then stopped. Unfortunately I just can’t make the lyrics out and can barely hear the vocals period so it’s pretty much a strumfest. Unfortunate, because I like comic book references. Turn the vox up a bit next round, eh?

    @The Perfect Place — Reminds me of a band called Caedmon’s Call (this is a good thing). The absence of low end in the recording greatly decreases the appeal of the song as it all sounds a bit tinny… so it is a testament to how well your voices go together that I can still listen to the whole thing. Speaking of which, good job budgeting your time between instrumental and lyrical moments. Very clever lyrics, and enough musical variation to keep either thing from getting boring. (And I can relate to getting attached to the first idea you had for the inanimate object. I unfortunately couldn’t think of anything else after my mind lit on the happy subject of the Ebow.)

    Phhhheewwww. Okay, that’s it. (If I missed you, let me know and I will CRITIQUE THE HELL OUT OF YOU) Hopefully nobody minds the epic length of this post too much.

    Can’t wait for Tuesday! :)

  190. Travis Norris Says:

    @Jutze: Ah, yes, I see what you mean. LOL. Thom Yorke: “Dance.. if you want to.. or don’t.. anything we play that is danceable is due to sheer IRONY…”

    Glad you liked(?) the guitar figure. I “wrote” the verse melody while at work and the riff after I got home and got my hands on a guitar. Everything else fell into play almost suspiciously easily from there.

    I always wanted to try a Mellotron out too!

  191. Mike McAllister Says:

    Wow, the voting engine is hung, twitter is in fail whale status … are these signs of the coming aporkalypse? Thanks for the songs, I’ve been enjoying them. :-)

  192. Caleb H Says:

    @Travis in KC, and Pat in Springfield:
    Another Missourian here, from the other side of the state - St. Louis. It seems the Song Fu is strong with Missouri this time.

    @Caleb Lee & everyone else whose hyped about the round starting, but who may have missed Ken’s listening party… The announcement was made that the next round will be announced Monday. (I’m announcing an announcement of an upcoming announcement… what?)

  193. Michelle Says:

    Last time: The only votes that were removed came from the same IP address.

    I really hope the next challenge isn’t country, because it’d be too painful to listen to and vote on… sorrys.

  194. Hazen of His Name Is Legs Says:

    @PatMisterovich — We didn’t intend confusion through the hum, however we stand by our instrumentation.

  195. Rogue Bohemian Says:

    Alright, so I thought I should post lyrics to Aquaman’s Trident song, since our mic didn’t quite pick up the vox. Thankfully, we’re getting a new condenser mic, so we should have a better leveled recording next time.
    Thank you for the comments that have been posted so far though.

    Aquaman’s Trident’s Lament

    I’m ready to go
    But you leave me behind
    Did you just forget me?
    Am I at the back of your mind?

    You think that your fish friends
    Help you more than I can
    But what can a dolphin do
    That I can’t in your hands?

    I just want to be used by you
    I just want you to show that you care
    I believe we have something special
    But this shunning is more than I can bear

    Stop being Superman’s bitch
    Take control of the league
    You could take him down in one fell swoop
    If you just used me

    He may have lasers, super strength, and x-ray vision
    But he doesn’t have unstoppable lightning
    Then stab him through the heart, and then you can start
    Your quest for the world’s enlightening

    I just want to be used by you
    I just want you to show that you care
    I believe we have something special
    But this shunning is more than I can bear

  196. Lex Vader Says:

    CALEB LEEEEE… at least there’s no suspense about you winning, since all your fans have boycotted the competition due to your mistweet. And also because Molly’s next submission will get 600 votes.

    “Anybody else already obsessing over what round 2 could possibly be????”
    If the challenge is to write a song about how Ken comes up with the challenges, prepare to hear the most effed-up song you’ve ever heard. Heck, I might just write it anyway.

  197. The Perfect Place (Bud) Says:

    @travis norris: thanks for the comments! i don’t particularly enjoy caedmon’s call, but i know what you mean when you say we remind you of them. ;-D there are many similarities. about the recording… it was recorded in a bedroom with a canon powershot digital camera, hence the poor production value. ;-P i didn’t really have the time or resources for anything better at the time, but i assure you the next few will be much higher in quality. cheers!

  198. Austin & The Pudaks (Austin) Says:

    @Travis: Thanks for the comments, though I’m not sure I agree with any music I’m involved in being described as emo. I agree that we could have used some percussion, but while we have a ton of guitars available, percussive equipment is nowhere to be found.

    @Pat: This song was written entirely by Jeremy, as I was dealing with a death in the family when the challenge was posted. As such, he also did the vocals. Can you tell he has been listening to a lot of Bob Dylan lately? I think that’s the vocal style he tends to aim for. The next song will likely sound entirely different and possibly have a change of vocalist.

  199. riddle Says:

    my prediction for next challenge: write a song in which every word in the song (except for articles or prepositions) starts with the same letter.

  200. Caleb H Says:

    An Artfully Alliterative Anthem? Awesome!

  201. Rod Durre Says:

    Personally, I’m hoping the next challenge is Gansta Rap! But maybe it’s just me. . .

    GöDZ PööDLZ is ready for any challenge which may come our way!

  202. Jane Zussman Says:

    It is not yet the END of voting time — yet I am unable to vote. I have voted in previous “fu’s” — but now, only a ranked listing shows, and there appears to be no way to “choose 5″; I have “refreshed” the page — but don’t know what a “cache” is and/or how to clear it. I vote for “All for this Moment” “I Will Always Look up to You” “Bad Penny” “Strawberry Fool” and “I Remember”.

  203. Ian & Melissa (Ian) Says:

    @Jane: Yeah, I’ve been trying to get people to vote for our song to break the tie with the sofa song, but everyone says you can’t vote. Erasing your cache doesn’t seem to help. Thanks for your would-be vote, though!

    Seriously, songs 1&2, 3&4 and 5&6 are all tied right now. I want to know if we’re in 5th or 6th!!!

    Also, some people asked me for the tabs for the guitar part for our song so I put it up on our webpage.

  204. Angelastic Says:

    Argh, it is so difficult to decide, especially when I’ve been reminded that voting is going to close soon. It was so much easier that round when I listened to all the songs repeatedly for a day, incrementing and decrementing ratings on my iPod, and finally settled on five songs, but forgot to vote before the deadline. Now I know I have to vote. But although there are a few songs I’ve eliminated from the daunting choice, there’s only one song (Trapped Inside Your Sofa) I know I’ll vote for, because it got stuck in my head a few times.

    At this point, I’m trying to narrow it down based on theoretical ideals, eliminating songs which just say ‘I am a X’ rather than letting it become apparent through the lyrics (I do improv, where we have to avoid things like this, because in real life it’s rare to actually say something as obvious as ‘I am a boy’ or ‘I am eating a banana’; even Tony Goldmark’s Verbal Exposition Guy is more subtle than that), and on the other end of the spectrum, the songs which I’ve listened to several times without figuring out for sure what the object is (I Remember, One of the Team… and the former gets a further minus point, although I do like the song, because it turns out to be about something with moving parts.)

    I doubt these technicalities will take me any closer to five though.

  205. Angelastic Says:

    Incidentally, I know nothing about Fallout Boy except that they’re reasonably popular on last.fm (or maybe they just advertise there? In any case, I’ve often seen the name around), but if I’ve learnt anything from The Perfect Place’s song title, it’s that long and irrelevant song titles make me forget which song it is, what it’s about, and whether I had liked it last time I listened and might want to vote for it. It is an amusing song title, though, just not very good at helping the song (rather than the title) gain ‘mindshare’, I guess. Ooh, I used a buzzword.

  206. Uncle K Says:

    Love you and love the song Caleb Lee , but sorry, I voted for Adam Lambert

  207. Angelastic Says:

    Though I kind of like the ‘first time I’ve been used’ line, I don’t really understand ‘throw me away’. You have something as uncommon as a spork, and yet… it’s disposable? I had to google ‘disposable spork’ to confirm that such a thing existed. So I learnt something, which is good. And now that I’ve seen pictures, I’m starting to convince myself that I might have seen one before.

    Anyway, I voted, but I’m not going to say who for, because that would mean rambling on about my reasons and potentially realising how flawed those reasons are. I’ll just say that I’m surprised at how scattered my votes were over the list when it’s sorted by votes.

  208. Caleb Lee Says:

    Holy shmoley!

    @Lex - You solved it for me…. I NEVER meant to make people get upset… I simply tweeted what I felt… 300 votes down to the CORRECT amount of votes was pretty major pawn@ge…. not that I write like that. But OMGZ.. I accidentally started something.

    Dear Legion of Caleb Lee fans - (j/k, Lol, ect)

    I will not say I’m unhappy with your support my dear friends but PLEEEEASE no more unhappy posts… anyone who MAY have voted for me now has a bad taste in their mouth… no one wants to be associated with angry people. =(

    I’d like to come away from this with people who like me and what I do… problem is they’re not interested in my comments and posts anymore.

    TRUE many of you voted and now cannot vote again.
    TRUE this is frustrating… but there is a light at the end of the tunnel………


    You can, and SHOULD, attempt to vote me to the top of all the next rounds IFFFFFF you think my song is the best. This contest isn’t rigged, they aren’t playing favorites, and no one should stop voting or listening or having FUN.

    I appreciate ALL of you very very very very much.

    Now lets OFFFFFFICIAAAALLLLLYYYY end the hub-bub-bub.

    In un-related news I hope the next challenge isn’t country… though I’m not opposed to such.

  209. Nancy Says:

    I haven’t voted yet… but I can’t. There’s just a bar graph under the names. How do I vote?

  210. Berg Says:

    @Nancy…its frozen soooo…you can’t…Ive been getting messages/emails/phone calls about it all day…not much we can do.

  211. Michelle Says:

    I can’t wait for this round to be over already.

  212. Denise Hudson Says:

    Here’s what I had to say. I give compliments. I’m not a critique-r. That’s just how it is. Hope I don’t offend. The only thing I do say is that there were a couple people with what I consider moving parts on their objects (doesn’t that sound rather suspect).
    I don’t really care. They were awesome, and it was great. Every song that was written was totally meant to exist at this time, during this week. Happy June-eve.

    Without further ado:

    -EDRIC: haunting rubato and sentimental meandering to sweet finish. Classy, man.
    -”BUCKETHAT” BOBBY: You framed the concept charmingly with the bass and structure :)
    -MR LOMBARDO: Your lick and hook is smooth and comes off cool.
    -Go*DZ Po*o*DLZ: Delightful fellows singing a catchy and effective song. Well produced!
    -STEVE CHATTERTON: Starts promising, and then DELIVERS with genius. Dude, you’re good …
    -JUTZE: I bought your idea, thoroughly enjoying persona, performance, and writing :)
    JARRETT “Sofa” HEATHER : I can’t get it out of my mind. That’s AWESOME!
    -AUDIOMOHEL: I wanna put this hubcap on my dancehall wall. Swingit!
    -HABANEROS: You guys are way too much fun, with cool lyrics :)
    -THE SCRIBBLES: Cute, clever song. No cussin’ from me around y’all sweeties :)
    -GORBZILLA: Zippers move, MASTERFUL songdude. But I don’t give a flying … ;)
    -DARRELL MACLAINE: Your pleasant, well-produced song entertained; and you’re Scribbles-level cute!
    BERG&JERRY: A green potato chip is an important, original idea. Good song.
    DERREK *: Love child of Rusty Warren and Sponge Bob. Masterfully hysterical!
    JEREMY PIERSON: Nothing tastier than shoppin’ mall vibes and groovy harmonies. Disco!
    LEX VADER: Got the moon thing; plus I’m a big fan now.
    TOM MILSOM: Your charming and delightful song surprised me. I paid attention. :)
    CALEB HINES: Impressed with your skillful mode use and apparent stylistic range.
    MILES FROM NASHVILLE: Mournful, wistful. Way to make harmonica set the scene. Nice.
    ANDREW THOMSON: Do flightsuits have zippers, too? … Whatever … awesome idea, players, songwriting. :)
    CALEB LEE: Unfortunate week, but … Hitworthy song + erotic combover = genuine rockstar! :)
    RICHARD CLAYTON SPRING: Original, ingenious, I NEVER thought of doing this one. Fetching.
    SARA PARSONS: You dear, have a lovely voice AND bring Fu. SPORK!
    AUSTIN & PUDAKS: Insightful lyrics read like my life. I identified. Catchy vocals.
    IAN & MELISSA: Your sensitive, tasteful song scored well, and this gladdens me :)
    TRAVIS NORRIS: Informative AND original. You’ve got some great effects as well.
    GREMLINS: The lyrics - SO good. Solid structure - great tune, excellent performance.
    THE PERFECT PLACE: Y’all blend well, great chemistry - I love duos like this. :)
    HIS NAME IS LEGS: You really crafted a compelling song during a difficult collaboration.

  213. Kymm Says:

    It’s only 11.39p on the 31st and I can’t vote! Ah well, I won’t wait until the last minute next round, but honestly, it ain’t 11.59p EST yet.

  214. Kymm Says:

    Wait, yes I can, hooray!

  215. The Perfect Place (Bud) Says:

    @angelariaaaaa show me yourself: appearing hip and clever is more important to me than people remembering anything about our music. actually, your comments have proven the point of the title. you will most likely not forget the title now that you’ve taken the time to analyze it. love it or hate it, the title is quite true if you take a look at some of the song titles being thrown around by popular ‘alternative’ artists.

    but if you don’t get the title, it’s not for you. ;-D judge the song for itself, that’d be more productive for us!

  216. BucketHatBobby Says:

    I wasn’t going to say anything about this, because I didn’t want it to seem like I was making excuses, but since PatMisterovich mentioned my “Not exactly melodic” singing, I think I have to say something.
    I don’t know what I had, but I was very sick during the recording of this song. when I recorded the bass, it wasn’t that bad, because you couldn’t hear me sniffing/coughing, as it was plugged in. The further I worked into the night, the more my medication kicked in, until 20 minutes before deadline, I sent the song to a friend of mine over MSN who responded the following:

    AdamLeMoine Says:
    during the chorus you should put some chords in

    Bobby M Says:
    the bridge?

    AdamLeMoine Says:
    i dunno what to call it. i suck with music
    know what would sound cool
    something like
    spanish guitar
    like in a skaish sounding way
    man. i have no clue what i’m saying. you deff hate me right now for not making sense

    AND SO, a guitar part was written and added… why it is out of tune is beyond me… probably due to my intense amounts of medication and the fact that I recorded it, added it, and sent it away in 10 minutes.
    My voice was so messed up that whole weekend.

  217. Twookie Says:

    This has been an intense first round. The songs are all great. Really hard to choose only five.
    Many of the disgruntled sound more frustrated with the system than anything.
    You all did a fantastic job. How am I gonna choose??

  218. Philip Masters Says:

    Lets see if I can lay this to rest…I am a member of a huge app game on myspace called Vampires. I am also a leader of a Clan called The Blood Masters…I sent almost everyone of my vampire clan members to listen to everyone’s music and I am a Caleb Lee devoted fan…but I will tell you more than 100 of my clan members listened to others music and voted for many of the other talented artist’s music on this round. I have listened to each and everyone’s music..and truthfully…its very hard to decide to vote for. Everyone that put there time and effort on this competition are already winners to me! So much talent in these people…I say congrats to everyone that worked there rear ends off to make such beautiful, exciting, and entertaining music for us to listen too. Thank you for the great tunes everyone…your all winners to me!

  219. Lex Vader Says:

    SONG FU 4 ROUND 1 in review

    About the moving parts thing: the bomb, I’d say, was the worst offender. I think the purpose of this rule is to have a truly INANIMATE object. One that doesn’t really DO much. I.E. no robots. Because you could come up with a lot of machines that are easy to write about. I mean, so what if a diary has a clasp or a lock. I don’t think that was the point of the moving parts rule. Pants have a zipper. An ebow has a switch. A guitar stand is adjustable. A raincoat can transform into a car. I don’t think “moving” means “moveable.” Maybe it means “emotionally stirring,” in which case we all fail. But even as far as the bomb goes, I think it depends on the bomb. If you ask me, it kind of fits, because in every movie where there’s an unexploded bomb, the whole point is that it’s sitting there doing absolutely nothing. Also, I don’t think it matters unless the rule-breaking songs somehow manage to be so great that they all get the top votes. Breaking the rules isn’t “cheating” if it doesn’t help you win. There’s always some unintentional rule breaking going on.

    I’ve listened to every Song Fu edition, and this round was probably the best. Because I was in it. *dead stare* Okay, not really. It was a good challenge itself. 1-1 (TV theme) was self indulgent. 1-2 (2-column repeating syllable) was completely off the wall. 1-3 (space oddity) was brilliant, but only two people did it. 2-1 (the moon) was so blah that there was a rule against doing it again this round. 2-2 (inventor dance) was obscure and anachronistic. 2-3 (rufus country ballad) was too restrictive. 2-4 (john williams pop theme) brilliant again, but two entries again. Holiday Special was okay unless you hate Christmas. 3-1 (happy song) turned out a few clichs. 3-2 (10 words) again, pretty restrictive. 3-3 (makes sense title) I’m undecided. 3-4 (multi-part song) was hard but good (that’s what she said), but hardly any shadowers. 4-1 was specific enough that it gave you ideas and kept all the entries similar, but with enough leeway that you had a lot of creative freedom.

    Or maybe I’m COMPLETELY biased. I just think “write about an object” was the best challenge as far as allowing great songs. We’re still in novelty song territory for the most part, but more of them were great this round than in the majority of past editions. Caleblee’s is great if you like that genre (I don’t). I think if Ian & Melissa’s song never existed, I would have felt hollow, become depressed for no explicable reason, and over time wasted away into nothing. So, Ken Plume, you saved a life!

    Let’s just say I would have HATED to do the edition the Rifftones did. Those challenges made me fill my pants, except for the final challenge. I probably could have managed, but… well, I’ll shut up now in case the next challenge makes me wish I had hair to pull out. Such is the risk we take.

  220. Angelastic Says:

    @Bud: I don’t forget the title, but I forget the song… so when I’m looking at the voting form, I see it and think, ‘what was that about again?’ instead of ‘Oh, that’s the song about the _____, I liked that one!’ so I couldn’t vote for it. But plenty of other people did, so good for you.

  221. Russ Rogers Says:

    @Lex, Nice summation. You are allowed (maybe even supposed) to be completely biased. And I agree, this was one of the best Song Fu Rounds on record.

    @Denise, Very classy and insightful ten word reviews. Way to go!

    @Travis, @Misterovich and @Jutze, thanks also for your critiques. I tried to do this several days ago, and my daughter switched off the power-strip on my computer after two and a half hours. I was so profoundly upset by that, I just couldn’t return to the task. Maybe next round. Anyone really curious about my detailed take on their song is welcome to contact me directly. I love to kibitz.

    @Berg and @Caleb Lee, your mature, polite and patient handling of the Voting Kerfuffle reflects well on you both. The same can be said for @BHBobby, you deftly and humorously deflated and put to rest the whole “original song” tizzy. Thanks.

    @Caleb Hines and @Travis Norris, you guys at the very least NEED a MySpace, YouTube and/or twitter account. They are FREE! It physically pains me that you aren’t building a fan following on the Internet some place outside of Song Fu. I want to be in your social network. I want to be your fan! I just don’t know where to go and sign up!

    I’m really pleased that this round got more than 200 comments and that even with minor disputes, the vast majority of them are respectful, positive, friendly and constructive! Seriously, I learned stuff about my song (ways to make it better) that hadn’t occurred to me. Thanks to everyone who mentioned “Bad Penny,” whether you liked it, didn’t like it or just couldn’t get it out of your head. I appreciate anyone taking the time to thoughtfully listen, comment and/or vote. It feels good to be noticed.

    Finally, thanks again to the other Godz Poodl, Rod Durre. Working with a friend has made this Song Fu exponentially more fun.

    Hopefully we’ll see you all in Song Fu #4, Round 2. Rock on!

  222. Travis Norris Says:

    @Russ: Haha, thanks for the encouragement. I should have the Myspace/Facebook/Twitter/Sign on the highway (okay maybe not that last one) ball rolling by the time voting opens for next round.

    I used to have a music site, many years ago (anybody remember IUMA? ….no?) and the main reason I haven’t made one since is because I’ve been a part writer/hired gun guitarist/lazy bum ever since, and haven’t written and recorded anything I was comfortable submitting to the public. Joining this contest was sort of a way to break that spell. But anyway, thanks for reminding me, and it’ll be done soon. :)

  223. Russ Rogers Says:

    @Jalepeno Habeneros and @The Gremlins, You also NEED some kind of Internet presence outside the pages of Song Fu. What I said about Caleb and Travis also goes for you guys too!

    Having more kinds of Web Presence is almost like signing your name to your work here. It lends an air of authority and credibility. It makes you more “real” if you make your virtual selves more accessible.

    I’m considering building a separate MySpace presence for GöDZ PööDLZ. I’m convincing myself that it’s important.

  224. The Perfect Place (Bud) Says:

    @angel: while i understand what you mean [and continue to disagree], wasn’t our song 2nd to last on the playlist? was it that unmemorable that you forgot it after just one other song? ;-P besides, the only way you’d have known the full title is if you read the lyrics, so methinks you just don’t care for the title. which is totally fine. still looking forward to what you think of the song. but i digress.

    @lex: i didn’t think about the bomb being disqualified because it was a bit of a technological advancement containing moving parts and all. i think your rationalization of it is good and i don’t think i’d consider it an offender. ;-P however, some of the songs definitely didn’t follow the challenge rules, as they are merely songs about an inanimate object whereas the challenge was to write a song from the perspective of said object. sadly, i would say that [while i absolutely love the song], the bad penny song is the worst offender in that respect. ;-P

    still, i wouldn’t get hung up on rules and regulations, as it’s all in the name of fun and creativity. ;-D

  225. The Perfect Place (Bud) Says:

    retraction! upon further review of the lyrics, i now realize why i made the mistake of judging ‘bad penny’ as not being from the perspective of the object - the subject was plural. so basically, i am to understand that this song is being sung by a group of pennies clamoring for attention and decrying human mistreatment…

    wow, that’s even more clever than i thought. ;-D cheers, poodlz!

  226. Caleb H Says:

    I think this is a bit like the chicken and the egg. I have no where to send people, but no one to send there if I did. Now that I’ve gotten one, I guess I’ll have to fill in the other :-). It’s funny, because I was considering spending this summer either focusing on music or on internet presence. I chose music as the more constructive activity, not realizing that it would lead to the other!

    I didn’t bother to mention these when I signed up because they are basically empty shells, but see below.

    My Youtube channel, but there’s very little here, and nothing Song Fu related (yet):

    My totally empty “blog” — I’ve *never ever* posted here (yet):

    You can also find me talking over on the JoCo Forums.

    To Do List:
    - Actually write a post or two on the blog.
    - Put up Song Fu entries on youtube (and other stuff).
    - Get a “Facebook” thingy??
    - Get a “Twitter” thingy??
    - Link them all together, and then get Ken to add a link to them from my bio.

  227. Caleb H Says:

    Update - I made my first blog post tonight. Hello World!

  228. Angelastic Says:

    @Bud: I downloaded them and listened to them in random order, several times over a few days. The mp3 has the full title, it’s only the Song Fu page that doesn’t have it.

  229. The Perfect Place (Bud) Says:

    @angela: ahh, that makes sense then. ;-D

  230. Rod Durre Says:

    @The Perfect Place. “A Bad Penny” is written from the perspective of a penny which has been saved (with a group of other pennies) until devaluation has caused it to be worth less than the metal it’s made from. Just as one member of a group can bemoan the injustice his/her group has suffered, this penny is speaking for all of pennykind ; ) (”You saved us and cursed us, and now we’re nearly worthless”; “We were the lifeblood of this nation”, etc)

    Thanks for the kind words, Bud!

  231. Lex Vader Says:

    The more I think about it, the more I think the worst offense was to write from the perspective of an object about a PERSON. That inherently makes the person the subject, not the object.

    @perfectplace, frankly, I do think an acoustic song about an envelope is pretty unmemorable. I guess a clever title worked for you in the end, but it makes more sense to remind people of the lyrics. Who needs Morrissey’s book-length song titles when it’s hard enough to remember which one “Suedehead” is?

  232. Duduong Says:

    Hey Red Head Girl- great singing and nice guitar playing! We enjoy listening to you singing… good harmony too.
    -M&J in Westport,CT

  233. A. Weishaupt Says:

    Re: Celestial Objects

    The rule is vague enough that you all have broken it.

    Isn’t Earth itself a celestial object? So, a rock being a direct part of our planet is somehow exempt? What about any object that is made of atoms directly from or around said planet/star/quark/nebula/comet? That might include… what.. everything on it?

    Sorry to have brought this to light. You are all disqualified. ;)

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