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Adult Swim’s Dana Snyder and FRED’s Ken Plume set out to have a literate conversation between two pals, but inevitably devolve into a verbal, and funny, free-for-all full of bickering, infighting, and the special kind of male bonding that comes from conflict expressed through the podcast medium.

Actor/comedian/raconteur Dana Snyder, you’re certainly aware, is Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s Master Shake, Squidbillies‘ Granny, Minoriteam’s Dr. Wang, and The Venture Bros.‘ Alchemist. Available for weddings and bar mitzvahs (bat availability pending), you can keep tabs on him via his website, www.eyeofthesnyder.com.

Ken Plume is the editor-in-chief here at FRED. He is a friend of Dana’s, as well as his arch-nemesis.



KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #89: The Doc Is In - Ken returns sans Down Under Dana with very special guest co-host Doc Hammer, of VENTURE BROS. fame, as the conversation turns to things suitably mundane. Like alarms and weather.


[CONTENT WARNING]: This podcast may contain some foul language and horribly off-color jokes. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Episode #89 (MP3 format)

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16 Responses to “Ken P. D. Snyde-Cast #89: The Doc Is In”

  1. Brother Lou Says:

    This should be fun time to download it.

  2. Dre Says:

    Yeah, Doc Hammer rules!! :D

  3. s.davis Says:

    the alarm is saying “Burglary”.

  4. Frankie2x Says:

    Blessed Be Thy Fame!

  5. BallsMonkey Says:

    I just gotta say, there were multiple times during the Snydecast where Doc sounded horrifyingly, exactly like Dana.

  6. m@ Says:

    I am also a fan of the flavor of the city…

  7. The Real Sam Says:

    Doc MFing Hammer! Awesome.

  8. smallerdemon Says:

    Excellent hammercast this week.

  9. Shawn Says:

    First, Ken, thank you for bringing Doc on for the podcast this week. I’d love to hear more from him and Jackson in times of Dana’s absense.

    Second, I think the “Robocop” alarm that Doc mentioned in the podcast and you played at the end is saying “Burglary”. At least that is what I heard…

  10. chris r Says:

    Doc was hilarious, please bring the hammer in more often!!!!

  11. Erica Says:

    Just a heads up, that Brian Blessed impression may have just become a lot more lucrative.
    Can’t wait to see Ken playing Odin.

  12. sid the squid Says:

    i can’t believe you guys have that few listeners
    also good for you doc, keep smoking, the way i think of it d.r girlfriends voice will get better the more you smoke so keep it up

  13. sid the squid Says:

    dude id use the brian blessed (sp)voice in a show
    and this podcast is amazing, hands down totally honest, best podcast ive ever heard

  14. Matthew Says:

    This was great. I also roll smokes like Doc with the filters and all, it’s cheaper in the ling run. They tax the shit outta smoke here too!

  15. SomeDouche Says:

    oh lord was this before or after the orb episode of venture brothers? cause that is a snyder episode AND it there is a reference to dorian grey

    wow i am in love with the idea that the snydecast inspired something venture related, its like the tarentino-seinfield style connection my life has been lacking

  16. TroubleLovesMe Says:

    I want a Plume/Hammer/Snyder 3-some

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