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We here at Quick Stop Entertainment are true lovers of music, in all its forms. We’re also quite keen on the spirit of competition, and of spurring creativity through said competition.

To that end, we launched a brand new form of creative combat here at the Stop - Masters of Song Fu.

In this age of manufactured and painfully earnest talent contests, we’ve decided to instead shine a light on the quirky, quixotic underworld of musicians that don’t get nearly the attention they deserve.

Ah, but I did mention that there was a competition involved…

We invited 28 challengers to pick up the thrown-down gauntlet (You know, some spares as well). 26 Responded in time.

Like a songwriting version of Iron Chef, these 26 competitors are presented with a very specific songwriting challenge. They’ll be given one week to complete their songs - however they see fit, within the parameters set forth - after which time the entries will be uploaded to Quick Stop to be voted on by you, the readers.

In past editions of Song Fu, we’ve used these votes to eliminate Challengers as we’ve progressed from Challenge to Challenge. For this cycle, however, we’ve decided that all of the Challengers will be able to compete in every Challenge, and the Challenger with the most cumulative votes after the 3 Challenges will be the one that takes on the Master in the Final Round. So what was the first Challenge?



In light of all the doom and gloom of recent months, as financial markets crashed and winter closed in, we’re going to kick things off with a rather straightforward challenge. You can interpret this challenge however you’d like - how you do so will give people a sense of just what your songwriting personality and style is…

Your first challenge is to WRITE A HAPPY SONG.

That’s it. The only other directive is that your song must run no shorter than 1 minute 45 seconds.


After voting on Round 1, our masters and Challengers were then given their second Challenge…



Write a song containing *exactly* 10 unique words (this includes words such as a, and, the, etc.). You can repeat the words you choose as few or as many times as you want, but the sum total of the unique words can not be less than or more than 10.. You can write on any topic and in any style. Your song must run no shorter than 1 minute 15 seconds.

Here’s a word cloud look at what everyone chose:


After voting on Round 2, our masters and Challengers were then given their third Challenge…



For your third challenge, you have to write a song with the title “It All Makes Sense At The End”. You can interpret what song would be given that title in any way you see fit. Your song must run no shorter than 1 minute 45 seconds.


You’ll find the Round 1 & Round 2 songs from each of our Masters & Challengers below, as well as the results of the Round 1 & 2 voting. More importantly, though, you’ll also find the Round 3 Challenge songs and be able to place your votes. Remember folks - this is the last challenge before the Final, and will decide who goes mano-a-mano with a Master!



For this edition of Song Fu, we’re bringing in 2 (well, 3, if you’re being technical) very special Masters who you’ll be going up against. Think of them as the iron chefs of Song Fu, and your ultimate challengers, as you’ll square off against one of them mano-a-mano in the Final Round:


songfu-innes.jpgIf you’re a bit puzzled but there’s a little twinge of recognition niggling at your subconscious right now, it’s probably because you already know who Neil Innes is without even realizing it.

It was during the Jurassic period (the late 60s) that Neil was a member of the legendary Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. Madcap purveyors of esoteric music (Who else would revive music hall standards in the age of rock? They did it, and it worked!), their biggest hit was the deceptively poignant “I’m the Urban Spaceman.”

While firmly ensconced within the Bonzos, Neil first became acquainted (and vice-versa) with Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam, and Terry Jones while working on DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SET, a children’s show whose viewers tended to skew a bit older than the intended audience. Eric, Mike, and the two Terrys went on to form MONTY PYTHON with Graham Chapman and John Cleese. The Pythons called on Neil’s musical skills numerous times over the years, particularly when producing their best-selling albums. When John Cleese decided to move on to greener pastures prior to PYTHON’s fourth series, Neil stepped into the void as a contributing writer and performer.

Not able to escape the Pythons so easily, Neil was also tapped for MONTY PYTHON & THE HOLY GRAIL, contributing music and a memorable performance as the annoyingly truthful minstrel of Eric Idle’s cowardly Sir Robin. Still not willing to let him get away just yet, Neil was brought in again for their follow-up film, THE LIFE OF BRIAN (wherein he outruns certain death during the colosseum debate scene).

Even while working with the Pythons, Neil continued his solo career, releasing numerous albums on his own as well as with the groups The Grimms and The World. His BBC program, INNES BOOK OF RECORDS, ran for 3 series and featured 90 original tunes. From torch song and ballad to rock and parody, the show featured an exceedingly wide range of styles.

It was during the latter-half of the 70s, however, that Neil produced his most enduring work. While collaborating with Eric Idle on the post-Python TV series RUTLAND WEEKEND TELEVISION, the two devised a brief HARD DAY’S NIGHT parody with Idle portraying a boring filmmaker (so boring the camera ran from him) and Innes providing the Beatles-esque “I Must Be in Love.” During his next hosting gig on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, Idle unleashed the short film on the American public. That led to SNL’s Lorne Michaels producing a mockumentary of the mock-band, named The Rutles, for NBC. ALL YOU NEED IS CASH aired on March 22, 1978, starring Eric and Neil as one half of the “Pre-Fab Four” and featuring songs by Innes. In 1996, Innes reunited with Rutles bandmates John Halsey and Ricki Fataar to release THE RUTLES: ARCHEOLOGY, which sported 16 brand new tracks “discovered in the vaults,” a la THE BEATLES ANTHOLOGY.

He recently released a new solo album, WORKS IN PROGRESS, and a brand new reunion album with the Bonzos, POUR L’AMOUR DES CHIENS. Neil continues to write and perform, and is in the process of recording his next solo album.

Official Website: www.innesbookofrecords.com
Twitter: twitter.com/NeilInnes
ROUND 1 SONG:Imitation Song (Ron Nasty’s Last Song)
ROUND 2 SONG: Unfortunately, Neil Innes had to pull out of this round due to professional commitments.


songfu-02.jpgPaul and Storm are a comedy music duo, and they have been performing as a duo since 2004. Before that, they were one half of a cappella band Da Vinci’s Notebook for about 12 years. A Paul and Storm show is part music concert and part standup/improv comedy–just enough of both to fit neatly in neither category. They like to engage the audience, and are known to award snack cakes and/or other prizes for good (and sometimes bad) behavior. Their show would be PERFECT as a cable special, and would make lots of money for whichever brave channel decides to air them first.

Official Website: www.paulandstorm.com
Twitter: twitter.com/paulandstorm
ROUND 1 SONG:Hippie with a Djembe
ROUND 2 SONG:Boolean Love Song” (WORDS USED: Amy, Bobby, Mary, if, then, equals, and, not, loves, happy)
ROUND 3 SONG: Sadly, Paul & Storm were eaten by dingoes in the night. They shall return for the Final.


songfu-garfuneloates.jpgRiki “Garfunkel” Lindhome and Kate “Oates” Micucci make up this band, which is a mixture of acoustic folk, comedy and pure sugar. Riki has been seen in The Changeling, My Best Friend’s Girl, Pushing Daisies, Gilmore Girls and Million Dollar Baby. You can catch Kate in Scrubs, When in Rome, Four Kings, How I Met Your Mother, or in her one-woman show “Playing with Micucci” at the Steve Allen Theater.

Official Website: www.garfunkelandoates.com
Twitter: twitter.com/KateMicucci
ROUND 1 SONG:The Happy Song
ROUND 2 SONG: Unfortunately, Garfunkel & Oates had to drop out of this round for health reasons.


In a moment, you’ll discover the details of the first challenge. First, though, here is the list of challengers:




songfu-jeffmcdougall.jpgJeff’s stint of reigning challenger in MoSF#1 (yet ultimately losing to Master Jonathan Coulton) has won him critical acclaim from around the world. Or is it criticism from around his house? Either way, he’s back for more and hoping to balance bringing the Fu with taking out the trash.

Official Website: www.jeffmacdougall.com
Twitter: twitter.com/jeffmacdougall
ROUND 1 SONG:The Bop Bop Song
ROUND 2 SONG:Free Love” (WORDS USED: see, I, like, could, love, so, me, and, free, you)
ROUND 3 SONG:It All Makes Sense At The End


songfu-edrichaleen.jpgEdric has been writing music (off and on) for the past fifteen years. He wrote and directed a musical, The Pushcart War, based on Jean Merrill’s wonderful novel. He has written and/or arranged a number of songs for various friends - some commissioned, some as surprises. He loves acting in community theatre, and is inspired by the music of Stephen Sondheim, Jason Robert Brown, Adam Guettel, Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty - and yes, Jonathan Coulton, who in addition to writing wonderful songs, also served as a portal to finding out about the Song Fu competition.

Official Website: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2arBC7f-6FY
ROUND 1 SONG:(Happiness)
ROUND 2 SONG:Extreme Mad-Libs (Song Fu Edition)” (WORDS USED: adjective, pronoun, name, verb, noun, article, adverb, preposition, conjunction, interjection)
ROUND 3 SONG:It All Makes Sense At The End


songfu-buckethatbobby.jpgI’m “BucketHat” Bobby Matheson. I used to make cartoons for the internet, and sometimes still do, but mostly focus on my music right now. Lately, I’ve been getting more into recording other singer/songwriters in my little, make-shift studio than I have been recording myself. I want Masters Of Song Fu to change that. I don’t really know what genre my music would fall under. Influences range from Klezmer to folk, to punk and back, which ends up sounding more like Zydeco than anything else (who’d have guessed?). I’ve been thinking of dropping the “BucketHat” from my stagename, but fear change.

Official Website: www.buckethatbobby.randomsociety.com
Twitter: twitter.com/BucketHatBobby
ROUND 1 SONG:You Gotta Smile
ROUND 2 SONG:My Romantic Interest In You Is Dwarfed By The Amount Of Money I Will Undoubtedly Be Making Off Of This Song (”Love Why You Love Me”)” (WORDS USED: who, me, you, I, are, am, why, love, do, too)
ROUND 3 SONG:It All Makes Sense At The End


songfu-ianbonds.jpgInsane Ian is a comedian and writer from Baltimore, Maryland who specializes in all things nerdy, both in parody and original compositions. From Sci-fi TV shows and films, to video games, to comic books - no nerdy topic escapes his sardonic (and satiric) wit. Among his peers - such as Sudden Death, the great Luke Ski, Jonathan Coulton and, of course, “Weird Al” Yankovic - he is the only artist to have written this bio, and remains at the top of that list. Currently, his song “Guitar Hero” (from his upcoming album n3rds0ngs) was the 11th most requested song on the Dr. Demento radio show in 2008. Usually for a song, I.I. surrounds himself with talented people to make himself look better… and now is no exception, as friend and producer Benjamin Stahl helps on instrumental duties.

Official Website: www.insaneian.com
ROUND 2 SONG:Consortium Of Comprehension” (WORDS USED: I, did, not, quite, fully, understand, the, challenge, this, week)
ROUND 3 SONG:It All Makes Sense At The End


My name is Joe Lamb, I’ve been known online as JoeCovenant, or JoeCov, Or just Cov for the last decade or so. I’m 45 and have been performing for 40 of those years. Up until 2005 I was solely a professional actor/singer, but I am now also a Civil Servant and work for Her Majesty. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 10, but still think Bar Chords are things played in pubs. (I can’t do ‘em!) I’m not too bad on the Bhodran and can pick out a tune on a keyboard when pushed… really hard. I’ve always been frustrated that my ideas outdistance my abilities, so my output is always rather simplistic… But I like to think that, occasionally, synergy does its job well! This contest will be my first use of my new recording equipment… hope it doesn’t throw my limitations to the fore!

Official Website: www.mikeoldfield.net/shadowland.html
ROUND 1 SONG:What Makes You Feel Happy
ROUND 2 SONG:I Wish I Could Tell You I Love You” (WORDS USED: could, I, wish, love, can’t, know, but, you, do, tell)
ROUND 3 SONG:It All Makes Sense At The End


songfu-mickbordet.jpgMick Bordet steadfastly insists on bouncing between and across genres at every opportunity like a hummingbird with ADD, using an eclectic collection of instruments for his sonic palette, from guitar and ukulele to theremin, yobstick and electric harmonium. Mick is a founder member of “The Lunacy Board”, Scotland’s premier progressive avant-garde skiffle duo, and cites influences as diverse as Edgard Varèse, Ivor Cutler, Conlon Nancarrow, and Roy Harper, to name but four. The duo have recently released three debut albums, including one written, recorded, and mixed within a single day. Mick’s latest project is a year-long weekly podcast set in an alternative universe as it diverges from our reality.

Official Website: mickbordet.blogspot.com
ROUND 1 SONG:Happy People
ROUND 2 SONG:What Is Wrong” (WORDS USED: doctor, what, is, wrong, with, me, you, need, some, methionylglutaminylarginyltyrosylglutamylseryl-
leucylphenylalanylalanylglutaminylleucyllysylglutamylarginyl- lysylglutamylglycylalanylphenylalanylvalylprolylphenylalanyl- valylthreonylleucylglycylaspartylprolylglycylisoleucylglutamyl- glutaminylserylleucyllysylisoleucylaspartylthreonylleucyl- isoleucylglutamylalanylglycylalanylaspartylalanylleucylglutamyl- leucylglycylisoleucylprolylphenylalanylserylaspartylprolyl- leucylalanylaspartylglycylprolylthreonylisoleucylglutaminyl- asparaginylalanylthreonylleucylarginylalanylphenylalanyl- alanylalanylglycylvalylthreonylprolylalanylglutaminylcysteinyl- phenylalanylglutamylmethionylleucylalanylleucylisoleucylarginyl- glutaminyllysylhistidylprolylthreonylisoleucylprolylisoleucyl- glycylleucylleucylmethionyltyrosylalanylasparaginylleucylvalyl- phenylalanylasparaginyllysylglycylisoleucylaspartylglutamyl- phenylalanyltyrosylalanylglutaminylcysteinylglutamyllysylvalyl- glycylvalylaspartylserylvalylleucylvalylalanylaspartylvalyl- prolylvalylglutaminylglutamylserylalanylprolylphenylalanyl- arginylglutaminylalanylalanylleucylarginylhistidylasparaginyl- valylalanylprolylisoleucylphenylalanylisoleucylcysteinylprolyl- prolylaspartylalanylaspartylaspartylaspartylleucylleucylarginyl- glutaminylisoleucylalanylseryltyrosylglycylarginylglycyltyrosyl- threonyltyrosylleucylleucylserylarginylalanylglycylvalylthreonyl- glycylalanylglutamylasparaginylarginylalanylalanylleucylprolyl- leucylasparaginylhistidylleucylvalylalanyllysylleucyllysyl- glutamyltyrosylasparaginylalanylalanylprolylprolylleucyl- glutaminylglycylphenylalanylglycylisoleucylserylalanylprolyl- aspartylglutaminylvalyllysylalanylalanylisoleucylaspartylalanyl- glycylalanylalanylglycylalanylisoleucylserylglycylserylalanyl- isoleucylvalyllysylisoleucylisoleucylglutamylglutaminylhistidyl- asparaginylisoleucylglutamylprolylglutamyllysylmethionylleucyl- alanylalanylleucyllysylvalylphenylalanylvalylglutaminylprolyl- methionyllysylalanylalanylthreonylarginylserine)
ROUND 3 SONG:It All Makes Sense At The End


The Masked Stranger (a.k.a Neal John Mac Rae), is a self proclaimed noise/folk artist from Nova Scotia, Canada. Although his work has gone completely unnoticed on an official level, he has still managed to garner several fans from Australia and amoungst his close friends. The Masked Stranger project started in 2004 when Neal John recorded “The River Song”, a simple panflute tune he furiously augmented and destroyed on his computer. Since then he has created roughly 30 other distinctly more destroyed and demented tracks under the moniker of The Masked Stranger. His music has been described as “a total disregard for musical theory”, “aaaaaaaah!”, “raw and grating”, “annoying”, “Twisting is a word I want to use to describe it… Very natural and earthly”, and “disturbing and yet… strangely enjoyable”. His most well liked and most consistant piece “Rue The Red” was described by Cape Breton goregrind artist Devin Meaney as “a posessed man jigging out on the strings of his creator. Like a puppet, devouring the flesh of god. And this is exactly what it reminds me of, no joke.”. This awkward and soil laiden musician’s journeys into the abrassive and the tribal only threaten to continue.

Official Website: www.myspace.com/themaskedstranger777
ROUND 1 SONG:My Personal Eccentric Happiness
ROUND 2 SONG:The Mushroom Folk Devour The Tresspasser” (WORDS USED: mushroom, folk, oh, the, devour, tresspasser, dance, prance, punishment)
ROUND 3 SONG:It All Makes Sense At The End


On stage I am Timmy Vendetta. I’m 18 and I live with my mom and her wife. I hope to become famous and live vicariously through a hamster.


Official Website: www.myspace.com/tweed234
ROUND 1 SONG:The Happy Song
ROUND 2 SONG:Chanhgrila” (WORDS USED: life, love, time, is, pure, strong, dead, gone, strange, wrong)
ROUND 3 SONG:It All Makes Sense At The End


Crabbydad is a writer/sound designer/musician who, four years ago, was forced to leave all of his bands and musical compatriots behind in Chicago when his Old Lady got herself a proffesorin’ gig at a giant university in a tiny mid-Michigan town that’s devoid of any sort of culture, musical or otherwise. So he started recording songs with his kids and posting them on his blog for his four or five readers to hear. When he’s not recording songs about spiders and/or poop, he creates comedy, sound effects, and music for a company called Jellyvision, Inc.

Official Website: crabbydad.blogspot.com
ROUND 1 SONG:Happy (H.A.P.P.Y.)
ROUND 2 SONG:Machine” (WORDS USED: machine, serious, circuit, trouble, blood, courage, three, two, one, danger)
ROUND 3 SONG:It All Makes Sense At The End


Hank Green never wrote a song until his eternal passion for Helen Hunt (both as an actress and a woman) started off a multi-year YouTube project in which he writes a song every other Wednesday. The songs are part of a larger project in which he and his brother discuss their lives, their world, and the community of which they are a part. Their videos have now been watched more than 20 million times. Hank’s first album, SO JOKES, was just released and is available at DFTBA.com.

Official Website: www.nerdfighters.com
Twitter: twitter.com/ecogeek
ROUND 1 SONG:The Deep Sea Anglerfish
ROUND 2 SONG:I Know” (WORDS USED: I, don’t, think, know, you, what, that, but, baby, maybe)
ROUND 3 SONG:It All Makes Sense At The End


Mike Lombardo is a piano-playing pop-rock singer-songwriter who likes to use hyphens when describing his occupation. He has been known to write songs about just about anything, including rocks and SAW 4. When not banging on a piano, Mike spends most of his time  playing way too many video games and fighting with his roomate. Currently finishing up his degree in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music, he will be touring the country this summer with his band, the Mike Lombardo Trio. Feel free to go to his website and send him lots of money. Or cookies.

Official Website: www.mikelombardomusic.com
Twitter: twitter.com/mikelombardo
ROUND 1 SONG:Caroline
ROUND 2 SONG:Sandwich Girl (Lunchtime Lovestory)” (WORDS USED: lunch, cafe, sandwich, line, girl, be, mine, make, me, and)
ROUND 3 SONG:It All Makes Sense At The End


In the far off land of Chandler, Arizona, where the rivers flow with sand and cacti, our leader and master, the Lord of Our Lady Gwynyth, guitar and microphone in hand, called for the greatest musicians in the land to assemble a rock and roll group like none other. Unfortunately, they were cut off on the road, and the Jalapeño Habañeros made it there first. With The Rogue Bohemian on saxophone and The Boxcar Bassist on bass and keyboards, the Lord was pleased. Now, they roam the streets of Chandler, playing epic songs and rocking faces, much like Bon Jovi. Unfortunately they are paid in change, and often get thrown into the street, also like Bon Jovi. Their lives have intertwined, and the era of the Jalapeño Habañeros has begun. Be prepared.

Official Website: None
ROUND 1 SONG:The Pompadour Song
ROUND 2 SONG:Let’s Not Tip It Over” (WORDS USED: we’re, gonna, rock, the, boat, let’s, not, tip, it, over)
ROUND 3 SONG:It All Makes Sense At The End


Hazen Nester is a multi-platinum-selling*, award-winning**, and incredibly gifted† songwriter.  His works have been described as “heavenly”, “complex”, and “thought-provoking” by his critics and fans.††  He has, to date, three full albums‡, two EPs‡‡, and is currently working on a new collection of work§. He holds a B.S. degree§§, an MFA║, and a PhD║║ and currently lives in Michigan, where he spends his days writing songs and working in the fulfilling and worthwhile sector of public-access television.  Apart from songwriting, his hobbies include cinema, golf, and the occasional role in various stage and audio productions. :) [* - Lie, ** - Another lie, † - Bold-faced lie, †† - His mom. They're one and the same, really., ‡ - More lies, ‡‡ - Yet another lie, § - Another lie. No, wait, actually that one's true., §§ - In film. How appropriate., ? - Lie. What a surprise there., ?? - Do I really have to put this here?, :) - That's probably the most truthful statement in this entire document.]

Official Website: www.hazennester.com
ROUND 1 SONG:Wide-Eyed Happy
ROUND 2 SONG:A Cliche Love Song” (WORDS USED: I, love, you, don’t, leave, me, won’t, forgive, baby, but)
ROUND 3 SONG:It All Makes Sense At The End


Forged in the furnace of irony, molded with the hammer of satire, flattened on the anvil of righteousness, and cooled in the water of awesomeness, AudioMohel was thrust upon the world. Named from the lost audio transcripts of ‘09, AudioMohel serves as a public-service backlash against the anti-circumcision trend sweeping the so-called “enlightened parents” crowd, AudioMohel urges their more devoted and impressionable fans to undergo the snip two or even three times. AudioMohel enjoys experimenting with new breakthrough genres like speed blues and death classical even though most of AudioMohel’s tunes reside firmly in the ethereal realm of vapor-ware. Some of AudioMohel’s members admitted to being a bit intimidated by the professed experience and actual musical talent apparently possessed by the Song Fu Masters, but finally it was decided that if the need arose, sabotage would not be out of the question. To be used as a last resort, naturally, but not out of the question.

Official Website: www.AudioMohel.com
Twitter: twitter.com/AudioMohel
ROUND 1 SONG:Parole Day
ROUND 2 SONG:Greasy Bacon” (WORDS USED: bacon, crispy, greasy, need, get, some, Canadian, making, tasty, kevin)
ROUND 3 SONG:It All Makes Sense At The End


When she’s not bluffing her way through college courses or looking passably attractive from a distance, Molly Lewis enjoys playing ukulele, microwaving marshmallow Peeps, talking to cats, and Twittering. Early last year, she wrote two original songs, “MyHope” and “Road Trip”. “MyHope” is about the inevitable day when our children will learn how to navigate the interweb and how they will LOL at our old internet presences, namely MySpace; of “Road Trip”, Molly says it’s about “that astronaut lady who went crazy and wore the diapers, you remember that?”  She has not written any songs since.  Hopefully this competition will remedy that. When Molly was in middle school, she took up the guitar. That sank into the swamp. So she took up the mandolin. That sank into the swamp. So she took up the banjo. That burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp. But the ukulele has stayed. And that’s what you’re going to get, Quick Stop Entertainment: the strongest ukulele in all of Tacoma, Washington.

Official Website: www.sweetafton23.com/primer/
Twitter: twitter.com/Molly23
ROUND 1 SONG:I Pity The (Song) Fu
ROUND 2 SONG:Peep Fight” (WORDS USED: marshmallow, Peeps, toothpicks, microwave, sword, fight, stomach, put, in, the)
ROUND 3 SONG:It All Makes Sense At The End


songfu-jutzeschult.jpgJohannes “Jutze” Schult (from Germany) likes to make songs about weird stories and situations. It’s all about creating a musical scenario that is somewhat original, yet believable by some stretch of imagination. Jutze used to play drums in a heavy metal band, and then founded his own pop band where he played guitar. These days he’s mainly doing solo work for the fun of it.

Official Website: www.jutze.com
Twitter: twitter.com/schult
ROUND 1 SONG:A Mallful Of Brains
ROUND 2 SONG:God Of Bingo” (WORDS USED: bingo, Jimmi, Simpson, is, awesome, rocks, the, god, of, he)
ROUND 3 SONG:It All Makes Sense At The End




And now, it’s time for that all important voting. For this round, you can choose your TOP 5 FAVORITE Challenger songs. Be sure to choose carefully. VOTING CLOSES AT 11:59pm EST on THURSDAY, APRIL 9th.



[poll id="16"]

View Results



[poll id="12"]

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[poll id="13"]

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[poll id="14"]

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[poll id="15"]

View Results


If you triumph, not only will you win remarkable (and potentially off-putting) bragging rights and a clutch of fantastic mystery prizes, you will also become the proud owner of the magnificent, one-of-a-kind MASTER OF SONG FU TROPHY.

Good luck, and bring on the Fu.



67 Responses to “Masters Of Song Fu #3: Round 3 Challenge Voting Begins!”

  1. Jaleho Says:

    Crabbydad and Joe “Covenant” Lamb came out with two very similar songs… but “in the end” I went with Joe because his version cleverly “implied” the endings rather than just blatantly telling them (both were very good, but i already had 4 i liked more than both of them, and these two were tied for my fifth place)

  2. crabbydad Says:

    Jaleho, don’t you mean “at the end”? It is wild how Covenant and I ended up with such similar ideas. Perhaps he is my Fu-ppelganger.

  3. Covenant Says:

    OKay All….
    Because you demanded it !
    (I’m *sure* you did ???!) ;’ ))

    It All Makes Sense…

    The blonde drove her car to the run-down motel,
    Unwittingly stepped into her private hell,
    She could deal with the son, but not mother as well,
    But it all makes sense at the end.

    It started with monkeys, then went to the moon,
    Then a murd’rous computer made the crew met their doom.
    But how did that great big monolith
    Get in that nice white room?
    But it all makes sense at the end.

    The twists and the turns and the holes in the plot,
    They still keep us seated at our movie spot,
    With our coke and our popcorn, while thinking, “Now What!?”
    But it all makes sense at the end.

    Now Skywalker fin’lly had run out of luck,
    He’d been Bitch-Slapped at Bespin, his hand was cut off,
    But Darth Vader’s his Father? Well… how does THAT work?
    Yet it all makes sense at the end.

    Now who would think, the greatest trick, the Devil ever pulled,
    Was make us think he don’t exist? We certainly were fooled!
    But surely Keyzer Soze’s six feet nine in stocking soles?
    But it all makes sense at the end!


    We try to interpret,
    But always in vain,
    What are the Twelve Monkeys?
    Was Ming really slain?
    The questions abound,
    But like Citizen Kane,
    It all makes sense at the end.

    Even Pi…
    With that Math Genius guy,
    Had a surfeit of logic
    You could not deny.
    But not Donnie Darko,
    We tried and we tried….
    But that made NO sense at the end…
    … or the beginning…
    … or the middle…
    … it was still good though…


    So Rorchach’s in prison, the comedian’s dead,
    A latex Silk Spectre turned the Night Owl’s head.
    And even Doc Manhattan went where Adrian led,
    But it all makes sense at the end.

    And life’s like a movie, tho’ sometimes you’re bored,
    And most would end up on the cutting room floor.
    But we keep going forward,
    And pray to the Lord…
    That it all makes sense at the end.
    It all makes sense at the end…
    Will it all make sense at the end?
    It all makes sense at the end…

    Thanks to all the voters, you make this Contest What It Is !

  4. Covenant Says:

    @Jaleho and crabbydad
    I was discussing this idea with another Fu-er.. and HE had had an idea like this too… and HE came up with ALL but one of the same films as *I* had ! (Scary stuff, huh ??

  5. Hazen Nester Says:

    I dunno. I was toying with that idea myself before abandoning it for my final product.

  6. MickB Says:

    Quite a lot of overlapping ideas this time around!

    Video for my song (with lyrics as subtitles if you need them) at http://mickbordet.blogspot.com/

  7. Rogue Bohemian Says:

    Lyrics to OUR “It All Makes Sense At The End”, in case you can’t keep up with the rap. Or because you’re actually interested. Either way…

    (yo ho callout)

    Now, I’ve heard of Sustainable Dave, and what he’s doing is good
    Got his trash on display, he’s one environmental dude
    So he got me thinking, “Hey, why can’t I do that?”
    So I set to work with some gloves and a hard hat
    Took out the light bulbs, there are other sources of light
    Work by sun in the day, work by candle at night
    Then I went through the house and unplugged my vampires
    My Ghosts and Goblins too, I’m going one step higher

    I like to burn plastic, I like the smell
    If I could, then I would burn this world to hell
    Don’t cut the plastic rings, baby seals had it coming
    Flushing batteries and hair spray down my toilet’s plumbing

    I can’t cook food, but take-out’s such a waste
    So to help the environment I haven’t eaten in three days
    Everything I own is run on solar power
    Even though the energy last only an hour
    Now I live in the desert, so geothermal is easy
    Haven’t showered in weeks, even though I feel sleazy
    Dakota Fanning is planning on saving the whales
    But I’ve already pulled up anchor, and I’m setting sail


    Mother Teresa cries as I drive my Hummer
    Turn my AC way up high in the summer
    When my sneakers wear out, I set them on fire
    Crapping up the world is my one desire

    Nine planets in the system, only one does the sun care
    To bear, but we take it for granted, and beware
    We waste our resources so fast it ain’t funny
    They don’t last forever, they don’t replenish like money
    So I insulate my house with plastic wrap, and you pout
    Because it covers the doors and “we can’t get out”
    But when you go eco-friendly, you can’t be eco-convenient
    If you’re gonna make this change, you’re gonna have to mean it

    An ecogenic schizophrenic, three in one
    One wants to save the earth, one wants to blow up the sun
    But none have a gun that’s the size of a cannon
    And I’ll blast you away while we’re still deadpannin’

  8. Alex Says:

    Round two, all of Paul & Storm’s competition mysteriously drops out. Molly points it out, and Paul & Storm tell Molly to keep quiet.

    Round three, some mysterious entity has set dingoes loose on Paul & Storm.

    Culprit! Thy name be Molly!

  9. Eddie Colton Says:

    Yay Hank.

  10. BucketHatBobby Says:

    I’m really sorry about the quality of this week’s song. between my jobs, school, and life in general, I had a grand total of 2 hours to work on this song…

  11. Molly Says:


  12. The Rogue Bohemian Says:

    Sustainable Dave is referenced early in our song. I think it’s fair to say that he inspired the starts of it. His website gives thousands of ways to live more sustainably, and is very practical. I highly recommend it. http://sustainabledave.squarespace.com/

  13. The Rogue Bohemian Says:

    Sustainable Dave is referenced early in our song. I think it’s fair to say that he inspired the starts of it. His website gives thousands of ways to live more sustainably, and is very practical. I highly recommend it.

    sustainabledave . squarespace . com

    (Take out the spaces.)

  14. Molly Says:

    Also, Edric is by far my favorite contestant.

  15. Eddie Colton Says:

    Hank made a slow song. I can die now.

    Molly is my favorite person. Ever.

    Here’s my non-entry:

  16. BucketHatBobby Says:

    Oddly enough… my song is about the Watchmen, too. From the view of Rorschach before he died. Weird…

  17. Edric Haleen Says:

    Wow! Thanks, Molly!

    I love this competition. It totally doesn’t matter that the ultimate determination of which “Challenger” gets to go up against which “Master” is more of a “traffic contest” than anything else (no offense to the people with large Internet fan bases). With the new voting rules, everyone gets to write at least three songs, and it’s so much fun getting to pit yourself against a new challenge every few weeks, bring something creative and intelligent into the world, and then get to share it and see what others have done. Long live Song Fu!!

    It All Makes Sense At The End
    (As interpreted by Edric Haleen)


    Ladies and Gentlemen! In these hard times,
    Surrounded by so much uncertainty and fear,
    Let us remember that there is always a bright beacon of hope before us!

    Well bad things happen all the time and catch you off your guard.
    But ‘though you’re not sure what to do, there’s hope when times are hard.
    And ‘though you may not understand, I’d like to tell you, friend.

    Your house foreclosed? You lost your job?
    Your pension gone? Don’t sit and sob!
    Just get on board
    And trust the Lord,
    And someday you’ll get your reward!
    It all makes sense at the end!


    It all makes sense!
    It all makes sense!
    It all makes sense!
    It all makes sense!


    Well ev’ry now and then we have to deal with loss and grief.
    And sometimes, in our pain, we start to question our belief.
    But why waste precious time on things you cannot comprehend?

    Your mother died? Your baby died?
    Your son committed suicide?
    Forget the pain.
    Turn off your brain.
    God’s will is hard to ascertain,
    But it all makes sense at the end!


    It all makes sense!
    It all makes sense!


    Some try to say, “There is no god!” but they’re a bunch of heathens.
    The Universe shows strong design, and human beings AREN’T AN ACCIDENT!!
    And Nature’s wonders offer proof a god exists.

    And since there is a god,
    He absolutely,
    Must be
    Omnipotent and omnipresent.
    And best of all, He cares for you!
    And even answers prayers!


    It all makes sense!
    It all makes sense!
    It all makes sense!
    It all makes sense!


    So if right now you’re down-and-out, it won’t last very long.
    ‘Cause Someone’s there to give you help and hope when things go wrong.
    So lift your heart, ‘cause God is love! He gave His son to save you!
    And ‘though you’ve done things you regret, rejoice! ‘Cause God forgave you!
    No matter how bad things are here, He’ll take you up to Heaven.

    But not the Mormons. Not the Jews.
    Not those Muslims throwing shoes.

    Not the Hindus. Not the Sikhs.
    Not those Hare Krishna freaks.

    Not the Shintos. Not Confucians.
    Not those mystic Rosicrucians.

    Not the Marxists. Not the Wiccans.
    Not those damn agnostic chickens.

    Not the pro-choice! Not the gays!
    And not the lib’rals nowadays!

    And atheists we won’t discuss.
    Oh, aren’t you glad you’re one of us?
    It all makes sense!


    It all makes sense!
    It all makes sense!
    It all makes sense!
    It all makes sense!


    So send your money! Tell a friend!
    ‘Cause Heaven’s just around the bend!
    It all makes sense!
    It all makes sense!
    It all makes sense –

    (And if you doubt even a thing I’ve said –
    you’re probably going to hell, too!)

    At the end!

  18. Jeff Says:

    I just finished listening to all the entries and I am really impressed. I do have to say that this round, my favorite is Edric’s tune. Awesome song.

  19. Edric Haleen Says:

    Okay — that was weird. Apparently, this form deleted the two lines I put with “less than” and “greater than” signs.

    The two deleted lyrics are…

    “That’s right!”


    “Praise Jebus!”


  20. Edric Haleen Says:

    I know that, on the Internet, you can often expect a somewhat shorter attention span from people than you would get in other media. So I just want to put it out there — if you’ve listened to Mike Lombardo’s contribution to this round, but you managed to miss the last 16 seconds — it’s worth listening again. Very nice, Mike!


  21. The Masked Stranger Says:

    I have to say that Jutze was absolutely amazing this round. Truly, Jutze, you really pulled it off. Your song is probably one of my all time Song Fu favorites.

    Now, these are the lyrics to my very own “It All Makes Sense At The End” :

    A life lived long is long as long is,
    And is the long way to death,
    We don’t know if anyone along the way is to be trusted long,
    But we don’t hold our breath,
    We can’t prove your existence!
    You might all be a dream!
    But if I’m murdered,
    The killer will be,
    More real than anything ever known to me,
    He will have exerted his existence over me,
    He will have created a work of art in action so powerful and pure,
    He will have shown me that my world is truly all that I had hoped it was,
    And when I ascend through the swirling azure,
    I will know that he painted a canvas in blood that only I could see thus,
    It all makes sense at the end!

  22. Mike Lombardo Says:

    As Edric was nice enough to point out, my lyrics are atually:

    “Now it all makes cents
    and it all makes scents
    and it all makes sense
    at the end”

  23. sevinPackage Says:

    Thanks to all the contestants that posted the lyrics to their songs! This is a practice that should continue in future challenges.

    My review for this round will be posted on YouTube sometime this weekend.

  24. Mike Lombardo Says:

    Here’s my lyrics, if you dont “get” my song you might want to listen all the way through past the ending..

    I was woken up this morning
    to a knock upon my door
    the mailman stands with pen in hand
    and a package to sign for
    he says it’s for my brother
    and there’s about three hundred more
    and what the hell’s goin on aroud here?

    I said, woah,I dont know, maybe it will all make sense at the end
    I just said woah, I don’t know, maybe it will all make sense at the end

    At the end of this crazy day
    I went up to my room
    turn on the TV before bed
    channel 9, my mamma’s on
    wearing a spandex thong
    and some other lady’s punchin her in the head

    I went and saw my father and said, daddy, please tell me
    what’s with the boxes and the lemons, and
    why’s mamma on tv?
    he slowly turned his head and said, I’ll tell you what, my son
    grab a chill pill, grab a seat. and, grab a beer. you’re 21.

    your brother wants a business. it was fine enough by me
    so he’s starting up an antique coin collectin’ company
    he had to buy some coins first, cause, sonny, nothin’s free
    but it will all make cents at the end.

    your sister, she’s been stockin’ up those lemons since last june
    she’s also got about 90 pounds of sugar in her room
    she’s manufacturing her homeade lemonade perfume
    and it will all make scents at the end.

    your mamma’s got a real bad case of
    nothing else to lose
    she quit her job and joined a wrestling team
    but she does a real good job with it
    and every time she takes a hit
    they donate 50 cent to charity

    hey, oh.
    now I know
    It all makes sense at the end
    Now I know
    and it all makes cents
    and it all make scents
    and it all make sense

  25. CuriousGeorge Says:

    How can this be the “Masters of Song Fu” if the masters don’t even contribute? Should it just be “Song Fu” instead? At least Paul and Storm lasted two rounds, Neal and G&O pooped out after round 1…

  26. Alex Says:


    On the grounds that I am afraid of evil dignoes, I hereby withdraw my former statement.

  27. Edric Haleen Says:

    I’d like to take a moment to recognize and congratulate all of the competitors who successfully completed all of the challenges in the first three rounds! (Which, ironically enough, doesn’t include any of the Masters! x-P )

    I’m not sure that people who visit this site really understand what it takes to do this. It’s hard enough writing and recording a song in a week. But above and beyond that, there’s the whole experience of putting your work out there for critique and commentary and (gulp!) voting — from an Internet-going public that often has only a five- or ten-second attention span for the new and unfamiliar. I have _particular_ respect for the people who have been lagging behind in the voting, but keep putting themselves out there round after round. It’s much easier to risk when you feel appreciated and supported and “liked.” It shows great strength to keep going and keep creating, even when you feel like you’re only “nine people’s favorite thing,” and that everyone else is voting for the Red Velvet. (That’s a [title of show] reference — follow these links if you’re not familiar…)


    It’s a real “heart-in-your-throat” moment when you submit your song. When you’re anticipating whether or not people are going to appreciate all the work and thought and craft that went into it. When you’re pondering whether you’re apt to fall above or below (as Bryce termed it on his blog) the “line of suck.” (When you’re wondering why the hell it’s been more than a week, and Ken Plume not only hasn’t put up the new songs yet, but hasn’t even explained the delay, and you’re about jumping out of your skin from nerves and apprehension…)

    And we’ve all been doing this for more than two months, now. The first challenge was posted on February 3rd. That’s a long time to be committed to this. And, sadly, we’ve lost some good people along the way. But even if you didn’t complete three songs — thank you for the songs you did write, and for the risks you did take. Hopefully there will be a MoSF #4 Hopefully the strong-of-heart will be back; they’ll be joined by new faces; and the creative juices will keep flowing. Long live Song Fu!

  28. Russ Rogers Says:

    Wow. A lot of very creative solutions to Ken Plume’s puzzle. And most of them make sense in the end. Great job, Gang! And if you ask me, I voted for you, of course.

  29. Zuran2000 Says:

    Just wanted to say that while I enjoyed a good majority of the songs posted in the competition, Mike Lombardo really wowed me in all 3 rounds so far, newfan++

  30. Mick Bordet Says:

    Well said. As one of those laggers, I appreciate and agree with your comments. I have been aware of the quality of my songs improving over the time I have been doing this, which is perhaps reflected in the fact that in the first Song Fu I did (#2) I came comfortably last, whereas this time I’m a little (only a little, mind you) further up the leaderboard.

    The other thing it has done is to give me a stack of new songs that just wouldn’t exist had it not been for the deadline and peer support/pressure which helps.

    In my first Song Fu, I kept writing songs to match the challenge even though I was knocked out in the first round - I’m so glad that Ken has changed the format to encourage the also-rans to keep on running. The move to multiple votes was also a good idea, as songs that would not otherwise be voted for stand a better chance. Those of us without large (or any) internet fanbases have been able to benefit from having more people listen to our songs - multiple votes encourages people to try more than just their favourite.

    Roll on round 4 and beyond!

  31. Tracy Says:

    ERRORS ON PAGE!! Some can vote, others cant!! Why is that? I got 5 wicked reasons to vote and got ERRORS ON PAGE!!
    It’s a damn conspiracy, I tell ye!!

  32. Tracy Says:

    I got it sussed! Follow these instructions!
    RIGHT! FOR THOSE WHO ENCOUNTERED “ERRORS ON PAGE” WHEN TRYING TO VOTE FOR ANYONE. I’VE WORKED OUT HOW TO GET ROUND IT!! Go to: http://www.quickstopentertainment.com/2009/04/02/masters-of-song-fu-3-round-3-songs/ Scroll down two thirds til you see highlighted link “Toy Box: Stargate…” etc. Click on the “home” link in that line. Wait for the page to load up and then scroll down til you see the Song fu 3 challenge link. Click on that, let page load up and the error has disappeared and you can vote!! Phew! It took half hour, but I got it sussed in the end!

  33. MikeLombardo Says:

    Thank you sir.

  34. Wilson Fowlie Says:

    @Edric: really appreciated your [title of show] reference! It’s a show that deserves to be better known than it is.

  35. Nate MVA Says:

    I wonder if Molly’s awesome fan base (Including me), will be enough to triumph over a partially digested Paul & Storm when they claw an escape from the bowels of Molly’s dingos…

  36. Mark Gordon Says:

    It looks like the nerdfighters discovered the latest round of polling; Hank picked up a couple hundred votes today.

  37. Covenant Says:

    Has something gone wrong with the site?
    Hank’s vote seems to have doubled in under an hour - and looks like there have not been enough *voters* for that to happen??
    I could be wrong, but… its weird.
    ;’ )
    Many congrats to all… and..
    A SPECIAL Song Fu On Friday ??????? YIKES !!?!??!

  38. Molly Says:

    I turned dingos on Paul & Storm and everything, and now I don’t even get to butt heads with them. Thanks, Hank.

  39. Sport Goggles Says:

    Well this contest is quickly losing credibility. Reminds me of the presidental vote tally in 2004. 200 votes for only one contestant in less than an hour. Maybe it’s legitimate but •••••

  40. Mark Gordon Says:

    @Covenant: Hank is half of vlogbrothers, a YouTube channel with nearly 75,000 subscribers, which is described in his above blurbiography. If some small fraction of them suddenly get wind of this round and don’t realize that they can vote for more than one, the numbers could easily skew as they have. FWIW, he hasn’t posted a video about this round.

  41. Alex P Says:

    Molly 23.


  42. CHRISTINE Says:


  43. Amanda Says:

    Go Molly!!

  44. Alex Says:

    Yeah, I don’t think there’s any need to question the legitimacy of Hank’s big surge of votes. Hank has a VERY big fanbase. As it was said in earlier rounds, if he really wanted to win that badly a single mention of the contest in one of his videos would likely net him enough votes to get the job done. Personally, I’m pulling for Molly, but I won’t hold any sort of grudge if Hank gets the win.

  45. Covenant Says:

    Guys, guys… Stick - wrong end of! ;’)

    It wasn’t that the upsurge *happened* that looked weird…
    (I’d been virtually expecting it!)

    It was that the number of voters went from something like 850, to just under 900, but Hank had gained almost 300 votes.

    (I know this because I was looking at the numbers of votes made and was thinking that I was surprised how FEW votes had been cast (as opposed to recent rounds) But that, as things stood, it was VERY close between Hank and Molly…And I was also surprised at how ‘relatively’ close *I* was to being up there too. But then the number of VOTERS hardly moved, but Hank jumped by almost 300…

    HOWEVER… It looks to have been a glitch in the voter count *itself*, as both Hank AND Molly have now more than twice their votes from yesterday… BUT the VOTERS numbers have now also gone up by over 500.

    Mystery - To all accounts - Solved! ;’ )

    @MarkGordon - I’m all too well aware of Hanks 64,000 plus devotees! ;’)))
    @Christine - Thank You !
    @SportGoggles… Nature of the beast! ;’ )

  46. Wilson Fowlie Says:

    Hank *did* mention the contest in his video for the second round, but I felt he was pretty fair about it, inviting his fans to come visit and vote for their favourites.

    (I don’t have the wording just right, but that, if I recall correctly, was the gist.)

  47. sevinPackage Says:

    My review for this round is complete.
    You can watch it here:

  48. Drew Says:

    I admit, I came here in round 2 because of the link from vlogbrothers… and voted only for Hank, Edric and Molly. but this round I didn’t vote for Hank at all… I liked the song but it wasn’t quite as clever as some of the entries.

    Anyway, good job to all of you, very impressive songwriting skills!

  49. Sport Goggle Says:


    Well said! Faith and integrity restored. Everyone who had the courage and talent to participate deserves to extraordinary praise.

  50. Sport Goggle Says:

    Too many “tos” is that last line. Sorry. I remain an idiot.

  51. Sport Goggle Says:

    “is” should be in. Like I said.

  52. Hank Says:

    Hrm?! Yeah, I don’t know. I didn’t tell anyone about it this time, and I can’t find in any of my forums where they might have been talking about it. Sorry about that, but it looks like Molly will win overall in any case. She totally pwnd us all with I Pity the (song) Fu.

    I didn’t want to tell anyone at first, but then some folks were like “the more the merrier!!” so I mentioned the contest along with my release of the 10-word song.

    Hard to make these things fair…there were so many great songs this round. I felt like mine got progressively worse while everyone else was getting progressively better.

  53. BucketHatBobby Says:

    You’re not the only one, Hank. I know I personally took a step backwards each challenge, and a few steps backwards from MoSF #2.
    My stuff from #2, I’m genuinely proud of, but I wouldn’t play any of my songs from #3 in front of people… ever…

    Next year, when I’m out of school, and just have my jobs to worry about, I’ll hopefully be a bit better.

  54. Tacy Says:

    I’m totally supporting Hank and Molly here. Also, I would like to inform people that Hank posted his song on youtube only a day before the contest ends so that doesn’t give much time for nerdfighters to go vote if they even found out because he didn’t say anything about his song being part of this challenge. Go Molly! Go Hank! DFTBA!!

  55. Alex Says:

    I don’t think anyone was really blaming you, Hank. It’s just that a lot of votes came out of nowhere very quickly and people wanted to what had happened. You really don’t need to worry about it at all.

  56. Alex Says:

    Come to think of it, though, you might want to keep an eye out for dingoes just in case. She did it to Paul & Storm, who knows where she’ll draw the line?!


  57. Riddle Says:

    Mike Lombardo’s song would be the true winner of this round in a truly fair world: it’s more fun, better-composed and way more clever than anybody else’s. and i’m sorry mr. Green but your song this round just isn’t worth the votes your fans threw at it.
    lastly, Masked Strangler, you continue to be weird. that is an imperative.

  58. Jay Says:

    Why don’t this rounds votes tally… ive just done a quick totup… it says 1714 votes have been cast… but somehow (if you add the votes together) i have managed to get 3148 ???

  59. Mark Gordon Says:

    Votes outnumber voters because each voter gets to select up to five songs when voting. Note the user interface: check boxes, not radio buttons.

  60. The Masked Stranger Says:

    That counter doesn’t count voters though, it counts votes. Also note that not everyone votes for five people, otherwise the votes would have been spread around more. I’d say that the overall tally just doesn’t update very often and is just trying to catch up with the actual voting.

    Also, is anyone else doing a review of this round? Because so far, Sevin seems to be the only one who has, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Actually… I think I might just do one of my own.

  61. Edric Haleen Says:

    Well — this should be the end of the road for most of us in MoSF #3. (Who knows what the “special Masters of Song Fu event” might be tomorrow that Ken Plume has been hinting at for a couple of days now.)

    In case anyone cares, I finally got new web pages up and running. Here’s the URL — see you all in MoSF #4!



  62. Eddie Colton Says:

    I liked Hank’s song probably more than it deserved because I was impressed that he finally did a slow song and it had a deeper message than his others. And I dub Hank’s style “WikiSongs” because of all the statistics that he uses. Ironically, Molly’s song does not qualify.

    JoCo’s was the best of the three movie songs. And by JoCo I mean Joe Covenant Lamb, naturally.

    I also liked Jeff MacDougall’s masterful REM [homage].

  63. Sport Goggle Says:

    Congratulations to all of you. The professional courtesy shown by each of you through out the competition was extraordinary. Your futures are bright!

  64. Jutze Says:

    Feedback, lyrics, video, thanks! Better late than never - and because I’m likely to miss tonight’s broadcast which is a shame.

    Round 3: This was possibly the strongest SongFu round so far, except for the infamous JoCo-P&S imitation duel last year. Hank, Edric, Molly and Mike excelled! I find it disappointing that none of the masters contributed a song. Some clarification on the reasons would be appreciated. I do understand that health/business/food issues might become more important than this, but if you can’t join the party, why not send a short message, anyway?

    Track by track comments:

    Jeff MacDougall: I can’t get rid of the R.E.M. reference Eddie Colton mentioned (who btw made a nice shadow-entry). Once again, good production and a song with personality. Yet, the lyrics don’t grip me and I ended up not voting for this one. Sorry.

    Edric Haleen: My favourite track in this round. I love the emotive vocals and the swinging piano work. Well done! And, apparently, a great implementation of the given title.

    “Buckethat” Bobby Matheson: This one reminds me of the first SongFu installment when we all were less ‘produced’ (or simply absent). Turning the title into a question is a nice twist and I have a weakness for the organ sound. Still, the song remains somewhat mediocre (compared to the other entries).

    Insane Ian: Folky guitar and vocals sound nice; the lyrics seem to unfold a story in which some key information is only presented at the end / in the last verse. Possibly as ‘foreseeable’ as the movie-ending songs, a little bit dull music-wise; maybe a bit more insanity would have been in order.

    Joe “Covenant” Lamb: Paul Simon-vibes meet movie geek lyrics - Joe still puts a lot of syllables into the lyrics. (My band’s singer used accused me of this time and again, so by now I pay special attention.) The song works in the background, but the samples become a bit annoying under headphones.

    Mick Bordet: Another movie geek song. Both tunes are somewhat foreseeable in their lyrics, and both fail to keep up the supsension by musical creative. I like that Joe didn’t overload the vocal tracks; maybe Mick’s song could have been improved by less (and clearer) vocals. In the present state, the track is a bit torn between new wave guitars, a hard rock feeling in the melody and organ, and at times irritating vocals.

    The Masked Stranger: The lyrics are only slightly more digestable than the music. Intense words that make Hank’s story almost a bit silly. The distorted recording hurts my ears (or is it my soul?) The exact opposite of pure sugar, I guess.

    Timothy Rush: Tiny chicken fai…, eh, tiny attention span fail. A harmonica is shuffling and the (full) vocals drown somewhere along the way.

    Crabbydad: Country, yay! Cool guitar work, nice banjo sounds, soothing melodies, good vocals. The final (title) line fails to conclude the otherwise great harmonies. If you could just fly in Hank’s part here… ;-) Still, I think the tune was worth the late-night work on it.

    Hank Green: A bit like Joe Covenant, Hank has a tendency to stuff a lot of syllables into the vocal lines. The present refrain suffers a bit from the subsequent monotony. Also, a bit of variation in the first half of the refrain might have spiced things up. Apart from that, I do like the song. The rather serious lyrical approach still has witty touches, but as surprising as it may seem, Hank’s delivered a touching, thoughtful ballad which sets him apart from the other contestants.

    Mike Lombardo: Mike’s best vocal performance so far; the harmonies at the title line are great. Maybe the song could have done without the drums (or with a country and western instrumentation instead of the piano), but that’s only a minor flaw. The story takes strange turns and at first it’s basically lemonade. So thanks for posting the lyrics.

    Jalapeno Habaneros: They most coherent entry so far. I not a rap fan and I fail to figure out the connection to the actual task. (I know, I’m on thin ice having left out the title line in my own lyrics.) The vocals should have been much more prominent in the mix.

    Hazen Nester: My general impression is a slightly shaky one. Otherwise, my attention span fails me. Sorry.

    Audiomohel: Good groovy, funky music - but I have a hard time following the song. The “chicken - ohe” part makes me smile, but all in all, it doesn not really make too much sense to me at the end.

    Molly Lewis: Possibly the best lyrics in this round and the most thorough implementation of the title. I always wish for more straight-forward harmonies, but Molly appears to prefer more elaborate melodies (and is well equiped to sing them) - and most voters appreciate that. Nice vote-worthy song, anyway.

    Jutze Schult: If you haven’t already seen it, I’ve made an somewhat animated video clip to my entry (incl. lyrics): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdeIPpqT1lw - I’m not very familiar with Black Sabbath and know exactly one King Diamond, but tried to write something in that direction, anyway, using lyrics you don’t normally associate with this type of music. I figured that pancakes where the one thing that can’t possible be viewed in a satanic context. Of course, I’m not made to be a metal singer (though I didn’t really strain my throat,) so I ended up with the ridiculous vibrato (the constant joggling of my jugular did hurt.) I also managed to play a halfway decent guitar solo - all in one take, no tweaking! I’m still amazed myself.

    Here are the lyrics…

    Seek the mother of a calf
    And steal some of her milk
    Take two cups and a half
    Make sure they are filled
    Take the feathered’s unborn
    And crack open their shell
    Take all that’s inside
    And pour it into the cauldron
    Pour it into the cauldron
    Pour it into the cauldron

    Seek the wheat in the valley
    Defying the wind alone
    Cut it down without mercy
    And grind it with a stone
    Separate it from the chaff
    Obtain a snow-white powder
    Take enough to fill two cups
    And pour it into the cauldron
    Pour it into the cauldron
    Pour it into the cauldron

    Stir it! Stir it! Stir it! Stir it!

    Now take some of the thick mass and some oil and pour it into the frying pan
    Into the frying pan
    Heat up the frying pan
    Heat up the frying pan
    Devour them all
    Satanic pancakes

    Finally, a big THANK YOU to Ken and QuickStopEntertainment for three entertaining rounds that were indeed challenging! You rock!

  65. Jutze Says:

    @sevinPackage - thanks for the cool review videos you made! I think they’re really great.

    I just posted my own remarks on all the other entries, but the spam filter ate them. Let’s hope it’ll poop ‘em out some time…

  66. sevinPackage Says:

    @Jutze: Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy my reviews!
    I plan to make one for all the previous MoSF rounds (especially the infamous JoCo-P&S imitation duel - some of the best work from any Masters, if you ask me).
    I appreciate your perspective as well, and I’m sure many others are pleased that you provided us with a review as well!
    BTW, I agree with you and Eddie about how similar Jeff’s voice is to Mr. Stipe. JMac could make a few extra bucks on the side as a soundalike. I also agree that Lex Vader (Eddie Colton) made an interesting Shadow Fu song this round (he’s consistently good enough that he should sign up to compete in the next edition), and folks should listen to his stuff (click on his name in this thread)!

  67. beth Says:

    Let’s not forget the PEEP song while stroking Molly’s ego. She’s the best no doubt, but lets not let the kid get too cocky.

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