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I’m Ken Plume, and soon you’ll be listening to “A Bit Of A Chat” with me, Ken Plume.

In this episode, I’m having a bit of a chat with comedian, actor, and musician Bo Burnham.

YouTube has spawned many an overnight star, but most of them burn hot and then are extinguished by cold, dark apathy as fickle audiences move on to the next thing.

Tortured star metaphor aside, comedian Bo Burnham is the rare exception to that tragic metaphor, as he’s been able to forge a stand-up career - and a path in Hollywood - since posting his first music video on the site at age 16.

Since then, he’s secured an agent, landed a Comedy Central special (airing on March 27th), is releasing an album (on March 10th, which also includes a DVD of the aforementioned special), and is currently writing the script and music for a film that’s been described as the anti-High School Musical for Judd Apatow.

Be sure to visit his official website at www.BoBurnham.com

What follows is my conversation with Bo. It’s certainly one of the more unique interviews I’ve done, conducted soon after one of his college shows was met by a small group of student protesters. Nobody said edgy comedy was universal.

Here now is my chat with Bo Burnham… Hope you enjoy…



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2 Responses to “A Bit Of A Chat with Ken Plume & Bo Burnham”

  1. max Says:

    Oh, Awesome Ken.
    Didn’t expect anything like this.
    Bo Burnham’s pretty great.

  2. adam styles Says:

    i love bo burnham!!!
    i cant believe i found him on this site. very exciting.

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