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Some people hang the holly, others decorate the tree, and a few even terrorize the neighborhood with off-key caroling.

Not us.

Here at Quick Stop Entertainment, we’re celebrating the holiday season by giving a little something back to you, our readers (you know who you are).

Every weekday leading up to the holiday break, we’ve got uber-exclusive gifts provided by a whole range of artists, actors, comedians, and studios. One a day, straight from them to you (and you can check out last year’s fun here).

Ain’t that cool?

Today, we’ve got an exclusive video from those fine folks at SCRUBS, featuring Zach Braff and a Muppety guest star announcing their move to ABC in the New Year.

SCRUBS premieres January 6th at 9:00pm on ABC, so be sure to tune in!


Check out the rest of this year’s Holiday Havoc - and past Havoc - HERE



40 Responses to “Holiday Havoc: SCRUBS”

  1. sunnygirl_Marisha Says:

    HyuPPY!!!! You must know something…all Mongols and Uzbeks love you SO MUSH!!! I live in Mongolia and I lived in Uzbekistan, if You’ll open map, You’ll see these countries. All people in our world LOVE YOU!!! And we always talk with my friends about “SCRUBS”. And we’ll hope to see other seasons(f.e. 3,4,5 and 6)…there is some problems with it. But it isn’t so bad, we saw the 1st and the 2nd seasons. Thank You for this COOL, realy cool, serial!!!
    P.S. Sorry, if I wrote with mistakes, cause I don’t know English so well

  2. Malo Says:

    Thanks Scrubs!

  3. [SCRUBS] HQ • Daily Scrubs News Says:

    [...] Finally there is a new video blog up   You Can Watch the Video At Quick Stop Here [...]

  4. Carrie Says:

    So awesome, thanks for the new vid! I hope we get more this coming year!

  5. adam zielinski Says:

    i love scrubs and i love elmo this was funny

  6. jim Says:


    also caps because i’m the best.

  7. Zach Says:

    I love SCRUBS, Zach and everyone else, I love the video blog, extremely excited about the new episode, best show ever…

  8. Kaylee Says:

    Oh my god, I love Zach Braff.

  9. Erin Says:

    what was the word he said that he shouldnt have? i dont get it! lol

  10. Angelique Says:

    He said, “I’m “effing” this up” but used the ACTUAL word.

  11. Anthony Says:

    “what was the word he said that he shouldnt have? i dont get it! lol”

    Zach Braff dropped an F bomb. He said he’s “f-ing this up.”

  12. cat sparks Says:

    I want to work/play with Elmo!! Very funny =)

  13. Aubrey Says:

    How cute! I love and miss scrubs. I am excited for this last season. It wouldn’t have been right not to end it all correctly….NBC SUCKS!

  14. Stephanie Malyszko Says:

    haha sooo cute…

  15. jb Says:

    ha elmo dont use that word on sesame street!!! nice! lmao

  16. Joey! Says:

    “Okay, take it back to Sesame Street!”
    I love the show SO MUCH, and I can’t wait until Jan. 6th!
    Zach, you rock.

  17. Dawn Says:

    Elmos got a gun everybody run!!! Now hes aquiped with his new word sesame street is goin down!!!!

  18. Nina Says:

    Thanks for the vlog. It really brightened my day. Two of my favorite people….Zach Braff and Elmo. :-)

  19. Noel Says:

    I don’t like Elmo, but I do love Scrubs!! This was kinda cute! :)

  20. Emily Says:

    Oh my gosh! I love Scrubs and when I heard that they where making a new season, I was so excited.
    Makes my day.

  21. Tracey Johnson Says:

    Scrubs moving to another network… How exciting but not as exciting as having the gang back in my living room once a week with all new episodes! Scrubs is such a creatively written show. It is the type of comedy that is desperately needed to remind us that we all still have a sense of humor. The cast are all amazing, I hope we are not missing any???
    Too bad I’m heading to China to teach for 6 months, have to rely on recorded versions! (still great though!)

  22. Katie Says:

    Oh dude that was too awesome! Elmo seriously dropped the F bomb! hahaha. if my nephew saw this he would freak! (he loves elmo). Once again, that was awesome.

  23. C Says:

    While you play with Elmo, I’ll play with Zach. ;]

  24. darkness Says:

    this season of scrubs look promising

  25. nick Says:

    that was awesome congrats on you move and new season happy holidays Scrubs crew and stars…..

  26. Ryan Says:

    Haha Zach Braff is teaching Elmo new words! I am extremely excited for this season! It will be much better than season 7, of that I am sure.

  27. SheilaO Says:

    That made me laugh until my tummy hurt. I love Zach and muppets, and this tickled me to my core. I must have replayed a dozen times already. That’s so funny! haha
    I am so excited about the new season of Scrubs finally airing. I have to thank ABC too. Love the entire Scrubs gang!
    Happy Holidays all!!!

  28. Liza Says:

    That was brilliant! Lovely to see my two favourite cuties on the one screen! Most kiddies that watch Sesame Street would know that word but just in case maybe you should put a gag order on Elmo! Hurray for ABC, you have picked up the most clever show on television! Make sure you pass it on to us eager fans in Australia!

  29. Scrubs and Muppets, together again Says:

    [...] and Muppets, together again Commenta 24th December , 2008 Here’s a video of Zach Braff and Elmo, introducing the new upcoming season of Scrubs, complete with [...]

  30. Markesha Says:

    Most excellent.

  31. noe Says:

    this was so funny!!!! elmo and zach make perfect cohosts for like a late night gig like the tonight show… very hilarious cant wait 4 the new season 2 premiere!!!!

  32. dacia Says:

    I LOVE SCRUBS!! Cant wait to see the new season January 6th. This video is too cute=)

  33. amy Says:

    you are so adorable….

  34. KIM Says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the next season…..Wait….are grover, oscar and other furry muppets really on the shows? I love the muppets! Elmo cracks me up….so do ernie & bert. oh, yhe good ol days…… happy holidays

  35. Denise Says:

    bahaha!! Elmo and JD will have a good time!! thanks for posting!

    Elmo really is fun to be with!! :D

  36. william Says:

    i love scrubs i can’t wait for australia to pick up season 8

  37. aRAGman Says:

    wow i only just found out about this new season today! lol. australias a bit slow. so i cant wait for it to hit over here!

  38. Courtney Says:

    i love zach braff even though i couldnt load the video, im trying to get the seventh series still
    heard the were shooting a NINTH! ha!

  39. Michael Says:

    When will you guys post blogs for the new season?

  40. chrisis Says:

    Is there a chance you’re going to visit the new Season 9 (spin-off) sets some time? Would love it!

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