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COMics & Comics 31208- lOGO

Howdy Interwebbers. I’m Matt Cohen and I dig Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Saw it twice in theaters, bought the soundtrack. Love it. My favorite comedy of ‘08 so far (Zack and Miri Halloween night, kiddos). Of the principal cast, the only member I was aware of was Mila Kunis - so not only did I get a hilariously funny movie this year, I got introduced to Kristen Bell, Jason Segal and Russell Brand, all three which I am a big fan of now. But all of that was then, and some time has passed. Just how would this “pinnacle” of comedy (in my opinion) hold up after a few months of distraction/other movies.

I got my hands on the newly released Blu-Ray edition of the film, and am proud to report it holds up. Really well (Well enough that I am super psyched about the Brand/Hill spinoff Get me to the Greek). Just how well does it hold up, you may be asking? Why don’t we take a look at the new DVD release of the film, and we may just find out. Look up… OK, thanks. Now look down. Much better.



THE FLICK: What can I say that I haven’t already, in various mediums and rants? I love this damn movie. This, to me, was the true surprise of ‘08. I had never (and have never) seen Freaks and Geek or Undeclared, so this was my first real exposure to the wonderful man-squatch that is Jason Segal (I’ve seen gotten into HIMYM, which is my favorite abbreviation on the web). I remember liking the trailer for the film, and being excited to see it, but nothing could prepare me for how hard I would laugh upon first (and second, and third, and fourth) viewings. This DVD promises to be the “Unrated-extended edition”, but in a movie that featured prominent dudity (and from the lead, at that), nothing really feels “unrated” - but, rather, deleted. And that’s fine, because most if not all of the new material is additional lines in established scenes, with only one or two exceptions (featuring a yoga scene with the always great Kristen Wigg) and none of the jokes stray from the rest of the film, so nothing feels tacked on or forced. (My new favorite line in the movie is in the extended scenes… “She made me a baby!!!!!”. ) If you liked the theatrical version, you will enjoy the DVD edition just the same. There is nothing radically different, but for a fan like myself, ANY additional material is wanted and highly appreciated. One of the funnier movies I’ve seen in years and one of the sweeter ones as well. I don’t always subscribe to the Apatow formula, but director Nick Stoller has nailed that combo of silly and serious, making this movie much more than its gross out compatriots. This will become one of THOSE classic comedies, and I for one will get a hell of a lot of use out of this disc.

THE EXTRAS: I’ll break these down by feature, all blurb style and what not-

Deleted And Extended Scenes: Lots of good stuff, much of which makes it into the extended cut. Almost longer then the movie itself.

Line-O-Rama: An Apatow staple that, while not as brilliant as the ones on other discs, still manages to leave you rolling on the floor laughing for a few minutes. Some really funny, messed up stuff.

Gag Reel: Silly and short, but good for a few laughs. Kind of too similar to a line-o-rama to be anything crazy good.

We’ve Got To Do Something” – We get a taste of it in the film, but Brand’s extended video is funnier then we could have ever expected. If there was ever a perfect casting call, it was Russell Brand as Aldous Snow.

“Dracula’s Lament”: Jason Segel’s table read version of the film’s hilarious Dracula song

“A Taste For Love”: A neat little doc on the creation of the puppets used in the film’s finale. A must see for any Muppet/puppet fans.

Raw Footage: Remember that Video Ichat scene in the movie? Well, it didn’t go as easy as it looks. Check out Bill Hader corpsing for 10 straight minutes. Funny stuff.

Red Band Trailer: It’s a trailer! But for real, I don’t remember the red band for some reason. It’s a mini movie!

Puppet Break-Up:  Add puppets and I am there. Segal is my hero. I hope he writes Sweetums into this new Muppet flick. Now I’m just thinking out loud.

Sex-O-Rama: Note to future writers: Always make sure the character you will play winds up sleeping with like 10 gorgeous women. Hollywood is so tough, folks. Basically, a line-o-rama in the bedroom. Great stuff.

Drunk-O-Rama: Another O-Rama… Really? Sex and the City extended makes this bit worth the price of admission alone. “I’m the short haired one”

Russell Brand: Aldous Snow: America, meet the funniest, self proclaimed “Transvestite Scarecrow” to make the jump cross the pond in many a year.

“The Letter U”: I would watch Snow read the phonebook, so any Aldous extras obviously make me a happy bloke. What’s best is this is how Brand probably talks to kids in real life.

Crime Scene: Can you say, Baldwin-O-Rama? I can… It’s not that hard.

Sarah’s New Show: These were kind of dumb, and you can see why they wound up choosing the mildly funny “Animal Instincts” over the non funny other show ideas. Bateman as the angel cracked me up though.

Video Diaries: Your standard video production diary, but graced with the comedic talents of the cast. Not boring for a minute, and not tied down in film minutiae. More good stuff.

THE COMMENTARY: The fun continues.  Director Nick Stroller, Executive Producer Rodney Rothman, Producer Shauna Robertson, Writer/Star Jason Segel And Cast Members Kristen Bell (Kind of), Mila Kunis, Russell Brand, and Jack McBrayer (via satellite) sit in for what is a loose, friendly, and very funny commentary track. Don’t expect any deep insights into the filmmaking process, but a group of people who seem to genuinely dig each other, watching and talking about a very funny little movie. There are so many dynamics to this group as well, from the madcap Segal to the insanely cerebral Brand and right down to the lovable southern gent that is McBrayer (who is the victim of a 2 hour gang-up session on this track… A hilarious one). What one gets from listening to this track is a feeling of how much of a blast this flick was to shoot, and it makes sense when one sees the finished product. Bonus points to anyone who can figure out the identity of the mystery PA (Took me a few minutes). If the movie alone isn’t enough, and you need more time with the assembled gang, this commentary should definitely do the trick.

Overall, one of my new favorite discs (BLU-RAY, baby), which just happens to contain one of my new favorite movies. If you’ve seen the film, I assume you have/will be picking this puppy up at some point. If you haven’t, I can promise you an awesome moviegoing experience (unless you don’t like funny movies, and in that case, I promise you NOTHING!!!)


Tis all for now, but check back next week for more comic goodness. And while you’re at it, why not give a listen to Quick Stop Entertainment’s newest podcast sensation, BAGGED & BOARDED, with Matt Cohen (I know that guy) and Jesse Rivers (I kinda know him). It’s podtastic. And of course, as always (and now podcast appropriate),

Keep em’ bagged and boarded

-Matt Cohen is currently working for Kaiser Permanente


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