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Summer is still moving along and the options for things to watch still aren’t very strong.

Last week I wrote about my excitement on the beginning of another season of Big Brother. With season 10 they’ve decided that the big twist for this season is that there would be, in fact, no big twist. Not one of the 13 players of the show (whom they call Houseguests) know each other or are related in any way, which is the first time in about seven seasons. No ex-girlfriends/boyfriends, no long lost relationships, no couples, nothing. Instead they decided to ratchet things back to the basics and just have 13 strangers that I am sure have been hand selected to produce conflict amongst each other.

Another thing unique about this season is that they cast the eldest Houseguest that they ever have, a 75 year old former Marine named Jerry who says he has a solid plan of attack after being a long time fan of the show. Unfortunately we were treated to the fact last night that his two choices for Houseguests to put up for eviction were ones that he didn’t even choose himself. This could mean he is either going with the flow to try to build trust with a group to ensure longevity or he is going to be easy to manipulate (and I really hope it is the former).

If you want to get in on the Big Brother action you have a bevy of choices as well. The show airs every Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The show also has a pay-to-watch live 24/7 Internet feed from the house and there is a daily talk show named “House Calls” that you can watch every weekday at 1 PM Eastern/10 AM Pacific at CBS.com.

All that being said, let’s get to the (not so) good stuff.


ABC – 8:00 PM: The Bachelorette:Engagement Party tries to hang on to viewers for one more week with what is undoubtedly a flash back show with cocktails.

PLANET GREEN – 8:00 PM: Emeril Lagasse is back on television with his new show, Emeril Green.

TNT – 9:00 PM: The Closer returns tonight on TNT, along with a marathon leading up to the premiere that kicks off at noon.


http://www.drhorrible.com – 12:01 AM: The first act of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog goes live for all to see.

NBC – 8:00 PM: This week on Celebrity Family Feud there’s a blue collar theme with Larry the Cable Guy and kin going up against Bill Engevall’s crew.

CBS – 9:00 PM: If you haven’t already read about it on the Internet you can find out who might be taken off of their nomination from eviction tonight when we see the veto competition and ceremony on Big Brother 10.


NBC – 8:00 PM: This week the Baby Borrowers the teen parents get their pre-teen kids.

CBS – 8:00 PM: Someone gets voted out on Big Brother 10 and by the end we might know who the new Head of Household is. I promise after this week I won’t highlight each day the show is on.

A&E – 8:00 PM: I’m not sure which is harder for Dog the Bounty Hunter, catching the bad guys on the run or rebounding from that phone message fiasco.

TVLAND – 10:00 PM: Ladies and gentlemen, the latest contender in the reality show ring is… George Foreman with Family Foreman. Sales of those grills are going to skyrocket!


http://www.drhorrible.com – 12:01 AM: The second act of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog goes live for all to see.

NBC – 8:00 PM: On Last Comic Standing the remaining comics have to fill shopping carts with props and will have Carrot Top judge the performances they do. I think I had a nightmare like this one.

USA – 10:00 PM: Last week’s episode of Burn Notice was very well structured and recovered well from last season’s cliff hanger. I’m hoping this week is just as good.

COMEDY CENTRAL – 10:00 PM: I knew that the New Millenium was missing something. A new incarnation of a 70’s classic is premiering tonight: The Gong Show with Dave Attell. It just won’t be the same without Chuck Barris.


USA – 9:00 PM: Monk buys a house and Brad Garret guest stars. This show is bittersweet as we see Hector Elizondo join the cast as Monk’s new therapist, replacing the late Stanley Kamel.

USA – 10:00 PM: The return of Psych brings us Cybil Sheppard as Shawn’s Mom and Gus’ boss demands he stop moonlighting (yes, I meant to do that) at the detective agency.


http://www.drhorrible.com – 12:01 AM: The third and final act of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog goes live for all to see. Be sure to watch it before it’s gone!

ABC – 8:00 PM: On the Wonderful World of Disney we get another glimpse of The LL before implosion in Freaky Friday. No, I’ll never get tired of mocking the Lohan.

HIST – 8:00 PM: Sit down for a good laugh and enjoy Countdown to Armageddon.

CMTV – 10:30 PM: Feel so young and beautiful with the airing of the Elvis Presley classic Jailhouse Rock.


CBS – 8:00 PM: The week isn’t over yet so tune in and see who was nominated on Big Brother 10. Usually by now we also start to see the crazy coming out in people so it could be a real good ride.

VH1 – 10:00 PM: I can’t believe I let this one slip under my radar last week. Brooke Knows Best follows Brooke Hogan as she ventures out of the nest on her own to live her own life and manager her own career. Her mom is dropping in to check things out at the new pad and I’m dying to know if she is going to bring the 19 year old boyfriend.

A&E – 10:00 PM: On The Two Coreys it turns out that Haim is in a slump. What do you do with a former substance abusing child star who is feeling alone on Valentine’s Day? Hook him up with a Centerfold of course! This will end well, I’m sure.

- Will Wilkins truly could believe it’s not butter.


One Response to “TV Or Not TV: 7/14 - 7/20”

  1. Jereme Says:

    A few brief thoughts and I’ll leave you in peace:

    How about a show named Last Chef Standing pitting the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Emeril Lagasse?
    Everyone on Last Comic Standing wins this week because they are all better than the judge–>Carrot Top.
    How many Georges does it take to have a reality show?
    Leave Lindsay A-Lohan.
    Countdown to Armaggedon…is that another Carrot Top reference?

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