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Today, we’ve got a special spotlight on the interweb singer-songwriter/comedy duo, Rhett & Link. Below you’ll find a featurette giving you an overview of the guys and their work, followed by a 4-part interview. Wrapping things up is a music video for their song “All Rising”, made by Quick Stop’s own Bonnie Rose - who you might remember as the winner of the “Colbert Report Green Screen Challenge“.

Bonnie pitched this look at the guys to me, and I said “Sure…” (as is my usual mode of command). Here’s the story behind her video - and the interview - in Bonnie’s own words…

Sometime last year, someone on the neilinnes.org message board started a “What YouTube videos are you currently watching?” thread, and someone posted Rhett & Link’s “Fireworks” song on there. I clicked on it and instantly fell in love with the song.

I thought it was a real country song and they were a real country band.

I recorded it off You Tube into an MP3 and had it there on my rotation for a few months. Then one day, my sister was in the room when it came on and I said, “Sharon, this is a country song I actually like.” She listened to the whole thing and she too instantly fell in love with it. Then we both went off on our separate computers and looked them up to see what else they did.

That’s when I found out they weren’t a country band.

I watched a lot of their videos and loved a lot of them, but I thought the American Idol song was particularly brilliant. I had been wanting to do an animation project, so I thought I’d do an animation to that.

And so I did.

It took me about a month to make it, working 4-10 hours a day. Then I posted it one night as a video response on You Tube to their own American Idol song video. The next morning I got an email from Rhett saying it was the best video response they’d ever had and would I be on their web show that week…

So I did. And that was fun.

But the Rhett & Link muse was still burning strong inside me, and so I came up with the idea to do this thing. Then I asked Ken and he said, “Okay.” Then I interviewed them, they video taped it and sent me the raw footage, and two months later, here you go.

The end.


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