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VIDEO BLOG #101: “My Welcome Back” –
This week, we welcome back the Scrubs Blog with - well, with a welcome back from all the folks both in front of and behind the scenes.


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22 Responses to “Scrubs Blog: My Welcome Back”

  1. ronny Says:

    Great blog guys /………..scrubs rocks

  2. Malo Says:

    I was worried about the long blog hiatus. Made my day to see it return!

  3. Scrubs says “Welcome Back” « Interessanter als dt. TV-Programm Says:

    [...] (Link) [...]

  4. CJ Slice Says:

    Hair department = hot

  5. Kevin Says:

    Great to see you’re all back to work! Looking forward to seeing these episodes!

  6. Carrie Says:

    Thank you for the awesome blogs! Yay for more blogs! And awesome return. ;)

  7. Vinay Says:

    Ah finally. I was wondering when the blog was coming back.

    Good to see everything back in full swing! I can’t wait one bit at all for season 8.

    To everyone at Scrubs, thanks for the seven years of laughs, soon to be 8. Its been a blast since the beginning!

  8. Kristen Says:

    Yeah!!! Season 8! Just watched the fairytale episode. awesome! Can’t wait for next season!

  9. Ovi Says:

    Looking forward to season 8, hope you have fun and go out with a bang!

  10. Val Says:

    Awesome to see you all back at work!! Looking forward to the new season, the fairytale episode was great… the only thing missing was a JD/Elliot kiss. ;)
    Thanks for all the laughs.
    Johny C rocks. :D

  11. Aragorn Says:

    Ahh, this does a ‘Scrubs’ fan a great deal of good. Glad there’ll be a chance to end it all right.

  12. The Three Strike Rule: “Scrubs” | Popdose Says:

    [...] note (as opposed to the forced Princess Bride homage that was last week’s season finale). You’ve stated that the final season will return to the roots of the show: dramatic stories with comedic elements. We’re going to hold you to [...]

  13. SCRUBER4LYFE Says:

    what a legend.. and damn John C. Mcginley looks like a grumpy ass, and how funny seeing Snoop Dogg..

    Bring on Season 8!!!!!!!!

  14. laura Says:

    great blog guys! looking forward to the new season cant wait xxx

  15. Russian fan Says:

    Scrubs truee:D It was nice to know that it goin to 8. thx
    and u all should know - Russia loves Scrubs!

  16. taylor Says:

    is zach braff gonna be in season 8?

  17. ZaRr Says:

    i wanna know the title to the song that plays whenever a sad thing happens….it’s instrumental piano and J.D. talked about it with doctor cox once..it goes like
    “na na na na na na na nah………na na na na na na na nah”
    i searched the wed but i couldnt find it!!!
    please help!!

  18. Suli Says:

    Really looking forward to season 8. I hope it goes upto season 10 with the same cast.

  19. The Doc Says:

    yes thanks to all of u who made it possible to go season 8

  20. maria Says:

    ye are true class, I find you really cool, I watch every day when I got your time series. I wish I could take you time but unfortunately I come from Germany
    a lot of fun even when you turn with your Scrubs

  21. Scrubs Season 8 Says:

    Its good to see such a great show that has lasted for so long . I am really looking forward to the end of this season and I hope that there are many more to come.

  22. Scrubs Season Says:

    Wow. I never realized how many people go into making this show. It seems like a really laid back and relaxed crew. Wish I could work there. Keep up the good work and congrats on season 8.

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