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COMics & Comics 31208- lOGO

Howdy Inter-Webbers. I’m Matt Cohen and I’m running out of stuff to dig.

You all know me by now hopefully (creepy, isn’t it) and you know what I’m all about. And if you don’t, go downstairs and meet me at the coffee shop across the street in fifteen minutes… Well chat. So, without further rambling, lets bypass the pleasantries and get right to the funnies, shall we?

Internet: The web has been the place of recent times, to find fresh, undiscovered and often hilarious comedy content. With the size and nature of the Internet, its tough to weed through what’s worth watching. Heres a quick look at some videos I think are guaranteed to make you chuckle, if not have a chuckle-fit (which is illegal in some states). Click the blue for linkage (if you needed to know that, Hi, welcome to the internet. I have a friend who is a displaced diplomat in Nairobi, looking to offload some bank accounts… I’ll be in touch)

Improv Everywhere Food Court Musical:
New York City based improviser Charlie Todd started Improv Everywhere about ten years ago with a simple purpose in mind; To create widespread comedy madness in very public places. Improv Everywhere has been going extremely song since its inception, with such web famous videos as “The Best Buy” stunt and the now annually infamous “No-Pants subway ride”. The newest offering from the group is an inspired little piece, concieved by Charlie Todd and written by Anthony King, creator of the off-broadway musical “Guttenberg: The Musical!. Basically, its musical theater in a mall food court, and its pretty damn funny. The best part may be (as per usual) the shocked faces of the oblivious onlookers. I look forward to more great content from Improv Everywhere in the near future.

Bob Odenkirk The Truth about Lincoln: “Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincoln, Loooooo!!!!”. Bob Odenkirk; take it from me… Stop directing horribly mediocre films (except Melvin goes to dinner, which is a fantastic watch) and get back to acting, because you sir still are one the funniest human beings on the planet. Its no surprise that Odenkirk has tried to extend his hand into the world of filmmaking, going the route of so many comedians before him. However, I’m of the opinion when you’ve got a good thing you should flaunt it, and Odenkirk is still comedy gold, as is evident in this hilarious web-sketch “The Truth about Lincoln”.Mix one part “In Search Of”, one part Histories Mysteries and one part Ozark hillbilly Odenkirk and you’ve got a combination that I personally find irresistible. The fact that I’m a big Lincoln fan might play into my love of this sketch but honestly, I would listen to Odenkirk do that character read the phone books. Brilliant stuff.

TV Report:

Whitest Kids who used to be funny: What the hell happened here? Can a show really go from being so consistently funny in its first season to being downright awful in its sophomore effort? The first three offerings from this season of Whitest Kids U Know (now on IFC, and uncensored, but well get to that in a bit) have been absolutely and completely laugh free. It seems like whatever spark the boys had to them in the first season is now completely gone, and has been replaced by the crudest and “shocking’iest” lowest denominator humor possible. Look, I’m no prude, but a scene about anal sex that ends with the line “Frosted Turd” is just not funny. Comedy isn’t about trying to shock or offend people so much they laugh, it’s about making them laugh, something the guys from the troupe “used” to be able to do. I think the main culprit of this sudden lack of quality is the fact that the show has moved from the basic cable channel Fuse, to the pay channel IFC, and has lost all restrictive forces or censorship. For some reason, the troupe took that as an excuse to stop writing smart comedy and to start writing the stupidest kind of “Gross-out” humor possible. I recently watched all three of this seasons episodes back to back and was frankly shocked at how little I enjoyed them. A month ago, if you asked me I would’ve told you this was one of the funniest shows on television. But based on this season’s initial offerings, I would say to avoid the program at all costs. I’m not ready to give up entirely yet, but if things don’t turn around soon I’m going to start calling them The Whitest Kids I Used to Know.

To Look For:

Super High Me: Stand up comedian and High Times man of the year recipient Doug Benson has produced and starred in his first feature film, a documentary very much in the vein of Morgan Spurlock’s McDonalds expose Super-Size Me and I for one am very excited to see the finished product. Super High Me follows Benson on his Spurlockesque adventure, this time the subject not hamburgers but rather marijuana. The concept is as follows. Doug will abstain from smoking marijuana for 30 days which throughout he will receive regular doctor exams and record his results (ala Spurlock), to be followed by a 30 day period of heavy, every day pot smoking, to which he will follow the same medical protocol. What basically amasses to a pro-medical marijuana documentary promises to infuse Benson’s unique stoner sense of humor. This flick has been a hit (I’m funny) so far at the festivals its played at, and I would suggest you take the chance to see it if it comes to a theater near you. Pre movie activity is optional.

Comics & Comics 3 21 08 Benson



Well, thats it for this week. Check back on thursday for my dismal look at the Wizard World L.A Non-Con. (Ill explain). Have a enjoyable week, if you find it so. If not, look for it…

And as always,

“Keep em’ bagged and boarded”

-Matt Cohen is currently rubbing his eyes, but they still hurt.


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