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Straight from the set of Kevin Smith’s Zack And Miri Make A Porno - starring Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks, Jason Mewes, Traci Lords, Craig Robinson, Jeff Anderson, Katie Morgan and Ricky Mabe - comes a decidedly NSFW cautionary tale about just what it takes to get ahead in Hollywood…


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    94 Responses to “QUICK STOP EXCLUSIVE: I’m F***ing Seth Rogen”

    1. Americo Says:

      Now that is some funny, funny shit. Right on guys. Can’t wait for the flick.

    2. Movidude74 Says:

      Effing great

    3. Will Says:

      That’s some funny shit right there.

    4. Will Says:

      That’s some funny stuff right there.

    5. Mike Says:

      Outstanding! I was laughing my ass off! Cant wait for this movie.

    6. Gonzo Says:

      Ive just seen the original Im F***ing Matt Damon/ Ben Affleck songs for the first time tonight cos Im Irish so I dont get to see any of the late night shows!
      But this one beats the other two hands down. The last bit is genius by the way.
      Cant wait to see more.

    7. Gonzo Says:

      You have got to be kidding me! So the first two did post!!!

    8. remember when late night was funny? « THE GODFREY SHOW Says:

      [...] Kevin Smith trumps them all, naturally. No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URI [...]

    9. JJ Says:

      Uhh… That was really stupid. I kinda feel embarrassed for them.

    10. Neil Miller Says:

      This is absolutely brilliant…

    11. Phillip Says:

      Too soon!

      Can’t wait for the flick, btw.

    12. edward aviles Says:

      better then F*cking matt damon…big time!

    13. Josh Says:

      Great video!

      Can’t wait for the flick to come out!

    14. Elizabeth Banks is F*cking Seth Rogen | /Film Says:

      [...] QuickStopEnt Related Stories:   • Seth Rogen & Elizabeth Banks in Kevin [...]

    15. UncleBoogie Says:

      That was hilarious! And funny. (Unlike Silverman and that douche Kimmel.)

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      [...] Versionen gibts im Quick Stop. [via /film] Tags: elizabeth banks, Kevin Smith, seth rogen, zack and miri make a [...]

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      [...] QUICK STOP EXCLUSIVE: I’m F***ing Seth Rogen » Quick Stop Entertainment Maybe not as funny as Damon but 100 times funnier than Affleck. If this is the start of a meme, I don’t know if it can get any better than this. Oh and I wouldn’t recommend watching this at work or even at home. This belongs in some seedy little theate (tags: fim) [...]

    18. Andre Says:

      Man it was alright…

      Ben Affleck one was way more funny.

      But sorry kevin I really hope your new movie is way more funny than this…

      Really I have hopes man!

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      [...] Quick Stop Entertainment. Made on the QSE set of Kevin Smith’s movie Zack and Miri make a [...]

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      [...] [Quelle] [...]

    21. Warren Says:

      Great to see something from the Z&M world

    22. Tim Robertson Says:

      HA! Very fuuny, a good spoof. Now get that movie finished and get us a new podcast, damnit! :-)

    23. Mikey Says:

      I love it!… and … So can we all assume Mewes is playing a Homosexual?! THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!

    24. SimzDK Says:

      [...] er Kevin Smith så på banen med et tilsvarende klip i forbindelse med hans nye film “Zack And Miri Make A Porno”. Og i vanlig stil er denne [...]

    25. Simon Says:

      i thought it was awesome kev. good work

    26. Derek "DSmooth" Nolan Says:

      That was well done… I’m pumped for the Trainwreck style shorts…


    27. The F’ing doesn’t stop » The Sly Oyster | culture & entertainment on the sly » Blog Archive Says:

      [...] And honestly, this might be funnier than the other two. The bit about “You know how I’m not gay?” just straight killed. Take the jump to watch or head over to Quick Stop Entertainment. [...]

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      [...] bad it’s good? Not to be outdone by late-night antics and YouTubers, now a teaser clip from the cast and crew of the next Kevin Smith film has appeared. Again, not safe for work [...]

    29. Ryan Says:

      I would have much rather seen a new Smodcast…

    30. I’m F***ing Seth Rogen « Cinematically Correct Says:

      [...] This video is straight from the set of “Zack & Miri Make A Porno”, Kevin Smith&#8217…. It is a parody of the recent Jimmy Kimmel videos. It features Elizabeth Banks singing a song about Seth Rogen. Be careful with this one folks, it is extremely unsafe for work. [...]

    31. Deliggit.com | The social sites' most interesting urls Says:

      Iâm F***ing Seth Rogen | Deliggit.com

      \r\nStraight from the set of Kevin Smiths Zack And Miri Make A Porno - sta

    32. SATHER Says:

      Finally we get to see tubby holding a big purple strap-on.

    33. Azz Says:

      Bad viral for the film as it wasn’t very good. At all.

      Is Kevin feeling left out of a private joke?

    34. Donte Says:

      The video made G4’s Attack of the Show #3 Around the Net video.

    35. Chris Says:

      This should totally be an extra on the DVD.

    36. mlcsmith Says:

      A worthy Night twist ending, and how did they score Mace Windu’s cock!

      Can’t wait for the flick.

    37. KK Says:

      Gotta agree with JJ… this is either genius (being the first of the wave of “I’m fucking xxxx” homage videos on the net), or it’s just sort of johnny-come-lately. :(

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    41. Erik Says:

      The Kimmel skits were good and original. This is funny too, but more like something on the level of a Weird-Al parody.

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      [...] I’m F***ing Seth Rogen [...]

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    44. Angry Zen Master Says:

      [...] [Via Quick Stop Entertainment] [...]

    45. the voice Says:

      That shit was really funny,but………
      It would have been better if Jen and Kevin had done it!

      #I’m f@cking Kevin Smith……….

      I’d love to see Jen and Kevin singing that.

    46. Menoum! » Blog Archive » I’M F@cking song! Says:

      [...] ce matin, une autre version de la même chanson est disponible! Nos artistes s’amusent et c’est [...]

    47. Raul Odin Says:


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      [...] for you - here’s Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogen in a spoof from Kevin Smith called “I’m Fucking Seth Rogen” - They shot this on the set of the upcoming film “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” which [...]

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      [...] QUICK STOP EXCLUSIVE: Im F***ing Seth Rogen Quick Stop Entertainment Just because it’s related. The quality isn’t on par with the other two, but Liz Banks is a cutie. [...]

    52. giantmecha » Blog Archive » effing Says:

      [...] seth rogan [...]

    53. ricky Says:

      smith always trying to one up affleck

    54. F5 — I’m fucking Seth Rogen Says:

      [...] zur Quicktime-Version (via, [...]

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      [...] Ben Affleck spoof, Zack and Miri Make a Porno co-stars Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogen are now getting in on the action. Shot on the set of the upcoming Kevin Smith comedy, Banks glumly strums the guitar and explains [...]

    56. Tyler Says:

      No good. I seem to share the same sentiments as JJ… I’m embarrassed. Quite thoroughly, in fact.

      Unlike the Ben Affleck “rebuttal”, this take on the joke feels like a poor retelling of the original Matt Damon video.

      It seems Kevin’s sense of humour (specifically Seth’s, actually) just doesn’t work with this kind of joke. The lack of production value (and the ability to place words relatively close to the rhythm of the song) makes this feel far too amateur.

      I would’ve been quite happy had this not been made at all.

    57. Two Word Heap » Videos » I’m Fucking Seth Rogen Says:

      [...] is no good. I seem to share the same sentiments as a commenter on the Quick Stop Entertainment website, [...]

    58. Blogged In » Blog Archive » A lot of f*@&ing Says:

      [...] It was such a good meme, even the stars of Kevin Smith’s next film “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” got into it. [...]

    59. Wuteva Says:

      Yea, lame.

      I tried to like it..

      And no if it becomes part of a meme it will still suck. Hopefully all the good jokes went into Z&M.

    60. Mathe Says:

      Fucking EPIC. Cant wait to see this flick!

    61. DavidofKrypton Says:

      That was funnier than Matt Damon but not as funny as Afflek, but hey, It was nice of Kevin to take the time out of his busy shooting schedule to write and shoot this thing for us, besides, Kimmel and Silverman had a whole team of writers for theirs, Kevin had less time and no team of writers to help him, thanks Mr. Smith, now PUH-PUH-PUH-PLEASE RECORD A NEW SMODCAST, if you have the time.

    62. Armin Says:

      This is in no way as funny as both the “Damon” and “Affleck” videos, Sorry. There was only one joke in there that made me cringe (…because it’s yummie), the rest is pretty lame. And no I’m not a troll, I listen to the Smod all the time and own all the View Askew DVDs (except for Jersey Girl).
      Armin, Vienna, Austria

    63. Brian Says:

      To all the asshats above that feel the need to comment and say shit like ” this is a rip off” you are not seeing the inside joke… Remember it’s “Zack And Miri Make A Porno” So obviously everyone would be fucking Seth Rogen.. Get a clue Fuckers.. This is comedy. It’s ok to laugh..

    64. abz Says:

      i seriously love kevin (and elizabeth and seth, of course) for this. It’s intended as a fun little ‘in’ joke for the view askew fans, and plays homage to ben and matt, rather than just ‘jumps on a bandwagon’, and i’m just grateful it was kevin who did the parody rather than someone with a much weaker connection to the original (or with much less comedic talent…*cringes at imagination working overdrive thinking of bad youtube home videos likely already in progress*)

      can’t wait for the flick, as well as whatever insanity comes next from kevin and view askew.

    65. josh Says:

      funny shit i loved it

    66. Saul Says:

      This was alright. I don’t think it did that well as a parody, but it had funny moments. I think the best part was when Mewes said he was fucking Seth Rogen.

    67. Mike Says:

      Fucking great.

    68. Peter J. Says:

      Who knew this gag would have such legs. Sara Silverman isn’t even that funny.

      OH, and Mewes loooks totally gay. But I think he’s still the shizz-nittles bee.

      Late bitches.

    69. Eric Smith Says:

      Who was the laughing guy?

    70. Brad M Says:

      Thanks, Kevin for puttin Traci Lords to work some more. She is one of my favorite people, it took balls to do what she did, brains to get away with it for years, and character to last as long as she has after the FBeye had their shot at her. She has my vote for Hollywood’s most respectable actor. If she is ever in Memphis, I want to smoke a few Monte #2s with me.

    71. ducky dale Says:

      I don’t think it’s a johnny come lately. Need we be reminded where both Ben and Matt got their starts? Kev OWNS those fuckers! and by the Conan-Colbert-Huckabee logic Kevin can take anything he wants from them and use it as his own.

    72. Charliehump Says:

      Hey I masturbated while watching “I’m fucking Seth Rogan” , does that make me gay?

    73. SteveN Says:

      If she’s fucking Seth Rogen, he’s one lucky bastard.

    74. edman24 Says:

      thank god you guys are in the film business. none of yall can sing. stick with film haha thats what people pay you for. funny song though

    75. Draw Markee Says:

      What a funny and unexpected thing to find! I came looking for info on the silent Smodcast, glad there’s something going on. :-)

      Later everybody - Draw

    76. derekhansel Says:

      for some reason, the no-look bro five between rogen and mewes was fucking classic

    77. 12Donkeys Says:

      lol @ “It looks like an otter”

    78. Niall McGuinness Says:

      ooooooooooooooooooo lick it up cuz its yummy!

      “eat that sh1t!” anyone who’s seen kermits reaction to two girls one cup will know he thinks its yummy too.

      if not, here’s a link

      notice how i didn’t ask if you’s have seen two girls one cup….everyone’s seen that by now,theres also two girls one finger…

      Can’t wait for the flick!

    79. Bad@ss Says:

      This was not as funny as the Original… F*&^ing Matt Damon… too much of a copy… Original is best by far, but I can see why others might think it would be better if they saw it first… sorry, but Sarah silverman and matt actually sing and its all produced and stuff.. way better quality. I wish they wouldn’t of used the same song, but made their own original version, yet spoof Silverman’s

    80. Jeffrey Says:

      That is the funniest damn thing I have seen in a freakin really long time!
      Banks is Hot, Rogan is funny, and Mewes looks well…

      Rock on!

    81. W N A V Says:

      i think Mewes had the funniest line.

    82. Chris Says:

      I thought that was a totally shameless rip, so so shameless.

      At least Alicia Silverstone did it with some style.

      Sorry guys but they did it alot better.

    83. Jason Says:

      What’s missing is the backstory element of the original video - if you had been watching Kimmel, he had been bumping Matt Damon at the end of his show each night for months, so the original video, while funny in its own right, also showed that Matt Damon had a sense of humor about being needled (which, of course, Kev pointed out in J&SBSB when Matt & Ben mock themselves).

      The 2nd video was even more brilliant because it went to such great lengths to top the first video - so it had a backstory as well.

      This one becomes a mere parody, with no real connection - although, I do like the one new element here, her resignation in place of the glee in the originals.

      And somehow, this is a case in which I think beeping out the fucks was actually funnier…Same as SNL’s “Dick in a box” - it add that elements of “getting away with it”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no prude and appreciate the value of a good “fuck” (literally and linguistically), but at times there is a different humor in letting us know it’s there and trying to cover it up - Arrested Development used this brilliantly, and Jay Mohr’s Action was actually funnier when beeped (although Dream On TOTALLY lost its humor when they aired it on Network, because the use of obscenity within its otherwise typical sitcom structure was part of its humor).

    84. W N A V Says:

      knowing all the problems your crew runs into during a production, i wouldn’t be surprised if that red bull line was factual.

    85. I knew it. » Ten Cents on the Dime Says:

      [...] and Matt took me completely by surprise. Ben and Jimmy threw us all for a loop. Even Seth and Elizabeth came out of left field. But somehow, deep down, I [...]

    86. Joe Says:

      For some reason the high quality version of the file seems to have ireversably destroyed my quicktime installation giving me bursts of static and poor performance in every qt file afterwards.

      I’ve had to wipe my system twice before I realized the file was the culprit.

    87. ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno’ … photos | We Are Movie Geeks Says:

      [...] go check out “Im $&%*ing Seth Rogen” its [...]

    88. Update on ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno’ | We Are Movie Geeks Says:

      [...] So I was checking the “intar-webs” and I came across some View Askew News updates. You should know about the silly videos from The Jimmy Kimmel Show where Sarah Silverman sings about having “relations” with Matt Damon and then how Jimmy and Ben Affleck are intimate but have you seen this? [...]

    89. Sara Says:

      I don’t normally post on these, but just wanted to confess that, although I’m super hot and have a great boyfriend, I wish I was f**king Seth Rogen. He’s hilarious, which makes him f**king HOT.

    90. Bonwell Says:


      Probably the funniest thing I’ve ever heard, esp. with the visual assist

    91. mandi Says:

      lucky woman seth rogen is great :)

    92. Jenn Says:

      meet Seth Rogen!

    93. Alexandre M. Lobato Says:

      Great video and very nice movie, man. I’m a brazilian guy and my english is not so good, but i must say that: Kevin Smith is one of the best directors ever. I consider my self as an ortodox guy when to concern movies. I’m a 34 years old lawer and i always saw and enjoy epic and classic movies, for instance: Casablanca, Citizen Kane, “La Dolce Vita” and stuff like that. However, i saw Clerks, Mall Rats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay & S. Bob Strikes Back (only mistake), clerks II and, ever since, i became a huge fan of his work. His movies are very unique and totally against hypocrisy. Zach & Miri made a very romantic couple and, although all that porn, we can see a very good love story. Only an outstading director can choose a nice cast and awesome soundtrack. There is a nice chemistry between Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogen, just like that one between Dante and Becky. Besides, Miri was the best role of Elizabeth Banks (35 years old already). The background of his movies is comic, but the main story shows a very important an honest message. Kevin, conserve your integrity man and Good Luck!!!

    94. Tyler Says:

      Not as good as the other ones, but I certainly did laugh at a few parts. The entire Zack and Miri universe seems like Kevin Smith’s least funny corner.

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