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Some people hang the holly, others decorate the tree, and a few even terrorize the neighborhood with off-key caroling.

Not us.

Here at Quick Stop Entertainment, we’re celebrating the holiday season by giving a little something back to you, our readers (you know who you are).

Every weekday leading up to the holiday break, we’ve got uber-exclusive gifts provided by a whole range of artists, actors, comedians, and studios. One a day, straight from them to you (and you can check out last year’s fun here).

Ain’t that cool?

Today, we’ve got an exclusive track from cyber-troubadour Jonathan Coulton - an evil, evil man who must be destroyed.

Why this call to action? Because he’s immensely talented, an amazingly gifted songwriter, and his incredible creativity both intimidates a normal, ungifted person like myself and drives me to distraction with catchy tunes and wordplay.

Damn him to hell, I can’t stop listening to his music.

That includes his first album Smoke Monkey, his first EP, Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow, and the complete 4-disc collection of his online songwriting experiment, Thing-a-Week.

You can purchase all of his discs, plus other merch - as well as partake of more sonic goodness - at www.JonathanCoulton.com. While you’re over there, be sure to check out all 52 Things - and pick up his CDs. And pledge your life to him. That talented bastard. Until then, here’s an exclusive live version (performed at Johnny D’s in Somerville, MA) of his nontraditional Christmas tune “Chiron Beta Prime,” with a little help from professional singing persons Paul & Storm and a “robot” assist from “Scott”…


Download Jonathan Coulton’s live version of “Chiron Beta Prime“:


Check out the rest of this year’s “Holiday Havoc” HERE



5 Responses to “Holiday Havoc: Jonathan Coulton”

  1. Tobey Cook Says:

    Oh man! I’ve been itching to get his stuff. Winning it would be even more awesome (especially his Thing-A-Week stuff, which is probably one of the more interesting musical experiments he’s done).

  2. dorothy lazorchik Says:

    this sounds cool

  3. Jonathan Coulton » Blog Archive » A Christmas Miracle Says:

    [...] Stop Entertainment has posted this live version of “Chiron Beta Prime” as part of their totally havocular “Holiday Havoc” this year. Last year I think I gave [...]

  4. Tony Tony Says:

    My favourite Christmas song. Maybe Jonathan could come up with some more versus’s for the song and maybe a re-visist to Chiron Beta Prime in the summer. It’s the type of song that just sticks in your head and I find myself singing it everywhere I go.

    Thanks Jonathan for all you works of audio art!!

    Merry Christmas

  5. Dave Freeman Says:

    I hadn’t heard any of Jonathans work until hearing a great studio version of this song on one of my favorite podcasts.
    Escape Pod #138.
    After listening to both versions, I’m going to have to check out more of his music. Maybe listening to more tunes will get this one out of my head. Fun stuff.
    Thanks Jonathan.

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