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By Christopher Stipp

Archives? Right Here…

Instead of manning-up and actually going the emotionally hard route of being outrightly rejected by publishers, I’m rejecting them first and allowing you to give my entire book a preview, let you read the whole thing or, if you like, download the whole damn thing at no cost. Download and read my first book “Thank You, Goodnight” for FREE.

One of the nice things about actually going to Comic-Con is that you can sometimes get opinions about comics that don’t come from your average, pale, emaciated comic book shop employee.

Blair Butler, of Fresh Ink on G4’s Attack of the Show, does readers for all genres of comics a great service by being an objective voice about what’s hype and what what’s hot within the illustrated world. Her thoughts are always interesting if for the reasons that they’re always well reasoned and come from a place of genuine affinity for the art form. The selections she chooses to champion and those that get her occasional barb help to sift through the wheat and chafe. Since there isn’t any one single platform where comics are given an objective arena to be talked about on television, and surely there could be the case that Blair could turn the segment into a full-length show with the amount of titles that are out and come out on a weekly basis, it’s her recommendations that hold the greatest weight with me; it’s due to her that I found DMZ, one of the best titles going today.

Prior to the interview she was signing autographs with some of the other members of Attack of the Show and it was interesting to see the number of fans that were clamoring for just a few moments with her. She’s the latter day equivalent of a rock star within the context of the convention but couldn’t have been a more interesting and engaging person to talk to about the state of the comic universe. When I finally sat down with her we talked about what’s been good to read, conventions in general and the nature of the superhero genre.

You can catch Blair with a varying degree of certainty on G4’s Attack of the Show which airs nightly or you can catch all her most recent installment of Fresh Ink over at G4’s website.



Download SDCC Blair Butler Interview:

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