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By Christopher Stipp

Archives? Right Here…

Instead of manning-up and actually going the emotionally hard route of being outrightly rejected by publishers, I’m rejecting them first and allowing you to give my entire book a preview, let you read the whole thing or, if you like, download the whole damn thing at no cost. Download and read my first book “Thank You, Goodnight” for FREE.

I’ll be upfront about it: it was a really nice breakfast.

Atop a pavilion, overlooking San Diego’s convention center and the trickling of the faithful waiting to get an early jump on the festivities, the intimate breakfast that was hosted to introduce the day’s events for Fox Atomic’s DEATH SENTENCE held the kind of curiosity I could not resist.

Here was a director, James Wan, known for his viscous visuals with the original that started a mega franchise, SAW, the likes of which no one was expecting to happen, and had continued on that trend with his other notable film, DEAD SILENCE before landing on a project that is slightly askew of what people would be expecting next.

The film delves into the kind of revenge convention that spans generations and continents and it was, honestly, the first time I saw a trailer that got me excited about a Kevin Bacon movie since THE WOODSMAN and reinvigorated my belief that a balls-out action film can’t hold a candle to kinetic action if it’s done with a sense of purposeful film making. I could be wrong on all sorts of levels, of course, but from the footage that I saw prior to the interview I was struck by the way Wan has taken the action convention and twisted it just enough to have the sense that there is something at stake for all involved. It’s no longer just one person against the world but what happens when that one person just gives in for once into the restorative power of getting a little payback.

The interviews themselves lend more credence to the idea that this is really a new interpretation of the trope which suggests the what if of a man taking things into his own hands and is really driven to take things to their ultimate end. James Wan couldn’t have been more open and eager to talk about the major things which drove him through the production of the film and Garrett Hedlund was equally engaging talking about what he did in order to find that space where he no longer was just the pretty faced love interest in GEORGIA RULE and had to be the guy that everyone loves to hate.

DEATH SENTENCE opens August 31st. See it and experience the vengeful love.


Clip #1: James Wan talks about the evolution from horror to dramatic action and what he felt should be the essence of the picture.


Download SDCC Death Sentence Interview #1 - James Wan:

Large (560 x 420 - QuickTime - 65.41 MB)
Small (320 x 240 - QuickTime - 29.03 MB)


Clip #2: Garrett Hedlund spins a yarn about achieving a real sense of badass-ness in this film while reflecting on his experience in the picture.


Download SDCC Death Sentence Interview #2 - Garrett Hedlund:

Large (560 x 420 - QuickTime - 83.27 MB)
Small (320 x 240 - QuickTime - 36.27 MB)



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