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[CONTENT WARNING] This podcast contains less foul language than usual. I’ll do better next time, sorry.


The sites I pimp in the podcast are: Needcoffee.com, Colors Are Overrated, and The Daily Kicksplode. You should pimp them too. It’s good karma.

Special thanks to Exit Mindbomb for letting me use “Godzilla Will Rule You” from their album Happy Accident for my new WGO music. Check them out on MySpace here and I tried to link up as many songs as I could here.


Widgett Walls is the chief cook and bottle washer for Needcoffee.com. He’s also the author of Mystics on the Road to Vanishing Point and Magnificent Desolation. His personal blog is at WidgettWalls.com, which he updates when he feels like it. He lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. He hardly ever sleeps.


One Response to “Widge Goes Off #2.2: Don’t Make Me Separate You Two”

  1. Marco Maisto Says:


    I very much liked your microcast on this topic and wanted you to know that there are others (some of us expats from the east coast for as long as we can handle it) who are thinking in similar gyres and care to be in dialogue. All this to entice you to check out a video of a conference on copyright in which I lay out my thoughts, and then to a series of videos produced my my-cohost and i of our little pirate radio station here in Iowa city. Not looking for adulation or anything but like your stuff and thought I’d share. the copyright vhat can be found at


    but the more amusing and even pleasurable radio bits can be found by youtube search for such things as
    radio iowa city
    free radio files
    or even,
    two fat hawaiian men who know karate.

    As an internet junkie, I hope some of this provides you with at least a little smile. Best, Marco Maisto, Radio (Free) Iowa City.

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