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Hello again, my friends, and welcome back to another podcast edition of Music for the Masses. This week on the podcast, we wax poetic on American Idol judge Randy Jackson’s sexual proclivities, delve into misogyny, establish why Peter Pan is green, give some props to Hilary Swank’s ex and discuss, at length, how we’d all like to wear Avril Lavigne’s ass like a hat. Of course, I know that not all of you have high-speed internet connections and/or you happen to live in Canada, so for “you people,” I’ve designed the “short tour” of the actual new releases discussed this week. Here you go, eh…


Avril without all that crap on her face…in case you didn’t think she was “really hot.”

[CONTENT WARNING] This podcast, much like its written counterpart, features harsh language and even harsher notions of Randy Jackson’s nocturnal activities. Although absolutely hilarious in nature, listener discretion is advised because you might hear the words “cock” or “fuck” instead of just reading them like you usually do. I’m just saying…

DOWNLOAD: (right click to save)
Music For The Masses: Episode 5 (MP3 format) – 32.27 MB


Arctic Monkeys

Album: Favourite Worst Nightmare

Sounds like: They took their last album, cut its balls off, slapped a dress on it and made it call itself an “ugly girl.”

Overall Rating:

hung3 m4m-4-7

nin m4m-4-7

Nine Inch Nails

Album: Year Zero

Sounds like: Trent Reznor is able to find his “happy place” a lot easier now that he’s not shooting junk into his junk.

Overall Rating:

hung4 m4m-4-7

dirty 4-12-07

Avril Lavigne

Album: The Best Damn Thing

Sounds like: My new, internal masturbatory soundtrack… dirty, dirty.

Overall Rating: Not Really Rated… we just wanted to talk about all the sexually nasty shit we’d like to do to Avril because… umm, she’s really really hot…and we’re really really lonely.

Well, there you have it folks… another one bites the dust. Until next week. . .keep wearing it proud and playing it loud!

Send your “pooping stories,” review copies, presents and assorted hate mail to:

M.C. Bell
P.O. Box 1222
Arvada, CO 80001



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