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SModcast is the meandering palaver of a pair of dudes whose voices are so dull, they don’t deserve to be on the radio (and, hence, aren’t). Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier are SModcast.

The best thing about SModcast? It don’t cost nothing.


SModcast 2: A Dubious Super-Power -

In which our heroes ponder about C U Next Tuesdays, discuss the death of a human train wreck, compare amateur porn to Elmo, create a platform for Walt Flanagan’s mayoral candidacy, contemplate dalliances with the famous, do bad Salma Hayek impressions, and discern exactly how spineless the fat one is as they relate tales of criminal victimization in major metropolitan areas.

[CONTENT WARNING] SModcast features harsh language and even harsher notions of propriety. Listener discretion is advised.

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SModcast 2 (MP3 format) - 52.5 MB


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7 Responses to “SModcast 2”

  1. Jonathan Harchick Says:

    great episode

  2. bree mckilligan Says:

    hola there
    not all women dislike the word cunt - some of us have reclaimed it. but of course most don’t as its used as the most derogatory word in the English language - which is fucked because women are gorgeous.
    you are wrong to say its not used as a derogatory word in Australia - it is - but some earthy (usually blokey) Australians are so au fait with slang that they twist it into being a term of endearment. but they would only use it with people they are very familiar with, or think would be receptive to it. but its still sexist crap to use it like that.

  3. Caleb Says:

    I’m pretty sure that the Solaris soundtrack was chosen for background music when you guys were talking about cunt.

    Weird match.

  4. James Says:

    i myself am british. cunt is possibly the most offensive word to most ppl in the uk. some youths choose to use it as an insult some as a joking insult within friends. most of the time the word cunt is used to offend or provoke a response. =D

    i personally love the word, so many ppl get offended by it

  5. MaasP Says:

    Cunt is the 1 word you CANNOT say on British TV! :)

  6. Nemowen Says:

    i cant say cunt…the word nearly has the same offensive value as the dreaded “n”word. anytime it escapes my lips, i feel like i need a spanking. a word that i LOVE is twat……twat twat twat…..i giggled each time i typed it. ever since i saw british angry kid call his dad a twat from the back seat, i’ve been dialed into laughing at it. “daddy is a TWAT.”….TEEHEEHEE………we should all say twat more often

  7. Bret Branon Says:

    Sexy Beast truly is a heck of a film. With a good piece of music or two too.
    “No,No,No,No! No! No! NO!” -gandhi.

    But what I really want to know is what was in the paper that the dude stuffed in Mos’s pocket before B&T2? Did he get a drug in trade for $40 and a face full o’ xacto knife?

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