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Some people hang the holly, others decorate the tree, and a few even terrorize the neighborhood with off-key caroling.

Not us.

Here at Quick Stop Entertainment, we’re celebrating the holiday season by giving a little something back to you, our readers (you know who you are).

Every weekday leading up to the holiday break, we’ve got uber-exclusive gifts provided by a whole range of artists, actors, comedians, and studios. One a day, straight from them to you.

Ain’t that cool?

Today, we’ve got a special treat from [adult swim]’s Dana Snyder and FRED poobah Ken Plume, co-hosts of our own Ken P.D. Snydecast - an exclusive holiday single.

Not only does non-singer Ken get put on the spot, but Dana uses Ken’s lack of musical talent to his full advantage with this catastrophic masterpiece of musical comedy. Also, be sure to check out the extra-special Christmas Eve edition of the Snydecast (which you’ll find HERE), but also remember to check back on New Year’s Eve for the second part.

Until then, here’s Dana making a fool out of Ken, yet again…


Download Dana Snyder & Ken Plume’s “Let It Snow Spectacular“:

Check out the rest of this year’s “Holiday Havoc” HERE



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