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Even when you think you’ve seen it all, there are plenty of stories that fall through the cracks.

Well, consider this a means of plucking those anecdotes from out of the void and presenting them to you, our loyal audience of Kevin Smith aficionados, via a little feature we like to call “Lost Tales of the View Askewniverse.”

You’ll find Chop Shop Entertainment’s feature length, in-depth documentary on the development and making of Clerks 2, Back to the Well, on the second disc of your 2-disc Clerks 2 DVD set, but Zak & Joey shot hours more footage than could ever fit in the doc… And believe you me, there’s plenty of cool shit that they were forced to excise due to constraints of time and narrative flow.


LOST TALES #1: “Final Meeting” –
Here’s our first formerly lost tale, detailing the last production meeting before the beginning of principal photography on Clerks 2, wherein the director, producers, and crew meet to go over the film and discuss all neccesary production matters before shooting commences …


Download Lost Tales #1 - “Final Meeting”:

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