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Back around the turn of the century - y’know, 1999? - I was financially engaged by several collectors to decorate a small pile of baseball card-sized pieces of cardboard with my quirky little drawings, the subjects of which were totally up to my discretion.

Since other projects have demanded the majority of my attention this past week, I’ve decided to share a smattering of these quasi-charming illos with you. Y’know - in lieu of real content?

So without further adieu…

fredhembeck2006-11-09 01.gif

The World’s Finest team - have they ever looked that peculiar? Sure hope not…

fredhembeck2006-11-09 02.gif

Hey Jay, is that a bowl on your head, or are you just hoping to run across Naomi Campbell packing soup?…

fredhembeck2006-11-09 03.gif

The “eyes” have it! (As do the ice!…)

fredhembeck2006-11-09 04.gif

Dragon, I’m a little short on cash - could you loan me a fin?…

fredhembeck2006-11-09 05.gif

Muffle that feminine charm, Princess D - I think you’re making Daredevil horny!

fredhembeck2006-11-09 06.gif

Typical teenagers? The way I’ve got these two dressed, Miss Grundy looks hip by comparison! (Or is that “hep”?…)

And now, a very special holiday greeting from a very special individual…

fredhembeck2006-11-09 07.gif


(What? You didn’t think Santa served? Hey, he didn’t like Hitler any more than your grandfather did - trust me, Ol’ Saint Nick ain’t THAT jolly!…)

Even though there are plenty more cartoons to haul out of that particular well, that’s it for now! Gotta save some for the NEXT time I need to crank out a quickie, after all!

See ya next episode!

(Unless of course you choose to visit Hembeck.com in the intervening period - and hey, don’t let ME stop you!…)

-Copyright 2006 Fred Hembeck


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