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On October 4th, 2006, director Terry Gilliam took to the streets of New York to promote his new film, TIDELAND, and to seek alternative means for funding independent film…

Tideland opens this Friday, October 13th, at the IFC center in downtown New York.


DOWNLOAD Large Video (55.5 MB)
DOWNLOAD Small Video (12.3 MB)
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Also, be sure to check out our QuickCast interviews with Terry HERE.



One Response to “Quick Stop Video Exclusive: Terry Gilliam Takes It To the Streets”

  1. alan wolfer Says:

    I don’t know if this is where I should go to say this,but I hope it gets to some one who does know where it should go.I thought the movie was very dark,but at the same time very compelling.I started watching it on tv and thought it was too depressing,so I changed the channel.I couldn’nt forget about it so I kept turning back to it.Since then,I have wtched it all the way through,and it has been constantly on my mind.I didn’t know who the young girl was,but I have never seen any one who made a part more believable than she did.She made you feel all her pain and loneliness,as well as her wonder at the world around her.This girl should get a acadamy award for her role.She was the movie!

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