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colbert.jpgCongratulations on extending your sphere of influence (read: stranglehold over all wikiality) to this strange realm of tubing we call the Internet.  You are no doubt familiar with the deadliness that too much popularity all at once can bring a website.

In the beginning, this was called being “Slashdotted,” as Slashdot would post a link to a site and the ensuing storm of users would bring said site to its knees.

More recently, Digg has supplanted Slashdot and “The Digg Effect” is a similar devastating blow to a site’s midsection.

Now that you have crippled Wikipedia with your own version of this tidal wave, I would like to offer this to you, your very own term to describe the extent to which your suggestive powers can destroy:


The act of a website being taken offline by the sheer onslaught of Stephen Colbert’s followers, not to mention the force of his will.

Please take this term with our best wishes–but do so quickly.  You of all people should appreciate the power of language.  This word must not fall into the hands of the Bears.

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