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Welcome back. I know you’re wondering why I’ve called you all here and I can’t tell you because I don’t know myself. But I do know it’s a big thing.

[CONTENT WARNING] This podcast contains foul language and has caused laboratory rats to both explode and implode simultaneously.

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widgepic.jpgThat’s right, kids, that means it’s time for another session of Monday Morning Box Office Quarterbacking. Make sure you follow along at Box Office Mojo.

Pirates continues to destroy the box office. We’re going to talk about that and Superman in the podcast. I think Little Man and Dupree did damn well, all things considered. The Wayans had their best opening weekend since the Scary Movie franchise. Dupree was basically Owen Wilson’s film, although Kate Hudson is starting to get a track record for carrying films between this and How to Lose a Guy. Why it’s been an issue before, I have no idea. It’s Kate freaking Hudson, for God’s sake.

Devil Wears Prada has decent legs, although at this stage of the game it’s just waiting for DVD so it can get some serious profit going.

Cars is about to break $300 million worldwide, so nobody there has any complaints. Between enjoying this film and looking forward to Ricky Bobby, I’m scaring the crap out of myself, I don’t mind telling you.

Click is untouchable and what’s interesting is how consistently Sandler can open a comedy. He’s generally hit above $40M as an opener. Looks like the last time he didn’t was Little Nicky back in 2000.

The Lake House…yeah, I’m getting hooked on the Box Office Mojo feature that lets you look at track records for stars. God, I love this site. If you check out Keanu, this is exactly what you might expect for films of this genre. He’s like the Harrison Ford of his generation–he does great in action and sci-fi stuff, but when he tries to break out of his particular mold–he can’t do it. At least not and pull the crowds.

Nacho Libre is actually a career best for Jack Black carrying a film as far as adjusted openings go. And no, we don’t count animated films or even King Kong–because you know what we all went to see on that one. Not that we got what we came for, but c’est la guerre.

Scanner Darkly hits the Top 10 and I’m not sure what the thought is with this. Good P.K. Dick adaptations do well at the box office, unless Paycheck scared the shit out of people. Keanu normally does well with genre, like I’ve said before. Maybe they think that the Linklater animation has it so artsy that they’re opening slow to build word of mouth. Best of luck on that.

Join us next time for when we’ll have a helluva weekend to talk about: Pirates 2 still in the running plus the new M. Night flick, a fantasy romantic comedy with a spandex twist, a family flick, and the latest from our landlord and savior. Should make for an interesting weekend.

Special thanks to Exit Mindbomb for letting me use “Godzilla Will Rule You” from their album Happy Accident for my new WGO music. Check them out on MySpace here and I tried to link up as many songs as I could here.

Widgett Walls is the chief cook and bottle washer for Needcoffee.com. He’s also the author of Mystics on the Road to Vanishing Point and Magnificent Desolation. His personal blog is at OneTusk.com, which he updates when he feels like it. He lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. He hardly ever sleeps.



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