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Rabbit & Cat Adventures Header
Rabbit & Cat Adventures #1 (2006-07-04) Thumbnail

We promise next week’s comic won’t be as weird.

Becky and I also work on another comic called Combustible Orange that has been running for nearly 3 and a half years. I also worked on Movie Poop Shoot’s Action Datsun.

We’ll be debuting a new book, some t-shirts and minicomics at this year’s San Diego Comic Con at Booth #1034 near the other webcomics. Please come down and say hi! Don’t let your distant Viewaskew relatives get lonely. There will be free sketches and if you want us to sign something, we’ll do it. But no one has really ever asked us to do that before. The only time that has happened was when someone quite famous asked me to do that. It was awkward. But come see us!



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