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VIDEO BLOG #28: “: “My Kick Back” –
Before we get to your fan mail, here’s a little look at just how many practice ostrich hits it takes to get a stuntman into a room, from episode 5×08, “My Big Bird”… No word yet on how many lightbulbs can be changed.


Download Scrubs Video Blog #28:

  • Large (560 x 420 - QuickTime - 9.55 MB)
  • Small (320 x 240 - QuickTime - 4.15 MB)

VIDEO BLOG #29: “My First Mailbag” –
Last week, we asked you to send in your questions for the cast & crew – and you sent in *a lot* of questions. In fact, you sent in so many, that we weren’t able to answer them all… and we had to divide the responses up into three videos. If your question didn’t get answered in this round, don’t worry – your questions have been saved, and we may very well be doing this again in the near future – at which time we’ll open it up for new questions as well, so start thinking. …


Download Scrubs Video Blog #29:

  • Large (560 x 420 - QuickTime - 133.97 MB)
  • Small (320 x 240 - QuickTime - 59.13 MB)

VIDEO BLOG #30: “My Second Mailbag” –
More questions answered…


Download Scrubs Video Blog #30:

  • Large (560 x 420 - QuickTime - 105.80 MB)
  • Small (320 x 240 - QuickTime - 46.18 MB)

VIDEO BLOG #31: “My Third Mailbag” –
Wrapping up this edition of the mailbag – and a big *THANK YOU* to every one who sent their queries in…


Download Scrubs Video Blog #31:

  • Large (560 x 420 - QuickTime - 146.51 MB)
  • Small (320 x 240 - QuickTime - 64.78 MB)

BLOG-COMMENTARY #1: Episode 5×07 – “My Way Home” -
Writers Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan sat down and recorded a special commentary for episode 5×07, “My Way Home.” All you have to do is download the mp3 file, cue up the episode on your TIVO, VHS, DVD, or computer, then hit play on the commentary. Hope you dig it… And let us know if you want more.


Download Blog-Commentary #1:

”THE TODD” BLOG #5: “My Way Home” -
Yes, even “The Todd” – the omnisexual surgeon played by Robert Maschio – has been keeping a blog, and here’s his fifth entry. The man ain’t right.


READ The Todd Blog #5:



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