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So, in the spanse of one month, I was going to E3 and had a car.

Then, my car died, and I was no longer going to E3.

Now, I have a NEW car… but alas, because of this, I’m NOT currently at E3. In fact, I’m practically torturing myself now by watching G4’s coverage of E3… wishing I was there.

It seems that every year I ALMOST get to go… but then, nope, I’m denied. Admittedly, this year I actually even registered, but damn it all if my car didn’t blow the fuck up and denied me the upcoming gaming goodness. I could have been at the press event for Microsoft, drooling with all the other fanboys about FFXIII coming to the 360, or remarking at how much KILLZONE 2 looks like the footage they HOPED it would.

But I digress. No use crying over spilled milk.


Anyway, I used to review games, didn’t I? Wow, going monthly gives me a large build up of stuff to talk about then, doesn’t it? And what’s with all the rhetorical questions?


So… what to talk about then? I’m not in LA…what have I been doing? Well, it’s the summer, so the summer movies have started up… and so have the games based on them. Thankfully, the quality of the licensed game has improved greatly over the years, and this makes my summer log of games based on Blockbuster movies more tolerable. Take for example the lighthearted children’s fare of KUNG FU PANDA. With careful level design and tight controls, Activision has released a fun experience for both older and younger gamers to enjoy. Rather than churn out a quick cash-in, the game actually is FUN to play, with great combat, exciting levels, and a good mix of what’s seen on the big screen recreated in the game, with you not just controlling the Jack Black voiced Po, but other members of the Furious Five as well.

LEGO INDIANA JONES: THE ORIGINAL ADVENTURES also takes a step in the right direction… by not offering ANY levels based on THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL. Now, I didn’t mind the movie, but I will say I could have done with out the last 20 minutes (from Shia’s TARZAN impression on). Thankfully, the LEGO title is all the GOOD stuff you remember, and plays just as well as the LEGO STAR WARS titles did. Cute characters, great, funny recreations of the film’s plots, and easy pick up and play control It would have been nice if they included online co-op, but as it stands, it’s more fun playing with a friend in the same room anyway… why did THAT ever go out of style?

On the Marvel Comics side of things, both IRON MAN and THE INCREDIBLE HULK were surprising hits at the box office. Sadly, their video game counterparts aren’t as exciting. For IRON MAN, the problem lies in the camera. It swings way too wildly, and makes flight during combat a chore. Once you do get the hang of it, you’ll encounter dull levels and repetitive tasks throughout. INCREDIBLE HULK, thankfully, takes a page from what came before, and is essentially the next gen version of the previous game, ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION. And while this new title may not have the humor of the previous game (there’s no bowling for soldiers) EVERY building is destructible. It may not follow the film’s plot much, but it’s a fun diversion for comic fans and fans of the new film alike.

With licensed games like this, it’s easy to get disappointed. Like I said, IRON MAN isn’t the quality of game that the film is. Disappointments aren’t reserved for games based on movies, though. Sometimes, an anticipated title doesn’t live up to the hype either. Such is the case with ENEMY TERRITORY: QUAKE WARS on Xbox 360 and PS3. The PC title was touted as a stellar multiplayer experience with a rich single player game rounding out the equation. Sadly, the same doesn’t hold true for the console version. I was looking forward to this tte, and once i popped it into my system, I wondered why it had been hailed in it’s original release. It’s slow paced, the AI of your teammates is appalling )sure, walk RIGHT into MY line of fire!) and the character models are pathetically small and lacking in detail. There also seems to be some sort of pseudo-lock-on feature with the aiming that randomly activates… but only when you don’t need it. The PC title was great, so the console versions discrepancies are inexcusable.

Ah well. At least we have more things to look forward to. Like, everything at E3.

Anyone have a spare plane ticket… and a place I could crash?


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3 Responses to “Game On!: On Blockbusters and Disapointments…”

  1. opinioninahaystack Says:

    great stuff ian…

    I especially love this: “LEGO INDIANA JONES: THE ORIGINAL ADVENTURES also takes a step in the right direction… by not offering ANY levels based on THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL.”

  2. TotallyAshamed Says:

    I totally enjoyed IronMan. Of course, I got it for 8cents after trading in a bunch of stuff, but I played the hell out of it. Could it have been better? Yes. Worth the $30 whenever it hits markdown? Heck yeah.

  3. Josh Ryan Says:

    Mr. Bonds, you have the greatest rating system ever devised by the mind of Man… or Mencia… or MENSA… Anyway, keep it up!

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